Raymond Luer developed a thought machine at the end of the 13th century. Four hundred years later, he read the notes. Atanas Ke Xue developed a slide show. The first one was recorded in a famous masterpiece. The second one was recorded in the great art of light and shadow. It is not difficult to read. These two are famous, but in reality, the slide show is not so fantastic. Raymond Luer thinks that the machine can’t stand the scrutiny. In other words, according to the lofty purpose, the thought machine is a secondary perpetual motion machine. No matter who they are and what the world is, their common names do not reduce their interest. The thought machine is one example, I think.

Thought machine hair
We don’t know, we will never know, because we hope that this machine is impossible. It happens to be the famous illustration of Mainz, 17211742. We can speculate that Salinger really thinks this illustration is another more complicated picture. I think it is a pioneer of other pictures. Let’s take a closer look at this pioneer drawing. It is a diagram or chart of emperor’s attributes. The letter A stands for emperor in the circle. B stands for kindness. C stands for greatness. E stands for eternity. Force F stands for wisdom, G stands for will, H stands for virtue, I stands for truth, and K stands for honor. These nine letters are all equidistant from the center and connected with others by ropes or diagonal lines. Firstly, the attributes are all solid. Secondly, through different connection methods, it is not heretical to say that honor is eternal, honor is true, honor is benevolent, great and eternal, wisdom is from virtue or kindness is great and eternal, and wisdom is from virtue to virtue, virtue and truth.
I hope I can read this and so on, in which the number of package combinations far exceeds the number of pages that can be written, because they are all holes. We think that honor is eternal, just like eternity is honor. This is secondary. This static chart, together with it, is distributed in nine squares and connected by a star and several polygons. Nine capital letters are a thinking machine. Naturally, it is inspiring. Don’t forget that he was a 13th century man who used materials when he conceived it. Now we seem to be very important. We already know kindness and great wisdom. The concept of power and honor can’t be worthy of respect, which enlightens us that we know more about it in a different way than Luer. It is suspected that it is a word like Einstein with four-dimensional relative potential in different order and isomorphism, or a word like Engels with dialectical materialism in class struggle of surplus value bourgeoisie.
Three disks
It’s a circle divided into nine grids, so many combinations can be made. Then how many combinations can we worry about when metal or wood is made into three manually rotating concentric circles with fifteen or twenty grids each? That’s what we can’t get. The remote Raymond Luer thought in a paradise-like red island in Maiocca, and then he designed his machine. We are not interested in the purpose of this machine now. We are interested in urging him to do so and solving the problem by accident.
In the preface, I said that the thought machine works too well no matter I slander it. In most cases, it is just a matter of imagining a problem at will to find out the true color of the tiger. We give Luer a color to each capital letter. By turning the disc, we can get this varied tiger color: blue, yellow, black, white, green, brown, orange and gray, or yellow, blue, black, blue, white, blue, green, blue, brown, blue, etc. Facing these many combinations, enthusiasts still don’t flinch. They suggest that According to them, the machine can gradually determine and correct the map through overlapping wheels. For a long time, many people believe that by patiently rotating these disks, all the secrets of the world can be known for sure.
Gulliver’s machine
I readers may remember that Swift laughed at the thought machine in the third part of Gulliver’s travels, or discussed another machine, which is more complicated, and there are few people in this machine.
Captain Gulliver of this machine said that a wooden frame is connected by thin wires, and a bucket of different sizes consists of six characters. Iron handles are placed at each end of this horizontal frame, and the bucket can be turned over by turning the handle. Every time the word order changes, and then two or three of them are carefully read to form a sentence or a part of a sentence. The students wrote them down in the teacher Gulliver coldly and showed me several volumes of valuable materials bound by royal paper, the purpose of which is to make them into sentences for the world art department.
Final defense
It’s absurd for philosophers to study tools, thinking machines, but it’s not absurd for literary and poetic tools. fritz mauthner pointedly pointed out that a dictionary of rhymes in the first volume of the philosopher’s dictionary is still a thinking machine, and he needs to find a poet in the shape of a tiger. After doing things like that machine, he will keep trying to find a more suitable word to stop the black tiger, but it refers to the late tiger and the red tiger, but it refers to the tiger. This is due to the meaning of blood.
