One hundred and thirty billion suddenly sounded difficult again, and the price rose again.

A tug-of-war finally came when the killer alliance cost 170 billion yuan, and finally the arena gave up 170 billion yuan. This is no longer something that killer organizations can afford. This is something that killer organizations unite to get the treasure, but it is shared by killer organizations. This means that the arena on the other side of the killer alliance has also got this treasure, and an alliance has been established. Unfortunately, the arena alliance still doesn’t pay for the killer alliance.
One hundred and seventy billion for the second time, the purple robe is full of smiles. This has broken the record of the highest selling price in the auction house, that is, the highest auction price in an ancient big six auction house is only one hundred and ninety billion.
I’m free and unfettered mountain, with a price of 200 billion yuan, and another person came in outside the meeting. I saw the man in his fifties in a blue robe, and he was full of domineering. If he quarreled, he was also faint in his body and now he seemed very arrogant.
Hum, I almost let Ye Xiangge ruin my happy mountain event.
Oh, come on, Huang is in charge. Huang is in charge of the price of 200 billion yuan. Will anyone quote again? Zi Bao Lao Lang Dao
No one spoke, that is, the killer alliance all shook their heads. Xiaoyao Mountain was the overlord here. No one really had more money than them when they fought. Finally, Xiaoyao Mountain people got this, and even Yuan Ye was more jealous than treasure.
Yuan Ye saw a man pointing out that the blue robe man looked at Yuan Ye’s eyes full of murder.
Hum, it seems that he is ready to deal with me. Yuan Ye sneers at him in his heart, but he knows that Ye Xiangge has been so miserable. Here is his territory. It must be hard for him. He has already thought about it and left directly after taking advantage of the treasure. It is still very cool.
After the auction, Yuan Ye came to the auction house.
Yuan Xiong, your Dan medicine has been auctioned for a total of 10 billion yuan. The ring in your hand alone is my local friend in Wanjialou. Our auction house will not give it to you in the future. Besides, if you auction Wujin Xuantie double heavenly sword, it will be 11 billion yuan. Even if the double heavenly sword is my Wanjialou refining master, I will give you 7.9 billion yuan, which is also a friend. Let’s exchange Dan medicine for treasures. No one will give it to anyone anymore.
Smell speech Yuan Ye picked his eyebrows. Compared with a lot of nonsense, he is more substantive. When you ponder a little, you’re welcome to nod directly. What’s cheaper? The profit of this auction house is simply scary. Look at those auctions. The money has reached 200 billion yuan. For them, the root is a consistent figure.
Hehe, it seems that I won a lot this time. I can’t get to the black sky and the black iron double heavenly sword, and I also got 505 billion. Gee, Yuan Ye is in a good mood at this time.
Five billion may sound like a lot, but in fact, it’s not a lot. Yuan Xiong also knows that it acts as the lowest four kinds of monetary soul energy, in which a green soul can be equal to 100 yellow soul can be equal to 10 thousand orange soul can be equal to 1 million soul energy, and a higher blue soul energy is 100 million, and the regular exchange is even higher than the blue soul energy. I’m afraid that Yuan Xiong’s family has not a blue soul that can be expensive when added up, let alone a purple soul that can be very black and white and two colors like Wan Zunxing’s top ten refining materials. This is the real money.
Hehe, it’s really poor to hear you say that. You can’t buy anything better than Yuan Ye with a smile.
By the way, Yuan Xiong just bought the six-turn map, but a leader of Xiaoyao Mountain is already at the top of Xiaoyao Mountain. When he comes, I’m afraid it won’t be one or two people. I’m afraid you just made a terrible mistake for Ye Xiangge’s move, and all the rivers are in Xiaoyao City to offend Xiaoyao Mountain, but it’s very unwise for Yuan Xiong to join my Wanjialou, and the top of Wanjialou doesn’t dare to move.
Think about wooing yourself.
Yuan Ye shook his head, but I appreciate Jiang Xiong’s kindness, but don’t worry, since I dare to deliberately, he is completely sure that he can’t stand me leaving.
Said Yuan Ye, turning away with one hand.
Yuan Ye, you really don’t want to join my Wanjialou. Another way is to join Xiaoyao Mountain as a refiner master. Your strength as a refiner master is higher in Xiaoyao Mountain than at the head. It’s nothing to offend a mere general, Ye Xiangge Gen.
When Yuan Ye heard it, he was moved a little. He said that Jiang Jun tried every means to make himself a member of the family. Then he suggested that he should go to Xiaoyao Mountain, and he really wanted to help himself. Even if he dealt with Ye Xiangge before, he deliberately pushed Ye Xiangge down to his own life and death. Yuan Ye also thanked the other party in his heart.
Brother Jiang, rest assured that Yuan Ye smiled again in my heart and finally walked away. After leaving the auction venue, Yuan Ye didn’t rush to walk through the door, but changed his clothes and became a middle-aged man, which made him walk away.
500 meters away from the auction house, the auction house is surrounded by three floors, and the three-story Xiaoyao City is not allowed to kill. This rule is who will decide Xiaoyao Mountain and others will not kill them. However, today, 10,000 brothers will surround the auction house, but there are one or two things to consider in Wanjialou site Xiaoyao Mountain, so there is no fooling around. If it is not for the target, this battle has scared many people to go around.
However, Yuan Ye, who had already surrounded the auction venue and looked at this appearance, sneered in his heart that he had expected this scene earlier, and he had fully grasped that he was far away from Xiaoyao City in great secrecy. At the same time, Yuan Ye also looked to the other side, where Ye Xiangge was. At this time, Ye Xiangge was furious and howled and vented than whoever he caught.
Well, that man suddenly Yuan Ye saw a familiar person.
I grass your mother always let you all come here for me. You didn’t wait until now for you to come. The bastard who killed you long ago ran away and wanted to die. Just like you bear, you also want to be my free and unfettered mountain brother. You daydreamed and roared. Ye Xiangge was even more fists and fists, and Nuo Nuo’s four people were beaten up. Although there was no grudge, the martial artist was not too heavy, but this public beating was really insulting to the four people.
One of these four people came to Wanzun Star with himself. Yuan Ye still remembers that Kengwan didn’t want his life to help his nuclear carving tribal leader fight. This friendship has made Yuan Ye regard him as the first friend who came to Wanzun Star.
Three years ago, compared with today’s Keng Ya-kuan, there was no change in his appearance. At the beginning, his spirit was gone. Three years ago, Yuan Ye absolutely did not doubt that Keng Ya-kuan would take a good revenge in the face of this kind of beating, but now Keng Ya-kuan is forbearing.
Isn’t this Ye Xiangge, the general? Yuan Ye had a low voice before he left.