Adrian, a famous former American engineer, was also a famous figure in the scientific field before he was arrested by SHIELD. The night was as high as the moon, and Adrian spread his wings and flew in the center of Washington.

His wings are not born or born, but belong to exoskeleton technology like falcon. Before Adrian became a super criminal vulture, his career was a real success story.
Like ordinary people, he also has his own * * wants to be more famous and become the greatest engineer in the world.
These thoughts have driven him to make more magical hair and extreme personality. The green goblin Aosi is different. Dr. Adrian has always maintained the rational and forbidden attitude that scientists should have.
Even though his body has become old, he has never given up a childhood dream, that is, he can fly in the blue sky and look down on the earth like a bird, and his childhood dream has become another meaning in the thought of Dr. Adrian, who has become an old man.
He wants to be a genius scientist flying in the sky, and only in this way can he be admired by more people.
Based on this dream, Adrian has never stopped developing his ideal flying machine since he began to study engineering by himself. What he wants is not to sit in a narrow cockpit like an airplane and control the flying machine by hand, but a new flying device that can move freely like a bird.
In order to make this kind of thing, Adrian has done several experiments and made in-depth research on the technology of rejuvenation and the principle of developing flight without gravity
Including the Falcon’s selection into the US Army’s plan, which was actually based on Adrian’s flying technology. Wilson was first selected by the US Army because he knew the habits of birds and had the ability to communicate with birds. Later, he was given the improved vulture technology by Iron Man Tony Stark after layers of selection.
Speaking of spreading his wings and flying, Adrian can be regarded as a falcon teacher. He spread his wings and flew in the middle of the sky, closing his eyes and concentrating. Adrian didn’t have much interest in chasing Spider-Man.
For him, being able to fly freely in the sky is the greatest enjoyment in life, and he didn’t notice that a gray virtual figure flashed by him at night.
I was awakened by the evil wind that accompanied this figure. Adrian was alert, opened his eyes, stopped flying, hovered in the middle of the ring and looked around. "Who is it?"
The gray figure twisted and flashed again. Imil bowed slightly by floating in front of Adrian. "It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is whether I should call you Dr. Adrian or vulture?"
Adrian’s whole face turned red, and this shame and anger made his bald head slightly discolored. "Don’t say anything about vultures in front of me. That’s James, the bastard!"
When Adrian became a super criminal and was published in the news by the Horn Daily, J James irresponsibly nicknamed him "Vulture" because Adrian was bald. This nickname made Dr. Adrian hold his head in the super criminal circle for a long time after he was arrested by SHIELD.
"Well, I’d better call you Dr. Adrian," Imil sighed with a sigh, recalling the past. "Although I haven’t seen a doctor, I still admire your scientific and technological level!"
Adrian was quite surprised. He asked stupidly, "Have you seen my skills?"
Imil nodded, "After the doctor was arrested by SHIELD, your technology was absorbed by the US military." He patted his head and said, "So you really don’t know the military’ falcon plan’, doctor? It is developed from Dr. You vulture technology! "
"Bastard, I told you not to say vulture in front of me!" Adrian suddenly flew into a rage and flapped his wings at Imil. His wings not only enabled him to fly in the sky, but also enabled Adrian to be poor and have the power to easily break the tree.
Just as the sharp edge of his wings brushed Imil’s body, Imil’s front air twisted, and Adrian’s figure flashed directly through Imil’s body.
Adrian was a little surprised, and this moment was also his temptation to Imil. It seems that this young man really has the ability to fear himself, so Adrian is somewhat interested.
He didn’t know the external changes for too long when he was under SHIELD, but Adrian could see from Imil’s expression that the young man didn’t come to trouble himself. He suppressed his anger and wondered, "It seems that you know a lot about my past. What are you looking for me for?" to be continued
Chapter 395 Countermeasures
In order to study the technology of artificial wings and rejuvenation, Adrian has done several experiments and made in-depth research on the flight principle of airplanes and birds, but all this is done by himself in secret, and both financial and material resources can be met.
Nai Adrian is good at asking for help from the world overlord through his own channels.
When he learned and saw Adrian’s secret research, Kim did not sneer at Adrian’s whimsy like other investors, but immediately agreed to Adrian without hesitation.
The superficial gold is not to sponsor Adrian to meet his dream, but in fact, the gold has other intentions in mind. After Adrian’s successful development of solo flying wings, the gold shows his sinister heart on the horse.
He intends to improve this artificial wing machine into a mass-produced product, and then give weapons and equipment to himself or export it to other military powers, and persuade Adrian that his ridiculous ideal is meaningless and profitable.
Knowing the truth, Adrian naturally refused Kim, and at this time, he had no intention of becoming a criminal accomplice, so Kim became angry from embarrassment and sent someone to expose and frame Adrian for secretly developing a war machine to help the enemy country to threaten the United States and suffer injustice. Adrian was thrown into prison for the first time.
However, after Adrian was arrested, Jin Yunhe never found the aircraft he developed, but he heard the news of Adrian’s escape soon after.
It turns out that Adrian realized that he left a hand when he merged with Kim. He wore the flying device when he entered the prison. Adrian Amway escaped from the prison and killed Kim and sent him out to frame his hand.
In this way, although Adrian was initially framed for treason, now the crime of murder is real. Unexpectedly, he worked hard all his life and ended up in a dead end. Adrian became a different person in extreme despair.
