After seeing you guys off, everyone went back to the house. Zhang Jun felt a little disappointed. He quietly glanced at Yang Jiahui around him and found that she was still sitting with a smile on her face.

Luo Shuyan always smiles after the door is closed. How about two people saying that they didn’t let you go because they wanted to do lunch?
No problem, but there is not much market in the sky, Yang Jiahui said
Always smiling, he took out two thick stacks of bills from his purse and handed them over. Zhang Jun squinted and saw that it was dollars. It was the first time he saw a hundred dollars, and so many dollars. Yang Jiahui politely pushed and said, Uncle, this money is enough. We can’t take more.
God, it’s settled.
I always finished talking and got up. Then I said, we won’t bother you young couple making out at night. Just go straight by plane ticket at noon.
We are not Yang Jiahui low head novel way.
Haha, see you after the festival
Off the two of them just quietly lying in bed, Yang Jiahui handed Zhang Jun a dozen and said, this is half of you and my family.
I just need one.
Half of the family, Yang Jiahui, just stuffed half of the US dollars into his pocket, and a lot of thick money was lost in his pocket. Yang Jiahui didn’t care that she threw herself in his arms and giggled.
So happy
Your foreign exchange money is back. It’s 50 thousand dollars. Yang Jiahui still keeps laughing
Speaking of foreign exchange, Zhang Jun’s mind can’t solve a knot in one’s heart. He always feels that his technology is actually good, but he doesn’t know what to do, but it’s so difficult. He asked, hey, how did you do it when you were so good at foreign exchange?
Short-term, foreign exchange can’t be long-term
Zhang Jun seems to understand, but she doesn’t want to attend any more, so she just doesn’t continue to ask.
We slept together today, Zhang Jun said softly, hugging her.
Put a glass of water in it.
Annoying Yang Jiahui said and turned away from him. Zhang Jun looked at her charming, but human feelings couldn’t help but pounce. A lot of dollars were scattered on the bed and around them, but they didn’t care. Instead,
It’s the first time for Zhang Jun to spend the New Year’s Eve in Yi Yi, and there are not many people in Yi Yi. Zhang Jun is sitting in a chair, while Yang Jiahui is sitting on his leg watching the disk change.
The last trading day before the Spring Festival was even lighter, and the market was calm. There was no sharp rise or drop in each block. Almost all the blocks were running very smoothly, and their shares were traded in a few minutes, just like stagnant water.
Let’s eat some Zhang Jun asked.
No, look at the noodles. Even if you are exhausted, you won’t be able to eat many chips.
Yeah, hanging the bill on the face also seems to be strong. Zhang Jun looked at the chat and asked with malicious intent, did you sleep well last night?
Annoying you, big bad guy, Yang Jiahui said and gave him a good beating.
Hmm. How interesting
In this way, the afternoon passed to see that Yi had finished two people, and then he hurried away from Yi and returned to the hotel, then picked up the suitcase he had already picked up and ran away.
The airport is not far away. It took less than an hour to get to the airport by car rental. There are people waiting to go home everywhere. The order here is not bad. They quickly stepped on the plane and climbed into the sky with the motor ringing.
About three hours later, the plane slowly stopped at the Taoyuan Airport in Shenyang. Two people followed the people to the airport, and suddenly they were blindsided. There were a lot of car rentals here, but today it was sparse. Just a few cars saw people walking from the airport and a car rental flew over.
Where are you two going? Driver, master, probe through the window.
It’s freezing in Shenyang, and two people go to the crowd with their hands in their hands. Zhang Jun says Liaoying.
It’s too far to go.
The car followed the voice and went to look for other customers.
Mom, Zhang Jun scolded 1
Seeing the car rental leaving one by one, two people were a little flustered. At this time, a car rental came from a distance and docked beside them. Yang Jiahui didn’t talk to them, so he directly drilled into the door. Where are you going? The master asked.
No, it’s too far.