I don’t think we can get to Fengyun Jianzong at all.

Because we are bound to be beheaded.
Miss, the mysterious magic order is in hand and the mink is in the sky.
All right, all right, you haven’t said these words fifty times or thirty times. You’d better not say them. I know all about them.
Well, I want you to be good and listen, and my sister will protect you.
Situhao nai shook his head and stopped talking.
After Zhuge Qinglan swaggered in front of him, Situhao was also white. They must have been stared at by some martial arts. Now his spirit is in an extremely tense state and he is staring at the surrounding environment all the time.
When he looked back, he couldn’t help but tremble when he saw a famous imperial weapon flying towards them behind him
God bless you, these martial arts will fly in the same way as us when they see Wu. They must not come because of the mysterious magic order. Situ Hao can pray secretly in his heart.
However, after Stuart’s prayer, he found that the martial arts were directed at them, and they were getting closer and closer at a very fast speed. I believe that they will be chased by the famous martial arts behind them when they are not fragrant.
It seems that we are in trouble. Situhao said anxiously.
He’s alone, but he’s not afraid to beat others. On the contrary, he can escape in illusion, but now they are two people.
Although ZhuGeQingLan once tortured him into a human form, Situhao is white. This guy is holding a fun mentality, but he doesn’t really want to die. If he is really in danger, he can’t leave this little witch alone.
Wow, haha, exciting things are about to happen. It’s so cool, Zhuge Qinglan said with a laugh
Let’s fly to the ground. If people directly attack us with elemental state in China, we will die.
Cut me off. I have the magic command in my hand
Situhao was about to vomit blood. When he saw her say such a thing again, he wouldn’t listen to her and flew straight to the ground.
Hey, little bastard, why are you so afraid of death? Wait, my sister called Zhuge Qinglan urgently and followed him to the ground.
Soon two people have successively fell to the ground.
Although this is a continuous mountain, the ground is covered with some weeds, so there is no dense forest. Situ Hao knows that this terrain is not helpful for him to escape, but he has to fly at those martial arts speeds, so it is impossible for his roots to fly to the dense forest in front.
I can’t believe you didn’t listen to your sister. I let the mink bite you.
Sister, you’d better save your energy and don’t hurt me again. Let’s see if that Wu really wants to be bad for us.
Hum, Sister Xuan Mo Ling.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Can you say something else? My ears are almost listening to cocoons.
I’m going to say, I say I love to say, what can you do? Wow, haha, it’s really for us
ZhuGeQingLan voice did not fall, then Wu Fei fell to the ground and surrounded them in the middle.
Beibei, however, deserves to guard the god beast. As Wu Fei fell to the ground, it flashed back to Zhuge Qinglan’s shoulder.
I didn’t expect myself and others to make this beautiful girl happy now. At that time, they were stunned on the spot and looked at Chapter 3 stupefied.
Did you come from the mysterious magic order in the hands of the young lady? Zhuge Qinglan’s bright eyes looked around and surrounded them, and made such a question directly.
Wu looked at ZhuGeQingLan in a stare blankly unbelievable look again.