Yi Yu laughed. "If it counts, I really should call your aunt with Yang Zi, but …"

Win at the beginning of Qing seems to be dissatisfied with this result. "But what? Say something quickly! You hate kids! "
Yi Yu is not angry and laughs. "But whether it’s a sister or an aunt, it will take a while to see what you look like. If you are an old woman, you naturally didn’t say you want to call your aunt. If you have your beautiful appearance now, let’s be a sister."
Win at the beginning of your face a red Chen way "bah! Everything good belongs to you. "
Yi Yu put away a little and smiled. "One last thing is to show me your" Shake the Sky ".I believe that winning the Qin royal family should not be without practice!"
Win early Qing bold way "why do you want me to prove something to you every time? This time, I want to read your "Shake the Sky" first. Don’t tell me you can’t! "
Looking at this beauty in front of her eyes, Yi Yu’s heart is also full of ups and downs. If he talked about it a few days ago, he never thought that this great man would win the Qin dynasty! Now that the beauty has come out, Yi Yu doesn’t shirk it, but he has forced a black flame with a surge of skill force, which is full of surging and active killing power.
Yi Yu laughed. "I can barely get by, though I don’t have many days to practice."
Win at the beginning of Qing sneer at a "you really have some self-knowledge that you can get by with these two", and then you will see that she will also stretch out her little hand like a spring willow.
I saw the winning Qing Chu’s eyes narrowed and a powerful force came into being from her body. In an instant, her temperament changed. If in the past, this winning Qing Chu was a sword, harmonious and elegant, but it was a murder without a trace of blood, then now her momentum is like a knife, a butcher knife, and a murderous knife. Look at her hand also gathered a mass of black flame, but it is better than Yi Yu’s loose flame. I don’t know how many times.
Win the glad eye at the beginning of Qing dynasty and pick a proud way. "I’m practicing" Shake the Day Tactics ",for example? Can you get into the eyes of Master Xu? "
Yi Yu this fellow should also have its thing nodded, "well! Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Will see the forehead has jumped out of the veins stood out to win early Qing jade hand a shake that a flame straight to Yi Yu.
And that Yi Yu actually didn’t dodge, but she looked at the black flame with a smile and looked at it with fear, but it frightened her to win at the beginning of Qing Dynasty. Just now, she was so angry that she wanted to drown Yi Yu’s killing power in the black flame, but there was nothing in vain. Later, Yi Yu’s export was rude. If Yi Yu didn’t dodge, I’m afraid this would be fatal. But now Yi Yu is Yang Zi’s husband, and more importantly, she has to win at the beginning of Qing Dynasty to get back her body. How can she let him die!
Win early Qing thundered, "Yi Yu quickly hide! You don’t want to die! " Although she tried to control it, she was in a hurry just now, and the two of them got together for only a few feet. I’m afraid it’s not easy to keep Yiyu intact.
Yi Yu, who was in pain at the beginning of winning Qing Dynasty, smiled but did not see him move. He saw a flash of white light in front of him, and the angry blow at the beginning of winning Qing Dynasty was eliminated in the shape! Of course, the actual Yi Yu sent the black flame to the Pure Land of Blissfulness. Although the energy contained in this blow is huge, compared with the abnormal Pure Land of Blissfulness, this energy is not enough to affect its normal operation. Therefore, Yi Yucai dared to directly introduce such an attack into the Pure Land of Blissfulness and where to directly enter the cycle of five elements.
Win at the beginning of Qing dynasty, seeing Yi Yu lightly, she resolved her attack and asked for a moment’s thought.
Is that the’ pure land of bliss’? "
Yi Yu smiles to say, "Zhen Cong, after this incident, you also used to look at it."? Now Yangzi and Xunxun are living in it! "
Win a slight frown at the beginning of Qing dynasty. "Isn’t that the world in your field? How can you treat Yang Zi like this! How big a place can there be without being suffocated! "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, "If you think that Fiona Fang is hundreds of miles in size with a population of more than one million, the place is small and lonely, then I can’t help it."
Win at the beginning of qing jing way "you! What did you say?/Sorry? A million people? In your’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’? !”
