"What is me!"

Su Mei specialty pointed to himself and asked!
"No way! Who makes you the most charming among so many of us! "
With that, Xiao Mo kissed Su Mei in the face. "Go ahead, sister, wait for you!"
"Big sister is not reconciled?"
Looking at Su Mei skipping out of the tent ChuQinghe carrying Xiao Mo asked.
For a moment, the atmosphere in the tent was awkward!
"I am not willing to always watch him behind him to shelter us from the wind and rain!" Xiao Mo Li Yin came from behind.
Chuqinghe turned around and saw Xiao Mo leaning against the chair.
"I’m sorry Sister, I! "
Chuqinghe knew that he had put my foot in my mouth, but that sentence was still unwilling after all.
Give a hand to Xiao Mo to signal that you know!
"You know what? I have regarded him as an opponent since I came to Ghost Castle on July 1. I can see that his talent is much better than mine. I have always said that I am the first player in Ghost Castle. But? I know that I really want to fight to the death. I may not be Xiaoqi’s opponent for so many years. I have been practicing with all my heart, but he has to take care of the ghost castle, big and small, and he is busy taking revenge. It is very unqualified compared with other big sisters like me! "
"Sister, you have done enough!"
Chuqinghe do Xiao Mo from the side holding her hand comfort way
Shook his head and sighed faintly. "I’ve always wanted to know whether Xiaoqi is like a person for so many years that I can’t see through him!" "
"Is the teacher elder sister who among us can see through him? The romantic and unruly princess has a special liking for the frost princess, but when dealing with the old five, it seems that his fellow disciples say that he is a natural talent, but he is lazy to death and can’t sleep for a while, saying that he is a natural king, but many times he is more like a child! "
Chuqinghe couldn’t help thinking of the day when she woke up and told her that it might be the luckiest thing in this life to have such a little teacher younger brother at all times.
"We all don’t know how to walk, just watch silently!"
Xiao Mo from milli image lying in bed faint said
Chuqinghe gave her a look and left silently.
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Mo to get up slowly and watch the tent swing without saying a word. Maybe it was a mistake from the beginning.
It seems that the master still has foresight!
Xiao Mo left her hand and held the dragon-shaped Yu Pei’s tears involuntarily. At that time, Huo Xiao, the general of the aristocratic rebellion of Zheng State, led the way to force the queen to kill Huo Xiao. Finally, the master blocked the queen’s palm with the man. As a result, both the queen’s position and the master were seriously injured. After a few years, both the ghost castle and the royal family were killed.
But the difference is that the queen’s death is known all day, and Xiao Yiren’s death is unknown except Xiao Moli and Ling Ye Feng.
I still remember that when the master died, he told two people to hold the ghost castle well and regretted helping it. It was Xiao Mo-li who had never seen fragility.
At that time, the queen was in trouble, and the royal family sent someone to the ghost castle to criticize the master. How to deal with it? At that time, Xiao Moli felt that she had never been so helpful, but Ye Lingfeng quietly went to the backyard to ask the master to be dead. At that time, Xiao Moli almost couldn’t help jumping out, but I didn’t expect Ye Lingfeng to really invite the master out.
The royal family of Zheng came to infer that Xiao Yiren was seriously injured according to the queen’s injury, but they were shocked and speechless when they saw a live Xiao Yiren.
At that moment, Xiao Mo felt crazy.
She knew that it was Ye Lingfeng pretending to be a master of the royal family in the state of Zheng. What courage is this?
Of course, things will not be so easy to settle. Of course, the royal family also wants to test how seriously Xiao Yiren was injured, but Ye Lingfeng did not give in and said, "You dare to be presumptuous in my ghost castle!" Through Xiao Yiren’s brilliant fame, he scared off the three top-level masters of the royal family
At that moment, when Ye Lingfeng said that sentence coldly, Xiao Mo felt that it was the master’s first class, first class, domineering, first class, free and easy, first class and arrogant.
So the ghost castle Xiao Yiren once again created a miracle and chose seclusion. Maybe Xiao Yiren Quan knew that he would laugh from ear to ear when he learned that he had such an excellent brother!
Xiao Mo-li is also very worried, so you can still keep going to the ghost castle.