Dragon Magic once killed Bai Di, the vertical and horizontal enemy in Kyushu, with the strongest one hand, Dragon Magic Blade.

This doppelganger was also killed by the White Emperor, and the dragon magic blade fell on Jiuran from now on.
The dragon demon body is too big to come to Kyushu, and it can walk in Kyushu by two places at once. After the fate, the dragon demon won’t be killed by the Chinese emperor, and the dragon demon will also be killed in Kyushu. The dragon demon knows that there are not many people, but the strength of the dragon demon is also in thousands of faces. buddha magic won’t be magic dragon’s opponent without the help of the demon ancestor.
The Dragon Magic Blade is a dragon magic, and it is purer than a dragon horn. However, this dragon magic avatar W is cultivated without any control, and finally this dragon magic blade is turned into an evil weapon.
The bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace forgot to wash the water in Sichuan, so that this dragon magic blade can be purified again. Now, after he burned the dragon magic blade with a blue flame, it was revealed.
This is a short dagger with a length of seven inches. The front of the dagger is slightly bent to form a radial arc. Knife weapons are different.
The color of dagger is pure black hilt, and a bulge looks very sharp. However, this thing is a peerless fairy soldier root, not for close combat.
It’s sharper than a flying sword. The protuberance on the hilt is to block the dragon’s horn. If the weapon is collided with this sharp protuberance, it will have a certain chance of being broken.
It’s a pity that I later met the enemy of the dragon magic blade, which is the same as trying my best. The sword is condensed by the avenue, but the fairy can not refine the dragon magic blade. Although it is strange, it can’t be destroyed, or even if you destroy the sword, it will still be restored. The bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace has been refined for almost a month, which is equivalent to about three days outside, so that the soul converter spirit of Yan can rely on this dragon magic blade.
Unless the dragon blade is completely destroyed, Yan will never die again.
The trouble with the spirit of perfection is that the owner can refine the dragon magic blade and completely control the face.
The dragon magic blade turned into a light Taoist this year, and deeply worshipped in front of the bodhi old zu.
Yan, I tricked this dragon magic blade from Leitian. Whether Leitian knows about it or not, you should try your best to help him.
The bodhi old zu must be afraid of him
The bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace growled, "Why are you still in this temper? There was no point in fighting in Kunlun at the beginning. Things have caused you to become like this. That Yan stopped talking. He worships the bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace and is grateful to the bodhi old zu for saying anything. Of course, every time he won’t go against it, it’s also unfair for the bodhi old zu."
Even if Leitian didn’t know it was a dragon magic blade, the heavenly magic knife was more precious than you think. He gave it to me without hesitation, and you still think I’m afraid of him.
I was wrong, so Yan bowed his head and apologized to the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace.
Well, I think of you. Of course I’m not afraid of leitian, but don’t you want revenge?
Yan raised his head and his eyes became sharper than flying swords. Can we still trouble the bodhi old zu in Kunlun? His problem is very sensitive. The bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace is already the emperor of heaven, but even if this situation is solitary, it will not be the opponent of Kunlun. The Kunlun Sect is not only a rock ruins mirror, but also more than 20 pieces of sacred objects, which will make the emperor feel headache. The Kunlun Sect will have more and more savings and become an immortal. Even Yan has not thought about revenge in the past. He is afraid of bringing trouble to the bodhi old zu B.
Thousands of years of killing have not let him lose his spirit, but he also knows that he has considered his grandmaster.
The secret of Kunlun Sect may be the enemy of the whole world in the future. At that time, it will be very important to help Leitian. This person’s fate has jumped the shackles of Kyushu, and he will not care if Kunlun leaves when he leaves, and it will not affect other sects.
Kunlun, the enemy of the world, must do this.
I don’t know the news is that my grandmaster said to me. Of course, it’s impossible to know that Biyou Palace is a magic weapon at the level of abode of fairies and immortals, but in Biyou Palace, the bodhi old zu controls power and even the Emperor can peek at the reality.
Leitian lost a magic sword and didn’t know it was magic dragon blade. He knew it was magic dragon blade. He really wouldn’t give it to the bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace, because he had just been beheaded in two places. magic dragon blade moist will quickly recover its strength and save a lot of trouble.
Leitian lost two places at once simply turned himself into a white one and went on to impress his brother.
Bai Qian is reluctant, but he just got into trouble, and he doesn’t want to refuse the leitian two-person leitian trouble, which is his trouble.
Being beheaded is a huge loss for the gas refiner, not to mention the consumption of cultivating the out-of-body avatar, and at the same time, the loss is also bad luck for the gas refiner
Leitian calculated that the old demon spoke in the magic palace, and it was not perfect in the real solution of Ziwei’s magic. Leitian’s strength needs to be reversed now, and it takes a lot of immortals to get some results, but it is not big when fighting.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-five The bodhi old zu
Chapter five hundred and thirty-five The bodhi old zu
Probably consumed hundreds of millions of immortals. Leitian suddenly opened his eyes and frowned. The latest and fastest update.
No, the bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace is lying to me, otherwise it is impossible to calculate nothing. The old devil root is not a demon ancestor’s idea of reincarnation. The latest update is all here.
Leitian is quite clever. He calculates according to the clues left by the devil of the bodhi old zu. The more he calculates, the more hunlun’s own strength is. Although it is low, the body of this star warrior can communicate with the 36,000 ue skills of the star warrior, and it can also exert the power equivalent to half of the Emperor of Heaven.
It is only possible that the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace lied if the true solution of Ziwei Voldemort can’t be calculated in this way.