Middle-aged belle was so angry that she frowned and stared back at the little girl in the house. She turned around and said, OK, OK, what do you want? Tell me about it.

Hey, hey, smile, Yang Daodong’s wife. You can rest assured that I am actually very honest. If you want to marry that fierce daughter to my son, you must not promise not to do so. Let’s have a good time. Just rent it for my family this year. I want you to nod and two dog will turn around and leave. Never more than half of the nonsense.
Chen Ergou’s words were booed by the villagers around him. If the Chen Ergou family could rent that time a year, they would also forget to fight with Qin’s daughter. Everyone wants to do such a good business.
Qin was so angry that her eyes were full of tears, and her mother and daughter were rushed to the outer courtyard by Qin family, and they lived on this ten mu of barren land. Who knows that the villagers here actually set such a trap because of this cunning confidant? I’m afraid that even their lives will be lost in a few days.
That Chen Ergou see qin2 several desire to cry mouth is more reckless.
I said Qin Shimei, you’re a woman with a girl in your hometown, and your husband’s family doesn’t care what a miserable day you’re having. Why don’t you just take this ten mu of land and merge it into my Chen family? I don’t mind a little training. It’s not bad. If you don’t consider it, let’s synthesize a family and everything will be fine.
When I heard that, Qin couldn’t listen anymore.
Your mother’s unruly landlord in into the badlands has to be forced to live if she is orphaned and widowed.
Pulling out the crowd, Qin destroyed a step and rushed forward to hold the Chen Ergou with one arm and five fingers, one twist and one click at the wrong bone, and then he unloaded it for him, and then he took advantage of the opportunity to kick the township Lao Lai to the waist and kick a yellow dog to eat shit.
Sitting on the steps, the second dog hit his father when he saw someone kicking him. It’s not like he just got hurt.
Qin out smile casually asked you hurt.
Perhaps it was because the young man laughed too personally that the second dog actually froze until Torre screamed in his ear and he clenched his fist again.
But it’s too late.
With a smile on his face, Qin put one knee on the lower abdomen of the second dog, and the other person bent down because of severe pain, and it became easier to bump his head and elbow after grabbing his hair.
After Xiao er’s dog fell to the ground, Qin destroyed his inertia and stepped on the root of each other’s femur. The unbearable pain of ordinary people made this little tear and snot come.
If you are seriously injured, you will be seriously injured. Your acting just now is really unprofessional. What do you think, uncle?
Qin out from turned to climb from the ground up Chen Ergou said.
Qin destroyed this body now, although it is weak, but it is also for the past life’s own standards. After all, it is more than enough to bully ordinary people through five points and one pulse. What’s more, Qin destroyed that rich fighting experience to the extreme to keep up the show.
Chen Er’s dog’s eyes are full of fear, and he dare not look directly at the boy who is shorter than himself by more than half.
Qin put out a face of calm eyes swept the crowd of onlookers, these villagers can not help but bow their heads and dare not look him in the eye.
None of these people have any sympathy and sense of justice. They all hope that Chen Ergou will be able to bring down his owner. It’s not terrible to be poor and spineless, and it’s terrible to lose his conscience.
Qin’s eyes are like a flame, which makes these people hide in their selfish places. Qin’s ruthless means is a kind of power that makes these people shudder.
You, who are you, who cares about our Chen Guzhuang’s business? You broke my son, I, I want to report it to the authorities and arrest you. Chen Ergou, lying down at a glance, has already closed his breath, and his heart is angry and annoyed. Finally, he reluctantly overcame his fear and summoned up his courage and said
Qin Xiao hasn’t come to talk yet. A crying girl came to the room. Brother Yindao, brother Qin Fang, you are back. That’s my brother. I asked my brother to kill you.
Girl this yell Qin out identity frighten those villagers around the yard unconsciously took a step back.
If I had known that the owner was such a shaman, I wouldn’t have come to see the excitement.
Qin out blinked and thought to myself that Qin Fang was worthy of you, right?
Chen Ergou hated holding her unconscious son and gnashing her teeth, saying that the little bastard came to you. You played well. This matter will never end. If you don’t run away, I will report to the official to arrest you. Everyone is present and everyone will testify for me. This little dog killed my dog and I want him to pay for it.
Chen Ergou also lost his life when he saw his son’s horror. It was this rampant township, Lai Han, that was a bit vicious.
Ah, the belle who blocked the door was surprised and pointed up. No longer regardless of blocking the door, she hurriedly ran to Qin’s side and stretched out her hand to protect Qin’s house. The little girl followed her and rushed to her mother’s side
Fang Er is my child. He didn’t do anything until he saw you bullying us orphans and widows. I, as a mother, just bear it and come at me. After the belle’s National People’s Congress finished, she turned to hold Qin Chu’s shoulder and said with tears in her eyes. Fang Er, it’s great for you to go here quickly. It’s a pity that I can’t look at you again. You can go with Yaner quickly.
Belle said, "I can’t help but stretch out my hand to touch Qin’s face."
Qin destroyed stupefied at this moment, he really touched the child that a weak woman should become so strong.
He was envious, really envious, of Qin’s good position. His mother remembered her past life as an orphan. Qin Chu felt agitated for a moment. At present, this caring woman actually missed her childhood so much that the mother’s image gradually merged into a person.
Maybe crossing is not a bad thing. It’s worth it to meet a good mother.
Suddenly, the villagers around the hospital were in an uproar, and two people with broadswords swaggered in on both sides.
What are you all doing here? What’s going on in there? Did one of the officers shout loudly?
Don’t let your mother check the temporary residence permit. If she doesn’t have it, she will go back and repair the official road. This sentence of another official ran away from the villagers as soon as she watched.
These two officers are responsible for the security of several villages in this area. They came by to see people around the house and wanted to come and see the oil and water.
At the sight of your honour, Chen Ergou immediately climbed like a dog, holding your honour, uncle’s calf, a snot and a tear, crying, "Master, hurry up and make decision for Wang. This thousand knives have killed my child. You have all the witness evidence. You can’t ask for selfish ends when so many people look at him."
I really killed two people. Uncle Your honour first got a fright and fell into a coma at first sight. Second, the dog took a look at Belle’s back, protecting Qin from death. The two men choked and slammed their scabbard.
Who beat him like this? One of the officers was a bit sophisticated and asked.
The villagers all turned their attention to the Qin dynasty, but no one dared to testify that these ignorant villagers were so private and timid that they dared to boo others. If they were left alone, there would be few kinds.
Another short officer pointed a knife at Qin and said that you killed that man.
Qin went out and nodded, but the beautiful woman’s face changed and shouted, "I will kill you and take me away."
The little girl also shouted that I hurt him first. No, my brother’s business is me.
Qin destroyed his face, but he secretly vowed to stay in this world for one day, so that no one would bully the couple again. I want them to have the best life.
Those two officers looked at me. I looked at you and felt a little tricky at the moment. It’s impossible to tie all three women back. Who will buy them money? How much should I keep one?
Tell you what, you should first discuss who will go higher with us, rub your hands and say tentatively