Meng Fei frown when the disc-shaped aircraft suddenly abnormal.

A divine light sweep came at him. Meng Fei showed his posture and wanted to retreat, but he was still a step late. This light beam is extremely huge and covers dozens and a half of Fiona Fang.
Is this stupid thing really flying? Meng Fei found that he couldn’t help but rise with the light beam and didn’t go straight to the green disc
This is a white light beam covering Meng Fei’s haze, which makes him make himself go to the huge green gold disk.
Meng Fei found that this kind of light is a law, and other means are combined to form this strange light, which flies and radiates in Yin Hui.
When he approached the flying die, he was even more sure that it was made of a composite metal mineral, many of which were precious metal minerals that even Meng Fei had never heard of.
make a din
The law of light is too fast. When Meng Fei almost didn’t respond, he saw that flying die with cold metallic luster suddenly appeared a light hole to suck him in and then disappeared completely.
This is a huge golden temple or cage, and it seems to be in an independent state.
The walls are all carved with metal, and many runes are flashing and shiny, and the top of the arc is also covered with various patterns and complex.
Meng Fei zheng, is this really a flying saucer?
How do you look like a powerful treasure to bring him in? It has become a small world.
These patterns and fluctuations flew like this, and he frowned and further realized that it was far from being as simple as imagined, otherwise it would be impossible to detain him.
This, he thought, was not necessarily a flying die, but really a strange treasure, so it had various functions.
Meng Fei reached out and palm his golden fist and flashed blazing light at the metal wall. Now his pure physical strength is enough to break the general sacristy.
However, in fact, he expected that the golden wall humming and humming did not damage a layer of metal wall, and the beautiful lines swayed like silver snakes.
It’s not a UFO. Meng Fei was surprised
He’s running his physical strength again, and his pores are breathing in the glow and shining brilliantly.
Meng Fei’s punch was so powerful that it shattered a mountain peak and hit the wall. It still caused a huge metal vibrato floating mark damage.
It’s a treasure to find the perfect golden body and the strongest blood body candidate.
A wave of spirit seems to reveal a kind of excitement in the evaluation of Meng Fei. At the same time, a metal wall has penetrated. The outside of this pure metal hall can be seen through each other.
However, what he saw in front of him made him quite uneasy.
There are more spacious metal temples in front, and each one is crystal clear. I don’t know if it is made of materials and all kinds of creatures are in it.
Demons, Zerg, Orcs, Plants, Life, Rocks, Life, All Kinds of Aliens
Meng Fei found that all the races here are extremely powerful in physical strength, even the raptors and beasts are wild and ancient. They are hundreds of feet longer than the whole body made of metal, and they are dazzling and flaming firebirds.
The laws of this place are so powerful that hundreds of animals are housed in a small metal hall. Meng Fei is amazed and can imagine that this thing is probably a flying die, but it has reached the peak of technological development.
It’s a great thing that there are so many small halls in its part, and it’s not chaotic for all ethnic groups to be strong
Among them, a few Meng Fei even discovered that the alien statue was in low spirits, and his blood was dripping like something precious that had been extracted.
This is a prison full of ten thousand metal halls, and almost half of them are powerful races in the flesh.
Even Meng Fei found a tree man, but he was badly disabled and even his bark was stripped off. He was angry and exhaled less.
In addition, he also saw some races that he didn’t know, some ethnic groups suspected of not belonging to this area, some were all in a blaze, and some were not human, but they were naturally controllable. Most of the thunder were madly attacking the temple and trying to rush away.
Obviously, Meng Fei’s stay in this vast hall is not a cage. It is the entrance to catch prey
A strange sound came, and a firebird was bright and red, and it was not far away now.
When it spreads its wings and moves, it will split the whole body. Every inch of blood and flesh is powerful and frightening. Its blood flashes and thunders, and its strong body can be seen.
Worthy of that name, the bird spread its wings and the glow of the sky cut through Meng Fei’s head and a pair of claws lifted to his crown.
With this powerful strength, why hasn’t the firebird taxied? What is the animal? Meng Fei was surprised that the metal temple had put so many powerful aliens in it. It was simply a prison.