Before looking at beauty gaffes Yi Yu embarrassed smile way "good! Moreover, after taking the treasure this time, I plan to go to Nannan again and cram hundreds of thousands of people into it. Now they are playing a game that needs a lot of people and some people are not enough. "
After all, when Daqin was not unified, it was just a million people, and Yi Yu actually had one million people in this field! Isn’t that scary enough?
After a pause, Yingqing said, "I want to see it!"
Yi Yu laughed. "This nature is not difficult, but wait until we get your flesh back. Let’s talk about it from here. If it is delayed, the golden boat will sink into the eyes again. I’m afraid it will take some effort to go out again."
Yingqingchu nodded and said, "If that’s all right, let’s go!"
Now with the "Shake the Sky" certificate, the gap between the two has been eliminated a lot, but it is necessary to prevent people’s hearts! These two people are not used to trusting their own safety in the loyalty of others, so they both keep the minimum precautions.
Yi Yudao "Aunt first!"
It is said that Yi Yu and Ying Qingchu are both in the battle, and they will see Ying Qingchu reciting a few words. Suddenly, the blue light flashes and they have disappeared.
Let’s talk about Gu Chen, the demon corpse outside Ziyun Barrier, and the old demon of Snow Mountain standing quietly on the top of the hill. They all smiled when they looked at the chaotic situation. Listen to the old demon of Snow Mountain. "What do you think the Emei Sect and the Demon Sect are up to?"
Demon corpse GuChen mused, "Although I didn’t face it personally, I can also feel that the blood evil spirit is very powerful, far from being able to resist by those stragglers."
Snow Mountain Old Charm sighed, "Yes! Very powerful. Since we can all feel it, don’t people inside know it? This is not obvious, but I want those scattered repairs to die! "
GuChen light way "maybe they are playing this idea! Don’t you think of anything when you see this situation? "
Snow mountain old incarnate one leng immediately suddenly way "you mean they are in human life to sacrifice the blood evil spirit! But what is this? Moreover, the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect are surprisingly consistent. Are they going to form an alliance soon? "
Demon corpse GuChen laughed. "My brother, although you are a contemporary master, is still so slow in politics. Although I don’t know why they want to sacrifice blood to the evil spirit, do you think I putuoshan Sect and the evil religion will go together?" On their tacit understanding, it is undeniable that they have differences in root interests and it is impossible to become truly reliable allies. "
For Gu Chen’s evaluation of the old charm of the snow-capped mountains, he also readily accepted and laughed. "My brother doesn’t need everyone in a group to understand politics. If you are Liu Bei, I would like to be your Zhang Fei."
For this brother’s loyalty to GuChen did not show much excitement, perhaps because he already knew his mind! GuChen laughed. "You see, all those who didn’t practice with the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect were blocked outside and killed by the bloody evil spirit, while those monks who had allied with them were almost not attacked …"
The old charm of the snowy mountain asked, "What does this say?"
Guchen sneered, "This means that these two huge war machines are going to work, which means that it is not far from the decisive battle between the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect!"
"You mean they are cutting off those forces that may hinder their decisive battle?" said the old demon of Snow Mountain.
Guchen laughed. "To be exact, it’s those forces that are likely to reap the profits of the fishermen. Now these scattered repairs are still some small shrimps, such as Ling Hun, B Hugh and the Qingcheng School, and of course, maybe we." If you want to know the aftermath, please see Blood Evil Change.
Back to the three hundred and sixteenth blood evil spirit.
Said that Yin Su Tang Tang Wan went hand in hand and went straight to the place where I sent all the elders. Although it was actually unnecessary for them to go there, now that they had said that they would visit Xunlan, it was not appropriate to say hello if they didn’t go there.
And Tang Wan also don’t trust Yin Su-tang to walk alone in the past, but here they ignore a detail. Tang Wan is a ghost spirit. If she is put on weekdays, she is the right person to cut off demons. Of course, most people have no idea to think about what to do in the past, but there are always exceptions to everything. What’s more, it is difficult to decide human beings with complicated thoughts!
