Don’t push the door, you will die! )

"Who? Get out of here! " Haima is a little angry. He thinks that the other party refuses to show up in front of him without talking to him, which is a contempt for him. Of course, he can’t stand being despised by others, so he deliberately raised his voice so that the other party can hear his anger.
Unexpectedly, in front of him, the door left unlocked suddenly hit, and the dazzling light from the door shone on the hippocampus. At that time, a figure stood in the backlight in front of the door. From his ornaments, it seemed that it was similar to Puta’s ancient Egyptian official costume. However, his face hidden in the dark showed the hippocampus that they were similar in height.
"Who are you? Was that you who was screaming in my ear just now? Did you bring me from the duel to this place? "
"Don’t make it sound so ugly, Seto Kaiba. I’m here to help you. Don’t keep people away." The man put his hands around his chest, hippocampus, and then he noticed that he was holding something like a stick in his hand. He recognized the stick. It was in a duel with the city that Malik once handed it over to the dark game Atom Millennium Staff.
"I don’t need any help to put me back quickly, otherwise I’ll be impolite." Hippo refused each other’s kindness in a cold tone, and the god officer didn’t care. Instead, he took a step closer to Hippo. "Don’t say that you were too seriously injured in the dark game. Now your soul has left the body and come to the front of the underworld gate. If you walk into the underworld gate behind me, you will never be able to return to that world to be a dead soul. Only with my help can you return to that world to complete the duel and solve the knot that entangles your life.
Haima sneered, "Joke, don’t fool me with anything like the Millennium paranormal again. Why don’t you tell me about my heart?" !” The man smiled again and asked Haima, "Since you don’t have a heart knot, I ask you, do you love her?"
"I love her? Who is she? " The hippocampus is a little confused by the other side’s vernacular. "Don’t always say half a sentence and leave half a sentence so that I can’t understand what you have to say!"
"I mean, do you love Kisha?"
"What a joke! She is my enemy. How can I love my enemy!" Haima waved his hand as if to drive away what the other party had just said as a fly. However, the god officer gave a gentle smile and then asked, "Since you don’t love her, why did you put the destroyer in the end of the first duel and draw with her?" You can get rid of her! "
"That’s my business. You can’t take care of it." Haima found this person quite annoying from the moment ago, but somehow his subconscious didn’t resist this long-winded guy. This is the only place that made him interested in this person.
"It’s so sad, Seto Kaiba. Are you mentally retarded or an idiot?" The other side (turn more acerbic than before). Hippo flew into a rage, stretched out his hand and grabbed the man by the collar and shouted, "What did you say? Say it again! "
"You this guy can’t even tell love and hate what is not a mental retardation? Besides, you’ve tried your best to support your worthless face, making your mouth shut. Is there anyone more stupid than you? " It seems that the man deliberately hit the hippocampus and poured a long string of words into his ear in one breath. "People like you are not only not qualified to fight, but even touching monster cards is contaminating them! Throw away your card quickly. I don’t want to see the blue-eyed white dragon crying in your hand! !”
“…! !” In the face of heckling each other, Haima couldn’t say a word at the moment. Although the God’s Mandarin was not pleasant to hear, he couldn’t find a reason to refute it. Yes, he admitted that his heart was not as cold as his face when he faced Ji Sha, but it was just his heart activity. Now he has told a stranger every word. Is this guy a worm in his neck?
"Time is running out. Before sending you back to duel field, I’ll ask you the last time. Do you love her? Whether she is the one who sacrificed her life for her lover or the one who was merciless to her lover, will you love her? "
"What’s the difference?" Haima, who was angry just now, suddenly smiled so strangely. "Although people around me say that I don’t care about others except Guiping, they don’t know that I will do whatever it takes to do something worth doing … including loving someone!" !”
"Hum, I really didn’t read you wrong …" The other party also breathed a sigh of relief and laughed easily. At this time, the hippocampus suddenly lit up slowly around and was surprised to see that the god officer looked exactly like him!