He simply started flying crimes, which made him feel more relaxed than ever before, flying at will and doing whatever he wanted before, but he was unable to do everything.
Dr Adrian gradually became a vicious criminal, and your name was gradually forgotten by people. Vulture became your new name until you were tracked down by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and arrested.
Look cold, Adrian listened quietly to Imil explain his past, and his eyes began to loosen a little. Everyone always feels sorry when facing his past, especially people like Adrian.
Adrian flapped his wings and flew in the middle with a sad face and said, "Cut the crap. What on earth did you find me for? Now I have been controlled by SHIELD. I don’t think your attempt can succeed in me."
When S.H.I.E.L.D. organizes these arrested supercriminals into the Thunder Task Force, it will naturally leave countermeasures. They are all injected into nano-robots. Once they behave abnormally or refuse to obey orders, the robots will immediately explode themselves, and the explosion will be powerful enough to smash them to pieces.
"What if I said I could unlock the instructions of S.H.I.E.L.D. nanobots in your body?" Imil floated to Adrian and gently dug out a remote control from his hand in front of Adrian.
Adrian is even more surprised by his own nano-robot, but the top secret technology of S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. is difficult to remove even by his own technology. Is it that Imil, a young man, not only has strange super powers, but also is better than himself in the level of science and technology?
That’s why Adrian thinks highly of Imil. He’s not that high-tech, but it’s also thanks to the selfishness of Commander Hill.
It is precisely because Commander Hill regards the Thunder Task Force as his own team, lest Iron Man and Mr. Wonder get involved. They are still developing nanotechnology in the Institute of Dark Energy.
Of course, even though it has been some time since the official largest black technology center in the United States, the technological achievements of the Institute of Dark Energy can still be ahead of the outside world, and even top scientists like Adrian are unable to solve it on their own.
However, these problems are hardly a matter for Imil. When it comes to his position in SHIELD, Commander Hill has never been the highest. In the past, Nick Frey, the director of SHIELD, controlled the bureau.
Later, after Nick’s accident, Director Pierce of the Ball Safety Committee also delayed granting Hill the highest limit. Up to now, Commander Hill is still extremely embarrassed to stay at the ninth level in the local limit of Aegis.
It’s too easy to talk about disarming S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. technology with Nick Frey behind to help Imil.
Imil low began to whisper, "well, yes, if you want to release the control of nano-robot, you must have a small laser transmitter to emit a series of lasers with different wavelengths at close range. Let me see what the laser bands of Dr. Adrian are."
It took him a few seconds to lift the remote control and see a red light wave from the crystal in the front of the remote control, and then everything returned to normal. Adrian looked at Imil and muttered, "So easily solved my hidden danger?"
Imil rolled his eyes and said, "What am I lying to you for? If you don’t believe me, you can find a way to try."
"good!" Adrian looked at Imil with a certain look and couldn’t help believing the three points. He gritted his teeth at his feet and the Washington police station fired several feathers. Adrian’s wings are the same as falcons’, and there are high-energy bombs hidden in them.
According to the rules set by Commander Hill, it will definitely be warned to attack places like police stations. However, Adrian was not reprimanded by Commander Hill until his wings and feathers exploded in front of the police station.
What does this mean? This means that Adrian nano-robot is no longer under the command of Commander Hill, and his name has been erased from Commander Hill’s monitoring list.
Adrian, who was disarmed by Imil, was ecstatic, but he has experienced many vicissitudes of life. He knows more than young people. Calm down from ecstasy. Adrian asked with some doubts, "I appreciate your help. Tell me what you need me to do for you?" to be continued
Chapter 396 Sandman
The price of freedom has always been high. Adrian won’t believe Imil’s reason and lend a helping hand to himself. He is very ready. He can agree to any conditions in Imil.
The first is to thank Imil for solving the threat of his own suicide bomb, and the second is that Adrian calmly analyzed that he is definitely no match for this young man.
If there is a battle, I am afraid it will be more tragic than falling into the hands of SHIELD.
I have to say that the experience of the elderly is still very valuable. The intuition generated by Adrian’s decades of life experience made him choose the most correct path. Imil smiled and said to himself, "What can you do for me without you?"
Adrian can say that he is old enough to be grandpa Imil, but Imil has the ability and has just rescued him from the control of Commander Hill.
Even though he was directly regarded by Imil, Adrian didn’t have hostility. For an old man, it is most important to protect himself and have little life left. It is only for young people to do it.
"Hehe, go to the ruins of the headquarters of SHIELD and look for the time tablet from the ancient Aztec people. Maybe it can help you to return to youth." Imil suddenly disappeared in the same place and disappeared
Adrian clasped his hands tightly together and looked eager in his eyes. "The time monument is good. It will definitely rejuvenate me!" In Adrian’s eyes, it doesn’t matter what the registration bill is. What matters is that he urgently needs a young and energetic body.
Anyway, it has been out of the monitoring of Commander Hill, and Adrian’s wings are spread out. Instead of looking for traces of Spider-Man in downtown Washington, he turned around and flew in the direction of the Trident Building.
The sand in Washington beach has come together like life, one after another, gradually showing his personal shape. Slowly from the ground up, he is Flint Marco, a sandman.
When he was an ordinary human criminal, an escape from prison made him accidentally break into the scientific testing ground and was weathered by a particle atomizer together with the sand inside.