Bai Wang smiled at the whip and said to Bai Daogong, this is Wang Situ’s mansion, three princes and three princes, and this is my young master Bai Qi.

The young man looked at Leitian and glanced at the corner of his eye. A certain Wang Fangzao heard of your name, hey hey, and came to my house for a chat.
Leitian nodded and agreed that the king’s arch handed over to see the horse coming behind him.
This Wang Fanghao is smart and elegant, and his skill is also vigorous.
Leitian is startled dialogue looked at where did he hear my name?
White hope pulls leitian horse and crosses the gate. This is the only way for the public to go to Beijing from Lord protector. Your brother has also heard the story. You look at the rain behind leitian in vain. He is close to leitian in Yu frenzy, but his elders can’t say those words.
Laughing in vain, the king said, is this a debauchery? Yes, it’s fine
Lord Stuart is close to the Lord, but Stuart is also in charge of the troops and the generals.
Leitian one leng immediately laughed and didn’t worry about anti-I’m already famous, but these people are hanging out without rhyme or reason.
It’s easy to know this when you smile. The Lord protector of this country will also make people jealous. It’s forbidden to gather idle people near the gate to talk and not worry about being listened to.
A line of people slowly entered the city and looked at the heavy team and went straight to Yu Guogong House.
The central axis of Jinling is Suzaku Street, where Yuguo Gongfu is located, but it bypasses the palace and is in the south of the city.
The team walked for a mile or so, and a pair of cars appeared in front of them. The bronze drums in front of them hit the road, and Bai Wang listened to the drums and quickly let the team move closer to the right.
This bronze drum is a royal ceremonial ceremony. I don’t know who the imperial princess is, but it’s not necessary to be too much. Now Yu frenzy is at the forefront and doesn’t want to get into trouble for his master
However, Bai Wangleitian is not as good as Ma Dajin’s martial arts. This martial man has a high status.
Come here to avoid Bai Wang when it’s okay, look at the horses and chariots in front of you, and suddenly two warriors turn around and ride to Bai Wang’s side and say, which family are you?
White hope does not look coldly. These two palace feather forests are very strange.
Yu frenzy looked white and couldn’t help but release a trace of murderous look. The two feather forests were killed by murderous look. After a fierce battle, the horse neighing always went backwards and smiled. The two feather forests were furious.
The thief unexpectedly collided with the princess driver.
White hope solemnity drink a way: Do you two dare to slander Lord protector and not be afraid of death?
You two retreat from the middle copper car and a beautiful stereo, and the two feather forests retreat with shame on their faces.
General Bai is not sensible, so you don’t have to pursue it. Who are the people around you?
White hope to listen to each other’s tone is princess. He dare not neglect the princess who has given birth to more than ten children today, but the two are very fond of her.
It’s the little man who looks at the princess in vain but refuses to show weakness.
Oh, let him come and see me. The princess doesn’t have any literary title. I call her.
White frown looked at the armed soldiers next to the driver and asked who the princess was in some disrespectful tunnel.
The princess in Li Yuzhen’s car is impatient and the sound is cold.
Leitian is a jump in his eyes. He has heard of the title of Li Yuzhen, but he knows from his wet nurse that this princess loves to cultivate monasteries. She has worshipped Brother Longhushan since she was a child, but she is a refined gas man.
This Dragon and Tiger Mountain is the only royal family in the big faction, and it also has a Taoist temple outside the city, which has great influence.
Leitian thought of here and glanced at the cart not far away. The nurse didn’t move. Presumably, he rode to the front of the princess car and bowed at twelve feet. Leitian had seen Princess Yuzhen.
The car was silent for a moment, and then there was a light smile. Princess Yuzhen said, "Get on the bus."
Leitian one leng but see the feather forest on both sides. Obviously, it’s not that Princess Yuzhen is innocent. Leitian has also been regarded as a gigolo. Even the princess didn’t call a car in the street when she saw the gigolo.
Leitian thought about what he was afraid of. This is an important place in the capital. Even people in Longhushan may not dare to touch their father easily, but the innate martial arts were not cultivated according to the nanny. The roots of the people are not rivals
White jumping horse saw the side door of the car and lifted the curtain, but he couldn’t see clearly what was going on inside. He picked his sword and threw it to Yu Lin next to him to step on the pedal of the car.
The huge copper car entered the carriage and found that it was not only a princess but also four ladies-in-waiting, and an old man with a gloomy face
Well, have a seat and go with me to meet a man, General Bai. You go back to the house, said Princess Yuzhen. Let people put the car curtains on and the copper car slowly start, which makes it inexplicable.
Leitian sat in the car according to the words, but the decoration was simple and not like the royal specifications. Leitian was not afraid of anything. He looked up to see Princess Yuzhen, and his eyes were relatively leitian, feeling that his eyes were stinging as if they had been burned.
He hurriedly bowed his head but listened to Princess Yuzhen’s smile. Yu Guo’s father-in-law was courageous.
Chapter VII Rare
Sorry, the protagonist’s name is wrong. I’ll read it several times before sending it.
Leitian secretly transported his innate qi to rotate a pain in his eyes, which relieved him and made him able to see things. He carefully recalled that he had seen people blurred and his eyes were clear and looked at him as if they suddenly burned.