"Are you … are you the card … the dragon god officer Seth?"
"I’m Seth, but I’m not a simple card." Seth went to the hippocampus and put the Millennium Staff and three cards into his hand. "I’m the sad man in your previous life who was willing to give his life, and I’m also the six great officials around Pharaoh Amom. Seth, I know you don’t want to believe in supernatural things, but not believing doesn’t mean you’re not. No matter what you think, I will still help you …"
The thousand-year-old staff gave off dazzling light, and the dazzling light made the hippocampus cover its eyes and ears, and it came to Seth’s whispering voice. "I entrust my soul to you now. Thousands of years ago, Qishala gave me her life, but I failed to save her; Now my soul will use your strength to complete the thousand-year regret buried in my heart … "
"Well …" In a groan like talking, Malik and others were stunned to see that the seahorse suddenly moved like a dead body and got up from the ground as if he had just woken up. Although his face and trench coat were stained with some dust, it did not affect his strong fighting spirit at all. In front of him, Shi Zhuan on the ground slowly burst inexplicably, and a golden staff stretched out from the crack and stood in front of the seahorse like a long sword to guard the real master.
"Thousand … one thousand staff! !” Among all the people, Marek, who has been with the Millennium Staff for more than ten years, was the first to consciously call out its name, while the rest were stunned by this sudden change, like a frog, with its mouth open for a long time but no sound was made, which looked extremely funny.
"Thank you for waiting, Jisha." Haima raised her hand and patted the dust off her clothes. A strange sound said to Jisha, who looked startled on the opposite side, "Now let’s continue the duel."
"You … who are you?" JiSha sensitive to recognize each other’s voice and hippocampus completely different "your voice … you are not Seto Kaiba? ! Who the hell are you? "
"I am a seahorse and not a seahorse." The seahorse took a small step forward and put his right hand on the Millennium Staff. The Millennium Staff immediately issued a dazzling golden light. "I’m a messenger from the underworld, the soul combination of Seth and Seto Kaiba. Dark Seto Kaiba, do you have a card to get out? Without words, I will counterattack. "
"Dark Seto Kaiba …?" Ji Sha hasn’t reacted yet, but Puta burst out laughing. "What joke? I don’t know where to get a Millennium staff and then change my voice and say that I am a dark seahorse?" It’s okay for you to coax children with these magician tricks, but it’s still far from being able to coax us! "
"Don’t be too proud, Puta!" The seahorse’s sharp eyes turned to Puta and choked his words back to his mouth. "After this duel, it’s you and me!" You can’t expect to run by then! "
"Ha ha, interesting, so I’ll wait for you." Puta put his hand in his waist and proudly looked at Haima. "But that’s only after you beat Jisha. Just accompany Mr. Haima to finish this wonderful duel. Don’t let us down."
"… I’ll cover a card, and the round is over." Ji Sha seems a little confused and numb about the present situation, waving his hand and ending the round, while Haima quickly pulled out the card set and put it on the field for the first time.
"My round draw card! I started the magic card’ Devil’s Charity’ from my hand, lost two cards and drew three cards! Because I have no card to lose, I can draw three cards directly! "
Although the effect of "devil’s charity" and "angel’s charity" is similar, the card body’s unclear judgment on "lost card" directly leads to the great difference between them. It is this difference that Haima successfully added three cards to his hand, and these three cards are also his big counterattack.
"I’ll put a card on the scene first, and then I’ll offer a special call from the hand to override the enemy dragon! Roar, Green Eye Dragon (attack 3, defense 25)! !”
In the call of the hippocampus, the blue-eyed dragon slowly shattered and degenerated, and the gorgeous blue-eyed dragon emerged in the middle, making a thrilling sound. At the Ji yarn field, the sun dragon seemed to be scared, and it looked dim in front of the blue-eyed dragon. The body was true. The blue-eyed white dragon still held its head high and roared menacingly at the blue-eyed dragon, as if it could not wait for it to reach a high level.
