The seventh time, the strongman is rampant, and the barbarian girl is introduced

Floating ships belong to the product of E-shaped roads in the ten categories of Mohist machine roads-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Xin, Ren and Gui. The floating ships produced by E-shaped roads are further divided into twelve orders: ugly, yin, Mao, Chen, Si, noon, Wei, Shen, unitary, and Hai.
Each floating ship in each order can be divided into twelve levels, which is like the wind. The male fire boat is a unitary seven-level floating ship. At present, it belongs to the high-level goods, and it is a first-level floating ship split construction, which means that it can manufacture a first-level floating ship.
What’s the name of the floating ship at the first class? It’s very shabby. According to the tradition, this canoe is three feet long and half a foot wide. It can accommodate three people at a flight speed of 1~2. There is no attack, but there is a defense, and there is a green light.
However, even so, low-level gadgets have all the basic attributes of floating ships, and it is not expected that they will continue to sail into the water without slowing down, but the means of transport can still win.
Why do you laugh hysterically when you get such a low-level architecture? The reason is that this floating ship split architecture can be upgraded. If you want to upgrade the Great Kunlun Mountains, then the floating ship architecture can also be upgraded. For every level of Fangshan resident, the floating ship will be upgraded by one level.
The twelve steps of the floating ship correspond to the twelve lines of the V-shape. In each step, the twelve steps of the floating ship do not correspond to one level. The difference is that the high-grade materials made of different materials are naturally higher than the low-grade materials.
Because of this scalable sweet potato angel, I laugh wildly. This is a skill with limited potential. After the station is upgraded, I can build powerful floating ships. At present, there are few floating ships in the game, which is what people can see, that is, Emei Shushan Sword is only a few.
The chief of Fangda is Yun Fan Boat Yun Fan Manufacturing, which is a unified component of power. The Tang Dynasty cuts the keel manufacturing, the sweet potato is Yun Fan Boat Attack System Manufacturing, and the purple clothes is the control system manufacturing and the Yun Fan Boat Control Center.
The Tao is the attack mechanism architecture, and the fish demon is the overall plasticity of the Yun Fan boat. The fish demon god makes this split manufacturing technique belong to a branch spell that can be made. It will shape the appearance of the whole cloud boat and master the decorative limit of the part.
Does this guy have an appreciation of art? Will the floating ship made by himself be turned into a mess by this person? Look at this fish head. Nine flute ambassadors Wu Chi, Tang Jian, Zi Yi, Sweet Potato, and Dao all have this kind of worry.
The fish demon god made this split manufacturing technique very angry and swore, "What happened to the garbage system and gave me this manufacturing technique? Damn it! Damn it!"
Chief Tang Dali comforted, "Nine Xiao, your split manufacturing technique seems to be actually very important. The appearance of the floating ship is the first impression to others. The appearance is beautiful and elegant, so it is also a very important index when evaluating and grading."
The floating ship’s rank is determined by spells, but the level is graded by evaluation. There is a dynamic system in evaluation, such as Wu Chi Yunfan’s manufacturing technology, which determines the flying speed of the floating ship. The navigation control system is purple clothes control system manufacturing technology.
Also, the attack defense index is determined by the split between the sweet potato and the road manufacturing ship, while the keel manufacturing in the Tang Dynasty can affect the flight speed and the attack defense index, and directly classify the index values into those three indexes.
The index of four aspects accounts for four fifths of the total evaluation index, and the last fifth value is determined by the overall plasticity of the fish demon. If the appearance of the floating ship is recognized by the whole system, the score will be higher, and the number of people will be shared. On the index value, Comrade Fish demon has the greatest influence on determining the level of the whole ship
After appeasing the fish demon, the Tang Dynasty said, "The sweet potato can now set up the flag of the mission of God, and then enter the Yuan Temple to set up the flag."
The sweet potato god said, "When I do it at once."
Eyebrow-purple flame shot on the surface of the prayer stone, and purple fog flashed, and a French flag floated out of the prayer stone. At the center of the purple tassel on the flag surface of the French flag is a latosolic red hall, which is the core building of Fangshan God Mission-Fangshan Temple.
As soon as the French flag came out of the prayer stone, the golden light covered the sweet potato god, and the sweet potato disappeared. But after a while, the gods and envoys got the unified message that "Fangshan God Mission officially entered the Canghuang Yuandian team, with the highest comprehensive strength index of 3 D and other organizations".
Everyone has a smile. It’s good, it’s good, it’s very good. The evaluation index of single theory is higher than that of Ximen Chuixue Tingchao Pavilion. Several messengers all feel glorious. The golden light flashes again, and the sweet potato appears and laughs. "Done."