Translated by Xu Helin
This article was first published in family magazine on January 15th, 1937.
Alfred Doblin
Almost all German scholars live in the high government. They all devote themselves to Wen Alfred Doblin through tattoos or the road of divinity and philosophy, but he was not. He was born in Berlin for more than 17 years and practiced medicine in the workers’ residential area. In 1915, he published his first novel.
Doblin is curious, except for a few public or literary articles, one is a detailed analysis of Joyce Ulysses, and the other is a study of Marxist literature. His good thing is that each novel is a different world, a world that doesn’t communicate with each other. Personality is just a negative limit. Alfred Doblin said in 1992 that my novels can continue to go on, and I hope that they will be combined into four different characters in the future. When he said this modest and ambitious words, it had not been published in Alexandria Square in Berlin.
The first of these five great novels is Wang Lun’s Three-Jump Rebellion and Revenge Etiquette. The China Secret Regiment is a novel with many characters. Wallenstein is the second and also a historical novel. Its theme is the 17th century blood. In 1924, it was an epic about the future, like Herzog Wells or Olaf Stapleton. The plot of the novel took place in Greenland, but the people of the world were Mana. In 1926, it took place in the dead pile in Malaya Mountain, Berlin, Alexandria Square. In 1929, the last novel was a well-conceived realistic novel. The language was colloquial
We don’t know Flantz’s thought of unemployment in the novel, and we also know the urban situation that puzzles him. Doblin wrote that Ulysses is an exact creature.
Alexander Square in Berlin is the same.
Translated by Xu Helin
Conway family at 1: 00 in priestley, Yobo.
Critics have asked more than once whether the time in art is equal to the time in reality. There are thousands of answers. Shakespeare put the calendar year upside down according to his metaphor. Joyce reversed the technique by reading day and night. Mr. Leo Polder Bloom, Stephen Dillous’s life is more interesting than trying to shorten the expansion. Conrad accidentally took the lead in this method in his novel. Faulkner fully developed it in the uproar. The first chapter took place on July 4, 1992. On June 2, 1991, the second last chapter took place on the eve of the first chapter. In the field of film, I don’t know if my readers remember Spencer Tracy’s honor. This film is written by a person, but the chronological order is deliberately and heartily omitted. The first scene is the funeral of this person.
Yobo priestley has just transplanted the anti-time sequence to the stage. His drama is similar to Faulkner’s noise and fury, showing the decline of a family. In 1919, it was the heroine Kay Conway’s twentieth birthday party. In the second scene, it was in the same place with some characters, but in 1937, Carol Conway’s youngest one died. In the third scene, it brought us back to the birthday party. Every sentence was sweet and terrible as if it were words in memory.
Sudden opposition is the biggest danger of this play, and priestley suddenly solved it.
The scene was full of ominous signs. At first glance, this may be a shortcoming. Later, we found that without these, the priestley side would be less dramatic, but it was just inspiring in general.
I suddenly realized that Conway’s Chinese technique is new. Of course, this is not to say that it lacks other advantages
Translated by Xu Helin
1 jhnbynpriesley 18941984 British dramatist novelist
Flantz Kafka 1
Kafka was born in a Jewish district of Prague in 1913, and his parents worked in an insurance company after studying for a doctorate in law. In his youth, we knew two things: a failure, a love of love, reading adventure novels, and a travel record. He was a tuberculosis patient. He spent most of his time in the Earl Hill Sanatorium in Tirol Carpathian. His first novel was published in the United States in 1913 and he was in 1919. Settled in Berlin, he died in a nursing home near Vienna in the summer of 1924. The Allies meanly blocked him.
Kafka includes three unfinished novels, three volumes of short stories, proverbs, letters and diaries, the first four of which have been in Berlin and the last two in Prague.
