The sudden explosion of power in this moment and the sudden surge of two lights in the night directly changed into two high-hanging suns, and the powerful breath made several monks in the field of beasts instantly feel induction.

Many monks who rushed to Meng Fei’s Sixth God fighter killing place suddenly stopped looking at the source of the breath and were shocked.
Immortal realm
Or stronger.
In the battle, the two men released a frightening and terrible atmosphere today.
This level is strong in the field of beasts, and it is already the pinnacle.
A few, but each one is a competition for places in the Flying Divine Pool.
And the breath of the three undead spirits in the former induction has disappeared together and has obviously fallen.
Godly monks fighting the battlefield is the abyss of death for ordinary monks.
Once it falls into it, it will be smashed by powerful forces.
No, the spirit of death is general. Although monks are both monks, the power gap between them is slowly different.
But it is an extremely important reason to cause two immortal gods to fight hard in the environment.
There may be a great chance hidden in this.
Stunned by the breath, many monks’ eyes are hot at the same time.
When two tigers fight, one will be hurt or both tigers will be hurt.
Although I don’t know that these two people are ignoring the big thugs at the moment, it is inevitable
The more it is, the more it shows that two people are fighting for irreconcilable reasons.
If you can take the opportunity, you may not be able to profit from it.
A thought of the burning flames in this eye.
After a short pause, except for a few cautious people who hesitated for half a ring and walked back, most monks chose to continue to approach, which slowed down a lot of actions and made them more cautious.
After all, it is the best if the gods are strong in fighting.
You can get away early if you don’t feel right now.
Although the gods are strong, they dare to enter the field of beasts to take a chance. But the Godsworn is not good at playing cards in his hands.
Godsworn may not be able to fight face to face, but if you are bent on leaving, you can still grasp it.
At the same time, in the field of beasts, the breath of fighting between Meng Fei’s Sixth God fighters has suddenly changed his mind at the moment.
The ordinary gods are strong enough to kill, which makes them shake, but it is enough to not destroy the gods.
Middle-aged people wear black robes with dignity and gestures, and they are obviously in high positions.
At the moment, he stood on the top of the mountain with a negative hand, and the fog was lingering on his feet, and the wind was coming.
However, before the wind approached him, it was isolated from the outside by a force, and turned half of his skirt.
The man looked slightly dignified and looked up at the depths of the sky and thoughtfully remained silent.
After half a ring, I just spit out a sigh gently.
It’s two monks who are immortal. They never thought that they were immortal. I’m afraid they struggled to hide their breath before, but they didn’t want to attract attention. Today, they attracted many monks to try their best to win or lose in the shortest time.
It seems that these two people are even fighting for a very precious thing.
The middle-aged monk’s eyes flashed slightly and his figure fell step by step, so he stepped on the ground with his feet on the ground. Every step can be crossed and roared to the depths of the star field.
The old man’s body is dry and thin, and his back is deep. The camel’s face is dry and wrinkled, and there is no luster like dry old bark.
He was unremarkable among the monks who entered the field of beasts, and the cultivation of the Emperor of Heaven was even less noticeable.
No one can imagine that such a bad old man is a hidden character.
Therefore, several monks who were engraved in front of him fell to the ground and the flesh was not damaged, but Yuan Shen had been erased by living. Although there was no brilliance in his eyes, he could still clearly see the panic and the rich and fine bloodshot eyes.
One of these monks is immortal, but it is still quietly erased today.
At the moment, the old man suddenly looked up, and his eyes were dark and turbid, and his clothes were shining and immortal.
With a wave of his hand in front of him, he whispered that several treasures such as body rings were directly taken away by him, while several bodies were wrapped by an invisible cold force and corroded rapidly with the naked eye.
The flesh and blood melted, the bones were exposed, and finally the dust fell to the ground.