Tang chop looked at the sky and said, "It took half a day to set up the team headquarters, and it took a lot of time. Let’s call it a day. Our mountain god mission will continue as usual after the weekly meeting day remains unchanged. There are still a lot of things to deal with at the beginning of Shennong Alliance."
Six golden lights from the pillar of the wheel shot into the sky, and the six gods brought their respective hometown Fangshan to an end. On May 12, 93,711, the Fangshan God Mission in Fangshan Diaoyu Island was formally established with six members, two organizers, three single organizers and three people.
With the Japanese Mountain God Mission, the Great Kunlun Territory was completed. The core Fangshan Temple was completed. There are only two buildings in the Kunlun Territory. One is Fangshan Temple. The other is the reincarnation of the seven gods. The third is the reincarnation point of the Fangshan God Mission. The Kunlun Square Pool is so large that there are two delivery points in the Kunlun Territory.
The wheel pillar is a building, which is not a metempsychosis point at present. The Kunlun Square Pool is a metempsychosis point. If the members of Fangshan God Mission die, they can be metempsychosis to the Great Kunlun. At present, the location of Fangshan Diaoyu Island is hidden and it is also a very safe metempsychosis point.
The three names of Fangshan God Mission, Grand Kunlun Mountain and Fangshan Temple officially entered the Organization on this day. At present, they are not well known by the seventh player, but these three names will become a strange story in the future. From today,
The members of the Fangshan God Mission are listed as the core gods. The sweet potato level is 40. Maoshan is sending a younger brother to the Thunder team to stop the killing team. The gods make the Tang chop level 54. The first core of the Southern Magic Sect, the green robe, the ancestor, the door, the Xin Chen, the twelfth brother, the Shennong Alliance, the first core distraction, and the purple clothes Xuanyuan, the ancestor, the poisonous hand, the Moshidi Shennong Alliance, the third core level 51.
The second core of Shennong Alliance, the chief law enforcement officer of Wudang, is the demon patriarch, the founder of Jiuyao Xianfu, and the member of the Thunder Team. The level of Shenshi Road is forty-nine, and Baizhujian is repairing the nunnery. The level of Shenshi Fish Demon Yu Jiu Xiao Demon Player is third-order twenty-four, living in the edge of the East China Sea.
The three people of Shennong Alliance, Tang Jian and Zi Yi, went back to Shennong Yuncheng Fangda to see him in Xuandu and set up a delivery point. At present, they can also set up a delivery point from Meilin’s metempsychosis point, which shocked Wan Li Meilin Appraisal Institute.
The appraiser was shocked by the arrogance and impatience, saying, "I won’t do it today if there is any more noise." The appraiser is now very temperamental, and his appraisal has been able to appraise the fifth order. He is the only appraiser in Shennong District except for half of the old nun.
As soon as this was said, Wudang brothers were quiet and shocked, pointing to a player, "If you go out for ten days and don’t give you an appraisal, it will be your loudest noise, which will upset me. Others will queue up for me with high-level equipment first and low-level equipment back."
Wudang brothers lined up, and the player who was reprimanded dropped out with a face of remorse. The expert appraiser is not him, but he can make the current shock. Baili has a high prestige in Wudang, except for the Big Three, which belongs to this person.
What equipment do you need? What things do you need him to do? If you want to talk, you will have players to do a good job for him. Even Fang Da, the chief executive, has no such treatment.
Smiles send us light is too arrogant! When Chief Fang got angry, he wanted to reprimand him in the past, and his face turned against you. My chief and I are not as powerful as you, but you are a grade, but thirty younger brothers are bigger than me. How can this be true?
At this moment, a voice said, "Do I have to queue up for a hundred miles?" It sounded like a bell, but it was a female player who was shocked. She looked up with a disdainful face and suddenly disappeared with a smile. "Ah, it’s Miss Mei. What team do you need to line up to identify?"
On the side of the appraisal office, Fang Da, the chief executive, immediately stopped his steps. How did this dead three get into Xuandu and remember that she was not Wudang’s brother?
To say that there are female players in Shennong who can’t provoke nocturnal songs, the master elder sister is the first lady of Shennong, and the clear water heart is one of the twelve strong players, and the wind is too strong to be counted. This is the one that ordinary players dare not provoke Fangda’s chief fear, and that is the first lady’s clear water heart.
But now that I have met this female player, Wu Chi knows that in Shennong League, I have to add a person who is far away from thousands of miles. Just now, I said that this master is Tang Jian, the chief old enemy of Fangda, and she finally came to Shennong.