The United States is the most hopeful but perhaps the least typical of his novels. The other two trials were held in 1925, and the castle was completed in 1926. In the former, the protagonist was gradually overwhelmed by a stupid case, and he could not find out what crime he was accused of. He could not see the court, but the court sentenced him to hang without trial. In the latter, the protagonist K was a land surveyor, but he was called to the castle, but his death was not recognized by the authorities that ruled him.
In Kafka’s short stories, I think the most commendable thing is that when the Great Wall of China was built, the Arabs were hungry in front of the French gate, and the artist’s family father regretted the vulture, the giant mole and a dog to study the cave
Translated by Xu Helin
This article was first published in Family Magazine on January 9th, 1937.
Herjo Wells brunhild
It’s not hard to believe that in the distant future, commentators will take six different people in Werner-an imaginary narrative, a robot stealth man landing on the moon, the first person Dr. Moreau’s island, plattner’s story, the utopian old world replacing the new world, and the future of the emperor in America, the invisible king, the former conspirator, the three-hearted novelist Mr. Isaac Harma, a bishop’s soul hidden in the woman’s heart, Juana Pietro’s four humorous stories, the story of Mr. Polly’s love, and Mr. Levisham’s occasional turn to kipps’
Similarly, it can also be confirmed that other cases that all come from the same technique belong to the first category and the fourth category, and the shape of the house to be sold belongs to the first category and the second category belongs to the second category more than the second category with the first category.
I’m sure that the combination of Wells Hole Candle Hearts and Wells in brunhild is successful. I have read more than 300 pages and spent two nights, but I should honestly say that the hero of the novel, brunhild, is not eccentric, and the advertising agent, Mr. Emmanuel Clout, interests me even more, and this unforgettable interview is called Mr. Lauder. He died two or three times before the novel. I hope he will write it, although I am worried that his body image will not be described, and the image of immediacy will be fuller in the dialogue.
Another commendable feature of the novel is the confession of novelist Alfred Bint in the tenth chapter. This lengthy confession impressed us because we thought it was hypocritical. We thought Alfred Bint had committed a crime. He defended the murder of a person in the same crime. Wells deliberately didn’t say this.
Translated by Xu Helin
Olaf Stapleton 1
Olaf Stapleton said that I was born a rude or unlucky person who was protected by capitalism. After half a century’s hard work, I will be a man now. I made it in my 25 years of childhood. It is a small village in Ebots, holman, a Swiss canal. I tried a variety of careers, but every time I ran away from the school teacher in embarrassment. I recited the Bible chapter by chapter on the eve of the history class of St. Education. In an office in Liverpool, I lost my order. In Port Said, I naively allowed the captains to transport more than the ordered amount of coal. I set out to educate the people. Walkinton miner Crewe railway workers taught me more than they learned from me. In the war of 1914, I was very flat on the French front. I led an ambulance of the Red Cross, and then romantic marriage. Family routine chores were unrestrained and enthusiastic, like a 35-year-old who got married and gave birth. I woke up. Two experiences controlled me. I believe that the tragic order of our human nest has now stepped on the threshold of thinking. I smiled and found that the other foot has stepped on the edge of the grave.
The critical metaphor in the last line is a good example of Stapleton’s dullness or indifference, because it is not a poor imagination. Wells replaced his alien tentacles, aliens, invisible people, deformed giants, moon people with insignificant everyday people, while Stapleton was a naturalist who was precise and boring to build an imaginary world. He did not let human misfortunes interfere with the biological illusion effect. He tried his best to include the eternal universe Olaf, the first and last person in London, and Juanla Lome’s new theory on making stars in an awakened world.
Translated by Xu Helin
This article was first published in Family Magazine on November 19th, 1937.
Cao Xueqin’s Dream of Red Mansions
In 1645, in the same year that Ke Weiduo died, China was recruited by Manchu people, but it was impossible for the Chinese and ink cavalry, so something inevitably happened in this kind of disaster. The culture of failure was rudely recruited and developed, and many literary arts have emerged. Today, it is a classic, and one of the outstanding novels was translated into German by Dr. Flantz Kuhn. This novel will definitely be of interest to us. This is the most famous novel in the text nearly three thousand years before us, and the first western translation is abbreviated.