Being physically strong and looking perfectly coordinated, not to mention.

Dong Bokang is called a perfect man, but he has one thing that is not perfect in the past 27 years.
That is, he looked at women laughing at the world of mortals and ignored him, which made him feel a little frustrated
Just now, when he saw Pang Xia sitting together and eating warmly, his heart was even more angry.
However, naturally, he didn’t come like a punk, so he looked for troublemakers to let people see.
And I didn’t secretly smash the old couple’s booth to vent my anger.
Because in Dong Bokang’s view, it is absolutely weak, and he naturally does not cut it.
What’s more, no one in the whole magic city knows who this booth is covered by the world of laughter and dares to make an idea here.
At the very least, he didn’t dare to Dong Bokang, nor did the forces behind him!
So Dong Bokang chose another way, a way to make Pang Xia feel ashamed.
However, he didn’t expect that Pang Xia’s character was ashamed and was not in his dictionary.
Besides, Pang Xia has said that he is not finished with mankind now, and he has directly chosen to see Dong Bokang.
Pulling a chair directly sat down to Dongbokang and looked at the world of mortals and said directly, "The world of mortals is so clever that you also have breakfast."
Nodded and smiled at Dongbo Kangbao. The world of mortals said, "Yes, get up early and have dinner with your boyfriend."
Listening to the world of mortals, I didn’t hesitate to say that Pang Xia was my boyfriend. Dong Bokang’s expression froze slightly and then returned to normal.
Turning my head, Dong Bokang looked at the whole body with no characteristics, which can be said to be a slightly handsome Pang Xia.
He nodded directly to Pang Xia and said, "Hello, my name is Dong Bokang!"
Looking at Dongbo Kangpangxia, it is clear that this guy has a yearning for the world of laughter.
If it were today, Pang Xia would definitely make Dong Bokang have an unforgettable morning.
However, today, after experiencing the former laughter, Pang Xia, who spoke in the pet hospital, nodded his name slightly.
Looking at Pang Xia’s name, he stopped talking and bowed his head to eat.
Dong Bokang is also afraid of Pang Xia. He is afraid to talk to himself.
Therefore, the disdainful look passed from his eyes and he immediately looked at the world of mortals and talked to her.
Laughing at the world of mortals’ mother company and Dong Bokang’s family have something in common. Laughing at the world of mortals is not good, too rude.
However, from the one-to-one question-and-answer mode to the later three-question-and-answer mode.
This made Dong Bokang feel a little frustrated and angry, but when he thought of the forces behind the world of mortals.
Frustration and anger in my heart disappear and turn into ardent expectation.
Suo Dong Bokang has always maintained a strong energy and laughed at the world of mortals.
At the end of the day, all the food was eaten, and Xiao erha fell asleep in the world of laughter.
At this time, Pang Xia got up and went to the old couple to pay the money and went back.
It never occurred to me that Dong Bokang was sitting on his seat just as he was about to sit back.
Seeing this, I don’t want to see Pang Xia with him. Suddenly, an internal heat rose in my heart.
Keep your eyes down and hide the flashing black streamer in your eyes
Pang Xia glanced at the plastic stool at the bottom of Dong Bokang’s ass, and a trace of black smoke passed in the stool legs.
"click! Hey! "
The former is the cracking sound of plastic stools, while the latter is the sound of Dong Bokang sitting heavily on the ground.
At that time, Dong Bokang’s ass hurt to death, but he couldn’t shout when he met him.
This makes Dong Bokang in an awkward position. The whole person sits on the ground and can’t get up and shout for a while.
Seeing this, Pang Xia smiled and pulled up the world of mortals and said to Dong Bokang, "Brother Dong Bo, we won’t bother you to rest."
We’ll pay you for the stool. You don’t have any pressure to sit on the ground whenever you want. "
Yan Bipangxia took the world of laughter and paid for the stool, then left here directly.
The remaining face has been suppressed into a pig liver color Dong Bokang.
Walking on the road, the world of mortals couldn’t help laughing.
She turned to look at Pang Xia and said, "Shrimp, you are really bad."
Come on, Dongbokong stool. You tampered with it. It’s really unnoticed
But then again, you seem to be similar to the data ability in the game, right
This is the real world. How can you exert this power? Have you become a person in the game? "
Nai smiled Pang Xia and said, "Of course I am a real person, but I have gained some strength."
These forces are reflected in the game world in various colors and appearance data.
But in the real world, it shows all kinds of light and smoke, which is similar to the energy state in general
So you can rest assured that I’m a real person and I can’t be true anymore. "
"That you get these forces in the game, right? Then what can bring out the game?
If these forces can bring out the game, then martial arts functions can’t be brought out? "
Pang Xia looked at some vacant smile and thought for a moment and said, "In fact, our so-called game is a world."
Just like the world we live in, it is a real world, but its manifestation is data.
And our network is also data, which allows us to enter and leave that world.
Generally speaking, there are all kinds of things in the world. Just think of the game as the world.
And the world we live in and the creator of the game-relying world are the same person.
So I have gained some strength in the game-relying world and can bring it to reality.
But this is because these forces are universal.
If that game relies on the world martial arts, it can’t be brought to this world. "
Understand a little bit, laughing at the world of mortals and thinking about it while following Pang Xia forward.
At that time, two people fell into a silence.
Pang Xia also enjoys this silence, which is very calm and comfortable.
I thought about it for more than ten minutes, so I stopped thinking about it. Instead, I took Pang Xia into the shopping mall just now.
Then let Pang Xia have a painful and happy day.
Chapter 1 Shayue was arrested
Time flies, and it’s like this when I’m rarely in Pang Xia.
Sitting on the plane flying back to the capital, Pang Xia closed his eyes and rested for an hour.
When Pang Xia got on the plane, it was already sunset.