"Green Eye Dragon’s attack power rises by 3 points for every dragon monster in the cemetery. Now you have a green eye in the cemetery to investigate the dragon, which means that there are 33 points of green eye dragon’s attack power, which can’t compete with the real blue eye white dragon’s 5 points of attack power." Ji Sha slowly said the soft underbelly of the green eye dragon while calming her mind. Although the hippocampus summoned the green eye dragon, the gap between the two sides has not changed because of her field attack power of 5 points.
"So what if this happens?" The hippocampus turned the last card in its hand upside down and held it high above its head. "Don’t let me come back from the gate of the underworld. This is the real trump card that gives me strength to win! Clitus and I cover the trap’ sacred javelin’ and merge into a sacred javelin. Come on, Dragon Clitus! !”
"Say dragon …!" Seeing the black dragon flying out of the hippocampus and the "sacred javelin" turned into a blue-black dragon descending on the hippocampus, some people were shocked once again, even Puta and Jisha were no exception, and the Clitus strategy launched by hippocampus did not end there but was about to set off the strongest climax!
"Now I let the sacred javelin dragon Kerry tungsten and the green eye dragon merge and let the sacred light spread all over the earth! Show your true attitude to the blue-eyed holy dragon (attack 35, defense 3)! !”
A list of DIY card tables
Seto Kaiba (Qingyan Bailong +YZ Card Group)
Divine Javelin Dragon Clive Tungsten Special Equipment Monster is a combination of the dragon Clive Tungsten Tooth and the trap card Sacred Javelin. The equipped monster has no attack power. When the opponent monster attacks this monster, the player who holds this monster first restores the life value equal to the attack power of the opponent monster. This card can be equipped with the monster in the player’s field or hand card, and then the monster summons field will be treated as a fusion summons in this case.
Green Eye Dragon (Dragon, Ten Stars, Light Attribute, Attack 35, Defense 3) Fusion Effect Monsters are equipped with special equipment. The new type of Green Eye Dragon can be decided by the player whether it is effective to launch magic, traps and monster effects against this card. In the player field, cemetery and exclusion area, the attack power of this card will increase by 3 points every time a dragon monster attacks this monster. When the other monster attacks this monster, the player who holds this monster will first recover the life equivalent to the attack power value of the other monster.
Aoki Jisha [Qishala] (Zhengqingyan Bailongka Formation)
(Lai Zhen Qing Yan Bai Long has been introduced before, but it’s better to be familiar with a B card and then come on stage. "Zhen Bai Long Saint" is still a new introduction.)
True Blue Eyes and White Dragons (Dragon, Ten Stars, Light Attribute, Attack 4, Defense 35) Ritual Effect Monster Table One "Blue Eyes and White Dragons" Sacrifice is summoned through ritual magic "White Dragons and Women’s Tears" Effect 1: When this card is in the field, all dragon and dinosaur sea dragon monsters on the player’s table will gain 1 point in attack and defense, and the attack will be accompanied by defense breakdown effect Effect 2: When this card is in the field, all special monsters in the other side will be cancelled.
Chapter 42 White line between dream and reality
"The special effect of Qingyan Holy Light Dragon is that the player can decide whether the magic, trap and monster effects against this card are effective or not. When we play, the cemetery and the exclusion zone, the attack power of a dragon monster Qingyan Holy Light Dragon will increase by 3 points. When the other monster fights with it, it will reply to me once, which is equivalent to the attack power value of the other monster! In other words, your physical attacks and magic, traps, monster effects will bring me direct damage and make it effective! Even the real blue-eyed white dragon has the ability to bow down when he sees it! !”
Looking at the other side, it seems like a different person. The hippocampus and his head spread their wings and roared, and the face of the sacred dragon was cold and sweaty.
