However, Pang Xia didn’t hear a faint sigh echoing throughout the arena at the moment he left. This sound sounds exactly like the announcement sound.

The place where Pang Xia took the carriage was wu-tang clan Carriage Company.
So when he walked out of the door, he automatically appeared in front of the wu-tang clan carriage.
He looked around, then turned and walked into the carriage line and took the carriage to Hangzhou.
Pang Xia paid for the carriage and went to his restaurant in three steps and two steps.
At this point, the seven guys have been eating and drinking. Look at the colors and drinks, there is no bargain!
After three or two steps, I walked to the counter at the door and asked Su Rongrong in a low voice, "How much did these guys eat?"
"The food is good, the wine is good, and the silver is 1200!"
Pang Xia felt a little dizzy and then gnashed her teeth and said, "Just remember a pot of boiled peanuts with bad wine and water once, and don’t even give expensive edamame!"
Chapter DiYiLiuQi Starlight cocktail party
Holding the mentality of how to eat some money by yourself.
Pangxia rushed to the table where the seven men were, eating and drinking.
However, Pang Xia has been confused by the loss of silver and completely forgotten it.
He ate and drank so much that the other seven freeloaders asked for a lot of food and drinks again, further expanding the loss!
The meal was eaten for a long time until everyone was too hungry to walk.
And this meal directly ate Pang Xia’s turnover of less than half a month.
When a Su Rongrong brought Xiao Er, who made Pang Xia feel very familiar, to clear the table.
A line of people simply ran to the roof of the restaurant and looked at the real world. There was absolutely no beautiful night in it.
"Shrimp, what do you want to pursue when we play this game?
Although there are no artifacts in nature … Except for some people, of course.
But this game can be experienced by everyone.
I didn’t feel motivated to play games before I got up early today. "
Listen Xiaoqing PangXia is silent for a long time.
Looked up at Tian Yue PangXia mouth way "attract me is not a martial arts and artifacts.
Of course, I really want these things, but what really attracts me is the world environment.
In this way, the sky, the forest, the sea and the mountains and rivers are due to the grievances of the rivers and lakes, and the children are fond of once upon a time in america’s heroes.
All these things attract me. In this world, a restaurant has its own rest place.
After a good rest, I will wander the Jianghu, and the heroes will compete with each other for life and death. This is what I pursue when I play this game. "
After listening to Pang Xia’s words, everyone was silent.
Xiaoqing said with a smile after a long time, "so I will also look at the world from another angle."
See if you can really attract me by saying these things.
What’s more, it will be very interesting to talk about games with your friends! "
"Aye, yes, we don’t seem to have a guild here, do we?
Why don’t we form a small guild with our friends in it and we don’t develop any members?
If you want everyone to admit your friends, join in.
After all, it’s good for a guild member to do it jointly or together, don’t you think? "
As soon as 9 Hao Yi came out, everyone agreed when they considered it.
"So what’s a better name?" 9 Hao mouth asked
"green gang, of course."
"Cutting Xiaoqing is not a triad society. What else is green gang? In my opinion, it should be called a reading door!"
"It’s really embarrassing to take your own name as the guild name. I think the Excalibur guild is better."
When I heard that a sword wins the snow, I broke my heart and said, "Yes, the Excalibur Guild is better!" "
"I think the descendants’ guild is better."
"Xiang Shuai gang is good."
"It’s really a chat that you can think of so many low explosive names."
"What do you call that shrimp!"
"Yes, yes!"
"Since the idea was born by drinking in the stars, it is called good!"
"Starlight cocktail party? This name is not low! "
"In my opinion, low exploded!"
So whoever has the biggest fist will listen to him. Does anyone disagree?
On this roof boundary, whoever leaves the roof will lose.
! "
"Hey, hey, in that case, let’s get rid of the shrimp first!"
As the sword wins the snow, seven people jumped at Pang Xia together.
Pang Xia saw this "Bipolar Step in Virtual Steps" and desperately put it to use to directly rise to the middle.
If there are people who can compete with Pang Xia in plane speed, then the vertical distance is out of wu-tang clan’s Ladder Cloud Longitudinal, and there is no lightness skill comparable to Pang Xia’s Bipolar Dumb Step!
To besiege Pang Xia’s group and put it on hold.
And after a thought secretly kicked the broken sword on the roof, seven people scuffled.
The result is that Pang Xia, who has been staying out of it, kicked Vivian Dawson, the winner of the seven people.
Finally, it was decided that the name of this person’s small guild was called!
At this time, they didn’t know that this small guild whose name was decided by Pang Xia’s joke became a guild with the least number but the greatest influence.
It is also the scariest guild in the later period of the martial arts world.
A goblet-like constellation made up of star is that symbol.
Although no one likes the guild name except Pang Xia.
However, through Xiaoqing’s reality, designer Vivian Dawson’s real world tastes quite noble and collaborative.
The design of this guild logo has been approved by everyone.