Cold, dark, and black energy is crazy from Liu Cheng’s two bodies, and then the change of their handprints turns out to be a black virtual shadow in their whole body. That virtual shadow is looming, and there are a few ghosts and ghosts, and the evil spirit is generally full of amazing yin Shaqi.

And when the huge black virtual shadow was formed, the black dragon also came, and the black light filled the earth as if it were shaking at this moment, and the two sides collided violently
Huge cracks spread from the ground in an instant, and the towering trees all exploded into broken wood all over the sky
The huge black virtual shadow was crushed by the black dragon for a moment, and it was in Liu Cheng that their astonished eyes gradually collapsed.
The most powerful defense collapse this Liu Cheng two people are also completely exposed to the violent than the black dragon and then the terrible energy is also pouring.
The two men’s bodies gleamed with golden light, almost in an instant. The black dragon was crushed heavily in their bodies, and all the bones were exploded into powder at this moment.
It was an almost crushing destruction.
Just when Liu Cheng’s body was crushed into powder by the black dragon, the palm of the mink in another war circle, which was filled with purple and black light, was also printed on the body that had always chosen to dodge the necromancer.
Fierce energy mink spewed in his hand, and nearly half of the necromancer’s body was shattered at this moment, and his body was thrown high and finally landed hard.
Sable’s eyes are indifferent, looking at the dead man who has been hit hard and his breath is weak, he will slowly say, it seems that your information is still too weak before starting work, but it’s a pity that you don’t seem to have a second chance.
To consider the final plot of the Hundred Dynasties War, it was written very slowly. Let’s start with a chapter today. I’ll think about the latter plot carefully. I hope you’ll forgive me. Chapter 516 Strength is improving.
Chapter five hundred and sixteen
At this time, nearly half of his body was broken, and I’m afraid he would have been killed by ordinary people, but he can still look very strange with residual breath.
However, although the breath is residual, the necromancer will obviously be seriously injured. Even the flashing eyes are extremely dim and faint at this moment, flashing with anger and panic.
He never thought that he would end up in this situation. After all, he is strong, even in the face of those who are among the best in the super dynasty, and his five-yuan nirvana strength is enough to make him reach a real position in this core area.
Plus him, the cultivation method is strange, even those who have also stepped into the five-yuan nirvana are top-notch. Even if they can overcome it, it is absolutely impossible to push him to this point. What’s more, their unique dead bodies are all like this.
You will never come to a lower dynasty.
The necromancer growled, although he doesn’t know the origin of the mink, he is sure that the mink will never come to a simple and low-level dynasty with all these terrible means, and no matter what adventures he holds, it is impossible to force him to this point.
The sable looked at the roaring necromancer with indifferent eyes, but it didn’t know how to stretch the palm of its hand and probe a little bit, which made people’s scalp numb, purple and black energy quickly condensed and spread faintly.
You have long said that we are not interested in any of your plans, but you insist on pestering me. However, I can erase you completely.
Listen to the sable, it’s so gentle that there’s no ripple. The necromancer will sneer at her eyes. You think it’s naive. You know that our plan can blame you for your bad luck. Since you have touched this matter, you will never have a good scene unless you and I finish it.
We’re not interested in ending me, but we’re interested in ending you
The sable grinned, her eyes were cold, and she no longer gave the necromancer a chance to talk nonsense. The palm of her hand turned purple and black, and a purple and black spear was swept away at a flash speed, and then it exploded in the necromancer, which would collapse most of her body.
Violent fluctuations swept from the place where the light spear landed, and the earth suddenly trembled violently. The huge cracks spread like spiders, and the blink of an eye was all over the baizhang, and the destructive power was quite strong
That guy solved the forest movement is also a flash away from the small mink, looking at Fang’s explosion and the ground is light
From the previous mink, the necromancer will start work, and he is also able to detect the strong fluctuations, which are much stronger than those of Feng Cang and others. Maybe this guy has stepped on a five-yuan nirvana step, and that level looks at a core area, which is definitely a case. Even if it is not the hand of the mink, it is difficult for him to solve this necromancer.
In any case, Lin Dong Yuan Li Xiu is still in the ternary nirvana. Even with many means, he can slay the quaternary nirvana like Feng Cang, but he can slay the similar necromancer to make this ternary nirvana stronger.
Small inflammation is followed by the palm of your hand clutching the iron bar, and ShaQi surging in your eyes looking at Fang. He can also feel that the necromancer will be strong.
The sable stared at Fang for a moment, and then her eyes froze slightly.
make a din
That is, when the mink’s eyes are condensed, the collapsed ground suddenly bursts and the sky is full of black light, and finally it is swept away in all directions.
It’s not that easy to kill me. You killed Liu Cheng. This feud is completely settled. Wait. Soon you will regret getting involved in this mixed water. Haha, then you eastern Xuanyu dynasty geniuses will be enslaved.
The black light scattered and fled, and the shrill sound of Chen Sen echoed in Lin Dong and others’ ears.
Lin was slightly changed and looked at the black light all over the sky. This necromancer will be really strange than being hurt like this, and it still has this strange means.
The spirit swept through the Mud Pillow Palace from Lin Dong and tried to find the necromancer from the black light all over the sky, but it was in vain to end it.
When Lin moved this frown, the eyes of the little mink became sharp in the courtyard, and the eagle’s palm suddenly explored a purple and black light, and it flashed like a flash in a black light.