I’m not kidding. If that guy really calls, it will be me! )
Now Ji Sha’s health is still 2 points, and there is a dead virus in his hand, but the hippocampus has 1 point of health, and there is not a card in his hand. However, in terms of the situation, the hippocampus has the advantage. Although the attack power of the real blue-eyed white dragon is strong for a while, the attack power of the blue-eyed holy dragon in the hippocampus is now increased to its own area because of the fusion of the sacred javelin dragon, and the dragon monsters can increase their attack power by 3 points, and the effect becomes the same as that of the real blue-eyed white dragon by 5 points. However, the Sun Dragon attack in Ji Sha Field still has a 25-
"I’m green light dragon to attack the sun dragon burning everything sacred flash jet! !”
The sacred flame was burning, and the blue-eyed holy dragon roared a huge mouth. A flare was burning like a flame, and it was sprayed on the Sun Dragon. In the past, the Sun Dragon Root Method suffered such a heavy blow. The whole life value of Ji Sha disappeared in the flare was deducted at one breath, and 25 points were left, leaving a weak 3 points. She held her chest and let out a cry. The whole person fell backwards, but the life value of the hippocampus rose to 25 points and became 35 points, which was more than ten times that of Ji Sha.
Because the Millennium Sword has a certain protection for its holder when launching a dark game, the actual damage to the yarn is not as heavy as when the hippocampus was detained at 2 o’clock just now, but after all, she is a woman’s physical endurance is stronger than that of the hippocampus. She almost fainted on the spot when she was hit by this blow. Fortunately, when she reached out from behind with her hands, she was held up, which didn’t make her fall to the ground.
"Sure enough, it’s too reluctant for you to fight. Give me the Millennium Sword and I’ll deal with him."
"Lord Puta … no brother …" Jisha gritted her teeth and struggled to get up from Puta’s arms again. "This is my duel, and I will let it go to the last moment myself …"
"You stubborn girl …" Puta shook her head and retreated to the back. "I can’t contact the players in the dark game for too long … hello, Ji Sha."
See JiSha up again. generate has a strange light in his eyes. The consciousness of his right hand has moved from the top of the Millennium Staff. "I’ll pick it up at the end of my turn. It’s up to you to break the deadlock, Miss JiSha."
"My card group, please, although my spirit is weak enough to see another card, I still have to ask you to give me a chance to come back to life in this card draw!" Jisha put her hand on the deck and waved out a card while reading words like a spell. The card-drawing movement was so powerful that sparks were struck between the card-drawing and the duel plate. "I’m going to attack the Seto Kaiba card! !”
A wonderful change suddenly took place around Ji Sha’s card-drawing moment. Behind Puta, the black fog actually opened a curtain. A man wrapped in a silver robe and covered with silver silk slowly came in from the outside and walked straight towards Puta. Everyone’s eyes immediately turned to this uninvited guest.
"What’s the matter with Puta has not been solved? It’s too slow. "
"Don’t talk about me, you are really slow. The first time I come back first will be to secretly protect Ji Sha and Long Er. You didn’t expect to let Seto Kaiba and them grab the first ticket. Is this your mistake?"
"Things went wrong. When I was worried about everything, I was hindered by the Goths when they took the Millennium Assassin to attack others. As a result, the Millennium Assassin Army was wiped out in my hands. I am afraid it is still too early for me to come back to the Houdian to see you at this time."
"Gothic? Is he coming? " Puta’s face immediately became ugly. "This guy is really the ghost! !”
"Oh, you’re not quite clairvoyant? How come when I touched Goth, I immediately lost my mind? " The tone of the silver robe man is very old, as if his position is higher than Puta’s. "Come on, just let me catch my breath as soon as I get here. Don’t chase after me and ask me this question. Look at Ji Sha, they are almost unable to fight."
"… Hum" is looking back at the two people talking. Ji Sha’s face turned slightly red and then turned her head back. "I started magic except Su Sheng Contractors. Two cards took out a ritual magic from the cemetery and a ritual monster corresponding to this magic joined the hand card!" With that, she threw the two cards in the deck into the exclusion area and then reached into the entrance of the cemetery to pick them up and popped them out of the cemetery.