Just as Tang Wan was walking along with Yin Su-tang, he suddenly heard an all-powerful humanitarian "Bah! Fang Yaoxie dares to come to my Emei Sect and run wild! " Then I saw a man suddenly flying out of the crowd, white and green, tall and straight, and I don’t know if it was the master of Emei Sect.
The man flew out to stop Yin Su-tang and Tang Wan’s way. Although he didn’t immediately make moves, the biting color in his eyes made people feel uneasy. Of course, this momentum is nothing for Yin Su-tang and Tang Wan, who have been through war. Moreover, although this person is furious, it can be regarded as average.
With a wave of his hand, Tang Wansu saw that the red light had been put away and the sickle of death appeared in her hand again, but she didn’t make a move at once. Although ghosts and spirits have an innate desire for fighting, Tang Wan is not a killing machine that doesn’t know priorities. She knows that this situation is not suitable for turning against the Emei Sect now.
Yin Su-tang looked at the younger brother of Emei and sneered, "Who are you from? Don’t you know that I’m here to visit your wife? "
The man a slight ash did not flinch strong way "one is west Tianmu mountain thunder to evil! It’s none of my business for you to visit Mrs. Zhang Jiao, but she can’t! "
Seeing that Lei went to the evil finger and pointed Tang Wan’s mouth, Yin Su-tang’s eyes flashed with a fierce look and his eyebrows gently picked out, "Xiao An dares to speak crazy!" Said the cold hum a contempt to stare at this boy named ray to evil humanity "what are you? Can you represent the Emei Sect? Even the elders of the Emei Sect have already said, please, you yellow-mouthed child, to say no to me here! Who is your teacher? I wish that loser had handed over such a cudgel apprentice! "
When the thunder went to evil, he immediately pointed to Yin Su-tang’s nose and scolded, "What a thief! Dare to export and hurt people! "
Don’t stay the somebody else say that finish Yin Su siu-tong and rob words to come over, "hum! What’s wrong with my export injury? You stupid pig, who has no eyes, came out to find a curse! If it weren’t for the crowds here today, the old lady would twist your little monkey head! "
And the thunder goes to evil and I don’t know whether it’s the fear of the real brave or the lack of a string in the brain. Facing the threat of Yin Su-tang, he doesn’t change his face and his heart doesn’t jump. On the contrary, his eyes show a bit of resolute and malicious color.
Yin Su-tang naturally saw the thunder go to evil eyes and couldn’t help sneering at a light stroke of a lock of silk. "What’s the matter? Don’t you want to have a few moves with me? But I don’t mind killing you here if you are willing to do it. I’d like to see if the Emei Sect is willing to let such a reckless brother of yours turn against our family! "
Looking at Yin Su-tang’s ferocious smile and faint outflow of murderous thunder to evil, a slight ash finally revealed a little timid color. Although since this thunder to evil just now, he has been acting like a rigid fool who knows nothing but hates evil, but is there really a fool in the Emei Sect? If this guy is really so unswerving, I’m afraid he won’t worry about it. He has long been eliminated in the infighting between teachers and students.
At the sight of the ray to the lochia out of the timid color Yin Su Tang heart secretly smiled "hum! But it’s just a kid who dares to play tricks in front of me! " At this time, the golden light of her hand flashed that the sword of Sumeru, the spirit of killing and killing, had been lingering at hand, and it seemed that the murderous sample was really going to destroy the white dress in front of her eyes.
Of course, Yin Su-tang is definitely not a reckless person, even if this little thing is hateful in front of her, she won’t kill Lei to go evil here and now, but if she doesn’t scare the little thing, how can the old things behind her show up?
Sure enough, as Yin Su-tang thought, as soon as the flying sword on her side came out, there was no action yet. Just in front, a bolt of light flew over and fell directly on her and the thunder to the evil land. Of course, Yin Su-tang wouldn’t really make a sword. He just wanted to force this man out.
He saw that a Taoist priest who had to float in the blue waved his hand and said, "Measure the Buddha! Daozu Sanqing met Yin Sutang from the real person Xu Yuantong at the Emei Sect in the original way.