Four guards came to capture Yang Tianhao. Seeing this scene in the eye, I couldn’t help but stop looking at the captain in astonishment. How could the captain suddenly stop moving?

However, in a moment, they cried with horror because the captain’s head suddenly melted a little bit and the fly ash was blown away by the wind.
Immediately, Yang Tian’s figure circled the field very quickly, and then he returned to Liu Er’s side to decide that there was a fire in his hand, Yuan Jinghua.
The gate was immediately quiet, and the guards stood quietly in blowing in the wind.
Liu er gives it to you.
Yang Tian still smiled as if nothing had happened and handed Liu Er Jinghua in his hand.
I don’t want to be disgusting.
Liu Er’s little head shook violently, but she didn’t want these dirty guys Jinghua.
Hehe, let’s go in
Yang Tian swallowed Jing Hua in one bite and took Liu Er’s little hand to the city.
Just walked into the doorway, suddenly a big fellow flashed a broadsword in his hand without saying anything, and it had turned into a red mans chopping at Yang Tian.
This big fellow may be the gatehouse commander, who robbed Jin Shenxiu for three times, but his whereabouts have long been controlled by Yang Tian.
The big fellow force a knife to cut to Yang day but indifferent blade to the front suddenly stuck in the half stuck.
Great Khan’s eyes flashed with strong horror, and he was about to shout when he opened his mouth, but before he uttered the sound, a pale hand had slapped him hard and directly into the top door.
The big fellow didn’t even send a scream directly and slowly melted the fly ash.
It’s easy to rob the golden body for 100 million yuan. Yang Tian feels that it’s faster to kill the master Jinghua.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-one A massacre
A group of guards at the gate suddenly disappeared, of course, from the watchtower guard Yang Tiangang stepped into the city and the piercing horn rang.
The watchtower guards are yelling at the gate at the same time.
A large number of guards in the city roared in the direction of the city gate when they heard the horn
What do we do?
Looking at the galloping army guards Liu Er frowned and asked.
adjust to changing circumstances
Yang day look found that the strongest guard but also three times the golden body is not calm way.
Here are two foreigners, arrest them quickly.
The guards rushed to the crowd and saw Yang Tianliu’s son immediately surrounded the two of them. They were all excited and shouted. It seemed quite surprised.
These guards are all dead, which proves that they are dead. They have been turned into corpse demons by people, and they need to be soft when killing them.
The grand marshal made a fortune. Here’s a white and tender girl.
A three-robbery golden body captain suddenly turned back and shouted after seeing Liu Er.
Don’t move, Dutchman. Whoever moves will chop off his claws.
A surprised drink immediately to sound did not fall a burly bald man has flash to the encirclement.
The bald man is wearing a red leather armor and carrying a big axe. It looks tough and unusual. Yang Tian is slightly surprised that this fellow is actually a five-robbery gold body repair. No wonder he can be a big leader.
Gee, fairy, it’s really a fairy. The Lord of the city will be thrilled to see it. Haha
Bald man didn’t seem to see Yang Tian, such a person, with a pair of lotus flower eyes staring at Liu Er, and then stretched out a big hand to catch Liu Er’s arm.
Hehe, bald head, you are blind
Liu Er hasn’t moved yet. Yang Tian suddenly walked over to see his casual expression and met an old friend.
In words, Yang Tian’s two fingers have been strangely holding the bald wrist and bald body. Immediately, a slight shock stiffened the neck and looked at Yang Tian.
No one noticed that a bright light had crept into the bald body with Yang Tian’s fingertips, and his bald eyes became dull and blank in an instant.
For a moment, his bald face smiled again, but this time he smiled at Yang Tian instead of Liu Er’s evil smile.
Just a five-robbing corpse demon can resist the poison of spring water and be lost in an instant.