That woman is better than giving Fu Chen a complicated look at judo. I’ll prepare the way for you and make you a full-fledged fool.

Fu Chen didn’t care about the woman’s courtesy. After all, she was her savior. After the woman left, she struggled to push herself to see that she had changed into a clean suit and secretly thanked the other woman and sat up cross-legged.
But I thought to myself, I don’t know how long I was in a coma.
If I don’t go home for a month, grandpa will not see me for a long time, and the whole empire will look for me
Fu Chen was dying at the thought of this. If Grandpa learned from Goofy that I had arranged it for another month, if I couldn’t go back and let them wait for me, Yuancheng would definitely be torn upside down by Grandpa.
Don’t hesitate to tie the knot immediately, cultivate the knot force and urge the ancient compass to try to restore your strength as soon as possible in the shortest time.
After about half an hour, the cold poison has been removed. At this time, from the appearance, Fu Chen has not been injured at all. He got up and was ready to leave, but this is a belly and disappointing.
Oh, that’s all. I’ll just go after dinner.
Then he sat in the chair in the room and waited for the woman to come back.
I don’t know who this woman is. If she hadn’t saved me, she would have been eaten by wild animals, and there would be no bones left.
After a while, Fu Chen heard footsteps outside, and his keen feeling told him that it was the woman who came. At this time, he was already hungry and couldn’t bear to get up. He stepped forward and creaked at the door.
The woman had just left the room and looked at Fu Chen’s dying horse. At this time, she unexpectedly saw him safely ill. Suddenly, she was still a ghost and a ghost, screaming and screaming, and her job fell to the ground.
Fu Chen also said that the trauma of his own body didn’t scare the delicate lady. He looked down and saw if there was any difference. Hey, hey, a smile. Girl, are you okay?
Ah, you, you, you are dead, aren’t you? The woman trembled as she stepped back
Fu Chen suddenly realized at this moment that he was still struggling on the brink of death for a moment, but he was alive and kicking for a moment. No one in general could accept such absurd things. The girl was busy with a wry smile and said that my injury had healed.
After that, I went back to my room and turned around. After confirming that I was a big living person, I laughed. I was too reckless just now. Didn’t I scare you?
The woman in Fu Chen repeatedly proved that she is really a great talent. She patted her ups and downs, but she was still afraid to enter the house outside the door and hesitated. Are you sure you are a ghost?
Fu Chendao is not.
After that, my stomach is full of growling, but it’s a pity to look at those delicious dishes on the ground and ask awkwardly, can you get some more food?
After a while, the woman came to her senses and told the little maid to prepare dinner after Fu Chen’s injury, and then the two chatted.
This woman named Yuan Ping and her father Yuan Fengtao are well-known people in Fengyuan Town. They often help the poor. Three days ago, the father and daughter came back to see him faint next to Fengyuan Town. Yuan Fengtao was so kind that he thought it would be inhumane to let this person die suddenly in the wilderness. They dug a pit to lift Fu Chen and prepare to bury him on the spot.
Fu Chen heard a heart until his throat was buried alive. Wouldn’t it be a terrible death?
Fortunately, Yuan Fengtao knew a little about medical skills and touched Fu Chen’s pulse, which was still beating slightly. He almost didn’t bury a big living person alive, and his heart was very sorry. He was busy lifting him into the carriage and pulling him home to find someone to treat him.
When Yuan Ping asked how Fu Chen was injured, Fu Chen immediately perfunctory two sentences.
Although Yuan Ping doesn’t believe it, since Fu Chen doesn’t want to say it, she is not forced.
Fu Chen has been strengthened by a compass, and her skin is crystal clear, and she exudes the unique hormone breath of men. She is really the favorite object of those rich girls who don’t leave home.
Yuan Ping is such a 17-year-old girl, and she is still in the early stage of love. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t be so easily Fu Chen.
You know, girls have little resistance to handsome guys, and what’s worse, a confused girl? It’s just like a man and a beautiful woman.
In Canada, if the brainless mobile phone loses contact, it may never be able to meet again. It is the first time that people in Biyuan mainland pay great attention to meeting for the first time. It feels good to meet for the first time, so they will immediately write a dowry to decide their marriage.
Besides, with the first feeling, no one can resist love, and it’s hard to say it when you know he’s coming, but you can’t stop trying to resist.
When she saw Fu Chen’s elegant face, her heart had already been bumped into these days. She was even more tireless in seeing Fu Chen’s doctor. At this time, seeing that Fu Chen had recovered, her unique and charming style fascinated her even more. A pretty face cried the fire.
Fu Chen found Yuan Ping very puzzled. Do you have a fever or are you infected with cold?
It’s right for him to ask. After all, the white shadow ice is so angry that it’s so strong that he almost killed a weak woman.
If the true qi of ice invades Yuan Pingshen, Fu Chen’s sin will be greater. Wouldn’t it be an animal if others killed her for saving themselves?