Even if you kill my strength, what can we do? There are four or five heavenly teachers who protect the country in the Great Xia Dynasty. None of them are as strong as the spirit of death. If they don’t say that their famous brothers can kill you a hundred times.

How long can you stand up to the confrontation of the Xia Dynasty alone? You are still not single-minded. My genius who worked for the Xia Dynasty finally fell into the battlefield with blood.
Meng Fei smell speech heart.
What a Ye Yinchan. It’s really interesting. I don’t have any consciousness of being a prisoner.
Wave cloth a shield to isolate the knights around. Meng Fei smiled slightly. Well, since you don’t want to talk about the Xia Dynasty, the king won’t force you to go.
Ye Yinchan’s body trembled, and the divine light in his eyes revealed a rare surprise.
He obviously never expected that Meng Fei would be so crazy as to let himself go. Didn’t he send someone to kill him directly after he returned to the Great Xia Dynasty?
Although the strength of killing Heaven Emperor is considered as a number one person in a great Xia dynasty, it does not represent the enemy’s great Xia dynasty’s heritage, and it should not be underestimated. Each of the five heavenly teachers who protect the country is immortal.
One of them can easily slay Meng Fei
You really dare to let me go back. Wang Ke can guarantee that today’s incident will not be leaked. Finally, I recovered from the extreme shock. Ye Yinchan’s surface recovered and he said flatly.
Meng Fei laughed and didn’t dare to say it. He turned around and disappeared in front of Ye Yinchan and others.
Seeing this scene, Ye Yinchan was really shocked. He can be sure that Meng Fei is really gone today, not angrily, but really let them go.
Looking at Meng Fei from the back Ye Yinchan after a long time, he gently sighed. There is no denying that Meng Feilai’s single-handedness can’t move the other person’s mind.
With a wave of his hand, several knights hurriedly left the valley carrying the body of North Ghost Yin.
Meng Fei didn’t kill Ye Yinchan, but also took a fancy to Ye Yinchan’s life. He was not good at playing tricks. For such people, Meng Fei wanted to marry. Of course, this is not the main reason
Kill Bei Mingyin but leave Ye Yinchan, but also avoid the forces behind him.
Killing an imperial division may not be a big deal for the Xia dynasty, but if you kill an emperor in your own territory, the Xuanyuan country will be destroyed in the Xia dynasty’s anger.
After a long time, the figure in the valley flashed, but Meng Shaoshao went back.
Looking at the valley, Meng Fei’s face is somewhat smiling. He has very few friends in the celestial world, but he is willing to regard this Ye Yinchan as a sincere and frank gentleman in the heavens and the earth, which is almost extinct today.
Come to a stone next to Meng Fei eyes slightly coagulated and then slowly waved his hand. Suddenly, there are two looming handwriting, even though the handwriting is messy, but at the moment, if you look carefully, you can vaguely detect that it is the word caution.
Be careful. Is Ye Yinchan waking himself up? Be careful. The background forces of the North Ghost Yin retaliate against Meng Fei’s crooning corners of the mouth.
However, I am also very grateful to Ye Yinchan for waking Meng Shaoshao. This person is a wonderful person and has let him go. He took a fancy to this person, but he didn’t expect Ye Yinchan to repay himself with this information.
Now I am hiding in Xuanyuan country anonymously. If I don’t take the initiative to come to Beimingyin, the forces behind me should not find myself.
Since this Ye Yinchan wants to wake himself up again, the Great Xia Dynasty is not in his own hands. Generally speaking, today’s biggest robbery has passed, but the sense of crisis in Meng Fei’s heart has become more and more intense instead of dissipating.
No, it seems that the crisis has been solved, but my heart will not be mistaken. The robbery has not passed this crisis. Is this strong hand not the force behind Bei Mingyin?
A thunder tore the fog in my mind. Meng Fei suddenly realized that Ye Yinchan woke him up. He should be careful. Maybe it’s not the forces behind the North Ghost, but the other one. Chapter 117 The Hunger Tianshi.
This idea is now instantaneous. The hair on Meng Fei’s back suddenly rises. Without turning his body, he has already made a conscious response, turning around and taking a step backwards, instantly tearing into it.
It is in Meng Fei that the palm of one hand is now flagrantly broken, and the breath of terror and coercion has spread wildly to the surrounding areas from this point.
No, the spirit of death is at its peak
Meng Fei’s figure is now hundreds of meters away, and his mouth and nose are pale, and the hot blood behind him is soaked in the blue. With the flesh and blood crawling at the wound, he heals the wound with a hegemonic force.
It’s a little short.
Just being swept by the palm of your hand in Meng Fei has already suffered a lot. If you are slow, I am afraid that you have been wiped out by a palm at this moment, and your hard work will be put into water before it disappears.
Although it is instant, he has already walked around the ghost gate.
Meng Fei’s face was suddenly gloomy, but his eyes looked calm in the afternoon. But if people saw his eyes that were dead and cold to any temperature, they would have a chill deep in their hearts.
Yiqing Yi immediately broke into pieces, and a figure appeared in the sight of people directly in the chaos of silver and white energy.
This hand is a middle-aged monk in a gown who is not angry. At this moment, his eyes instantly looked at Meng Fei and showed his majesty.
Seeing this person’s appearance instantly, Meng Fei felt that his mind was rumbling more than forgetting that he was in a mental crisis at the moment. Looking at the familiar face and familiar breath made him believe it.
This hand is actually Meng Fei’s father’s appearance is generally more than his breath and his eyes are exactly the same.
How is that possible?
But at this moment, it was suddenly a low drink and woke up in Meng Fei’s ear.
Meng Fei’s body shook his eyes and saw a pair of Sen Leng Qing’s face and slapped him down.