Tang Dali said that his sister would definitely come to the alliance in this matter, and Fang Da, the chief of Fangda, didn’t feel at ease. After the help was built, he went away to the northwest. It’s not his business for that grumpy girl to be angry again, but this girl actually entered the Xuandu view.
Xuanduguan is the place of Wu Chi’s metempsychosis and the chief lair of Fangda. You don’t have to go to Yuncheng or anywhere else, but this Xuanduguan must come here often. Isn’t it a big increase in her chance of running into it?
Quietly flashed Meilin Wuchi, and he was not in a hurry to go to Jieling Town. He sent a flying sword to ask someone how these three got into Wudang. We have to find out which guy was so bold that he took her in without my permission.
Besides, I didn’t report my official brother’s official list this month, but which player has this benefit? Wu Chi has three official brothers’ lists and handed them in. Not long ago, the Wudang Standing Committee meeting was jointly taken away by the three giants, but the quota was taken away. This formal procedure has to go through his hands.
If you have to worship Wudang without his hand, it’s the second generation NPC. Do these three NPC’s appreciate it and go directly to Wudang Mountain Gate? The chief of Fangda hesitated, but it won’t be long before he got the answer.
After reading the chief language of Fangda, Tang chop, Tang chop, you have to take care of your sister, and this is not the way to take care of her. You don’t let her worship the magic religion, but you come to Wudang. You didn’t consider me at all. This is your own meaning. Don’t blame me for the mess.
It turns out that this plum was not introduced by the second generation NPC, but by the nightingale girl. In recent days, it has gained a new position in Wudang sect, and a Wudang younger brother and sister flatter her even more because of her huge financial benefits.
Although the night song girl is in a high position, she still takes care of the younger brothers and sisters. What difficulties are there? Try to solve them as far as possible. Forget it in the affairs under the jurisdiction of her financial director, that is, in the affairs under the jurisdiction of other directors, if Wudang’s brother meets any injustice, ask her to talk to other directors, and most of them can be solved.
In this way, the popularity of the director of Night Song has soared, and at this time, the other two giants have been far behind, especially the chief of Fangda. Wudang’s brother loves her very much and puts in a good word for everyone. The second generation NPC sometimes cruises to meet his younger brother, which is a compliment when asked.
The day before yesterday, Nocturnal Girls helped the second generation of Shi Zhu to kill several demon people, which was greatly appreciated by Shi Zhu. When I went back to the old nun, I added a few second brothers to lobby half of the old nun, so I promoted Nocturnal Girls to the third generation of younger brothers, the deacon of Taiqing Temple.
This is a leisure post, but it is of great benefit to Nocturnal, because the old nun not only gave her a birthright, but also gave her a deacon of Litai Qingdian Nocturnal, who paid a formal brother quota every month to transfer the player to Wudang’s official brother.
In this way, the actual strength of Elder Martial Sister Nocturnal is second only to that of Chief Fang Da, which is the official recognition of the system. Those looks and influence are definitely different, and the beauty of Nocturnal has expanded. Finally, there is a role that can compete with Wu Chi in Wudang Sect.
I don’t know where Tang Chop got the news. I personally found the nocturne and asked her to get her sister into Wudang. Tang Chop said that although she was a formal brother of the magic religion, she also had a list of brothers, but she didn’t want her sister to enter the magic religion. The green robe bodhi old zu’s obscene name was too high. That was dangerous and very dangerous.
Shennong Alliance has set up a city in Shennongding, which makes it a very good choice for my sister to join Wudang in Shennong District. It is also close to Yuncheng, which is convenient for me to take care of myself. The director of Tang Dali’s personal nocturne can’t refuse to even think of Wu Chimei’s entanglement.
Yesterday, Miss Mei entered Wudang and was free to enter and leave the Xuandu Temple.
What’s done is done. Chief Fang Da scolded a few words and went out of the gate. He set up a dark flame and blood cloud and flew to the northwest. On the way, he was a little upset. The dead girl’s wings were a lot harder, so he couldn’t even control himself. It seems that this month’s Wudang monthly exam has to take some thoughts.
It’s also a trouble for those three to go into the Xuandu view, and you have to pay attention to the fact that you have to go in and out before you come back. This month is really eventful. I shook my head, Fang Da’s chief threw these worries and accelerated my flight. When I disappeared, it was half a day. Those people in the northwest must be cursing.
In the past two days, the outsiders in Shennong District have almost left. Now, patrols in the alliance have been carried out in Wuchi. From time to time, teams of patrols in the alliance have been seen, but they want to find out that it is impossible for Fangda Chief that Wuchi flies much higher than them.