Although I’m not sure whether there will be a nirvana in the ancient tomb house, you can try, hey hey, and see if you can try to repair my monster in the ancient tomb house.

The marten’s last words also revealed his thoughts in his heart, and it was not immediately concluded that the ancient tomb house was tempting, but the risk was not small.
Seems to also know that Lin moved in consideration after saying these little mink is quiet again to Lin moved with a sigh and walked back to the Lins.
In the next few days, Lin Dong was nothing more than nothing, but he was still able to know that there were more and more strong people coming from Tiandu County, and the news of the ancient tomb house in Tianyan Mountain was gradually heated in the city.
In a quiet room, Lin moved to sit by the bed. At this time, in his arms, the small body of Pteroceltis tatarinowii curled up like a kitten, and the amazing cold continued to penetrate from its body. Although Lin moved in Shi Fu, he was constantly absorbing the cold, but the little face of Pteroceltis tatarinowii was still very pale and looked very distressing.
Brother Lin dong’s business
The body of Pteroceltis tatarinowii kept shaking slightly, and the slender and beautiful hands clung to the knuckles of Lin’s sleeves, all of which turned white because of strong efforts. However, Xiao Ni seemed to be afraid of Lin’s fear that she would raise her face and give Lin a very reluctant smile when she endured the cold pain.
Lin moved silently with the palm of his hand caressing the tender and cold blue sandalwood. After a while, his eyes finally passed with a firm color and muttered, Xiao Ni, rest assured that I will help you completely solve this cold bite.
Seems to be heard Lin moving words wingceltis nodded slightly, and then slowly closed his eyes tired and passed out.
Lin moved to hold Pteroceltis tatarinowii in the bed and was wrapped up, so he carefully checked out, raised his head and took a long breath.
Hey, hey, how are you going to try it? The mink at Lin’s shoulder flashes and laughs
I’m afraid it’s not easy to get what you want in the ancient tomb. I may need your help, Lin mused.
No problem, but if you meet something that can help me recover my medicine, you should also help me rob the mink without hesitation.
Lin smiled and nodded his head from time to time. After swallowing the clear water demon python medicine spirit at the bottom of the Danxian pool, the strength of the mink today can also be considered to be able to compete with dzogchen in Yuan Dan’s territory, and then Garin set off strength. I am afraid it is hard to find an opponent in Yuan Dan’s territory with one person and one beast.
After the mink reached a close, Lin Dong was also slightly relieved. Some doors went to the yard and went to the Lins training ground.
In the Lins’ training ground, most of them are the Lins’ younger generation who are practicing hard, but when they see Lin moving, people’s eyes are full of respect and worship. Lin moving is extremely high in Jiaqi Lin today, and at ordinary times, the Lins’ younger generation Wu Yeji is taught by him, which makes these other peers awe him.
Smiling at the crowd, Lin moved to sit in the training ground, and soon after, some Lins’ young players came to teach Wu and Lin moved. It was also quite patient and careful to teach because Shi Fu understood Wu that he was the first person in the Lins’ family, so Lin Zhentian and them just gave this coach to Lin.
It took nearly two hours to teach, and then Lin looked at it. He just wanted to get up and suddenly came with a laughing sound.
It’s no wonder that the Lins have come to such a state that coach Yao Wu should find such a wet behind the ears.
The sudden laughter made the training ground full of enthusiasm, and the atmosphere of cultivation was sluggish. Then the eyes with anger were looking in the direction of laughter.
Lin is also due to this slight frown, tilting his head and looking at the edge of the training ground, when his eyes are slightly narrowed.
At the moment, at the edge of the training ground, I don’t know, there are four well-dressed young figures. Four people are all smiles and their eyes are slightly playful. Looking at the training of these Lins’ young players, it is particularly frivolous.
Lin’s eyes swept the four men, and then his eyes rested on their chests, where there were two Aoki splendid trees.
This pattern is no stranger to forest movement. He has seen Lin Zhentian solemnly keep a piece of clothes with this pattern, and he knows exactly what this pattern represents.
Four clans of Dayan dynasty-Lin clan
Second watch
Getting farther and farther away from the front and getting closer and closer to the back.
Pay back about 50 votes, and it will be exploded again. Pay back my brothers and sisters to help me. Pay back two shifts today, and I will try my best.
I hope I don’t lose the top six when the fourth watch is completed. That seems really sad. RO Chapter one hundred and fifty-six People
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six People
Lin clan
Looking at the unique splendid forest, his eyes narrowed slightly. This is the first time he has really met the Lin clan. He has always heard of this famous monster in the Great Yan Dynasty from Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao, but he has never seen it before.
What are these guys doing in my Lins’ home? Are they also coming to the Tomb House to move their hearts slightly? Perhaps this can explain why other first-class people who have always been separated will take the initiative to come here.
This is my Lin family’s venue. Who allowed you to come in?
When Lin moved into heavy yn, a Lins generation was extremely dissatisfied with the frivolous tone of the four men, and it was already a mouth full of anger.
Hehe, the Lins’ place, I can come and go whenever I want. Don’t say that you guys, even Lin Zhentian, dare not talk to us like this. One of the four people smiled faintly.
Haha, in normal times, you and I come here. I’m afraid we don’t even bother to wait.
The other man said with a smile, but anyway, you are also a member of my Lin clan. If you really can’t afford the martial arts coach, well, I’ll send someone to teach you something when I go back, so I’ll be ashamed of my Lin family in the future.
In their words, it is obvious that Lin is so old that he dares to be a martial arts coach. They are extremely disdainful and funny, and their words are suspected that J angered the Lins’ generation. After more than a year, Lin’s position in their hearts is quite high, but now they can’t stand the ridicule of these guys.
No matter who you are, you have to talk about some rules when you come to my Lins’ house. If you look down on Lin Dong’s cousin to teach martial arts, I, Lin Hong, want to teach you something today. In that crowd, one person suddenly walks away and grunts coldly.