Plus Qiu Qianren, this person is quite talented. Since he took over the Iron Palm Gang, he has managed the Iron Palm Gang to thrive. Especially in the first world war of Hengshan Sect in Qiu Qianren, a pair of iron palms Hengshan Sect could not be defeated by the enemy. Since then, it has been said that the iron palm has been shaken in Xiangxi for many years.

There must be a battle between them because of the death of Qiu Qianren’s brother Qiu Qianzhang. It is reported that people in Jianghu have set off for Taihu Lake and returned to Trang Van to watch this peak battle.
At this time, Zhang Ping was completely unmoved by the outside world. He practiced kung fu step by step every day and discussed martial arts with Huang Yaoshi.
And the town near Trang Van is already a pack of heroes, and the clouds are coming from all directions. These days, Taihu Lake has arrived one after another. According to Lu Guanying’s rough exploration, I’m afraid the total number has reached 2,000. It’s just that more than 2,000 people go to bed at night. Everyone is a Jianghu middleman. Even if the inn is full, no matter the grassland, Woods and barren hills, they can fall asleep.
However, it is extremely annoying to eat and drink in the villages and towns near Taihu Lake. There is not much food for people in the rivers and lakes. For several days in succession, the restaurants and hotels in the towns near Taihu Lake have been rushed to the rivers and lakes from all directions to eat and drink, and the tables and chairs are broken.
It’s okay for these Jianghu tycoons to arrive. Later, when the number of people increases, the food and drinks will be even more insufficient. Those Jianghu tycoons who are not drunk and have insufficient food will naturally beat a bunch of restaurants and hotels out of the water.
And Lu Guanying Lu Chengfeng saw that these Jianghu hawkers were fierce and violent, but they were all very loyal and straightforward. Once Trang Van intervened, I’m afraid the two sides will immediately show a bloody battle, and then Trang Van will hand over the humble martial arts in the water village, and the situation will be disastrous.
Fortunately, these Wulin heroes are not monolithic, and they also have many feuds and gaps with each other. At this moment, they have a mouthful of food to detain, and these feuds and gaps have also erupted. This makes Taihu Lake belong to the towns near Trang Van and barely maintain a certain order. Otherwise, Qiu Qianren will first turn Trang Van upside down before he arrives at these Jianghu heroes.
However, even so, with the arrival from all directions, the number of Wulin heroes is increasing, and the pressure to return to Trang Van is increasing. The mainland is worried that the chaos will affect Huang Yaoshi’s plan to find a beloved daughter, but the situation is in a hurry.
However, perhaps it is God’s pity that Lu Chengfeng has returned to his old school. Just when this chaos is about to go beyond Lu Chengfeng’s control, Shui Piao Qiu Qianren, the iron palm, finally arrived.
With the arrival of Qiu Qianren, there are still a group of elite iron palms. With the arrival of Qiu Qianren, the original chaos has calmed down, and many people’s attention has been focused on this upcoming war.
Just as Qiu Qianren had just arrived at the boundary of Trang Van, a Lu Guanying hand came to send a worship sticker. Qiu Qianren took a look at the worship sticker and wrote ten Chinese characters: Taihu Lake moonlit battle the next day.
Qiu Qianren looked at the ten silver knives and iron strokes, and the ten Chinese characters were suddenly slapped on the paper and said, "Good swordsmanship, purple blood, diabolical way really deserves its name."
Then he handed the worship sticker back to the messenger and said, "You will give this worship sticker back to Purple Blood Demon Road and say that Qiu Qianren will be on time for the appointment at sunset."
Then Qiu Qianren ordered the other people to return to the room alone and wait quietly.
When Wang Zhongyang invited Qiu Qianren, Qiu Qianren Tiezhanggong had not yet achieved great success, knowing that he was by no means Wang Zhongyang’s opponent, so he refused to participate in Tiezhangfeng’s hard martial arts for more than ten years. He just won the first throne in the world when he talked about swords in Huashan Mountain for the second time, but for Zhang Ping’s efforts to kill Qiu Qianzhang, I’m afraid he would still concentrate on martial arts in Tiezhangfeng.
Therefore, waiting for doubt is a simple and important thing for such a person. Waiting for more than ten years has made him full of confidence in his lightness skill and a pair of iron palms. He firmly believes that he will leave people successfully in the future.
On the other hand, Zhang Ping took the messenger and sent him back to the post to meet him. A clear palm print shattered all the scraps of paper around him. Then Zhang Ping shook the post and saw the scraps of paper flying in the middle, leaving a complete palm print shape.
Zhang Ping looked at the shape of the palm print and suddenly grinned: "What an iron palm. Shui Piao’s iron palm kung fu is no longer in Hong Qigong, a beggar in the north. I just don’t know if the word Shui Piao is as good as it says?"
Later, Zhang Ping also went back to the center of the room and silently adjusted his state. Compared with Qiu Qianren, Zhang Ping was waiting for this kung fu accomplishment, it was much deeper.
Not only that, Zhang Ping will make a decisive battle about the night of the first day, so he can play his soul body manifestation power key at night, and he can take Qiu Qianren by surprise at any moment. The only way to do this is to give himself a chance to spy on his opponent. The so-called knowing yourself and knowing yourself are invincible.
Zhang Ping’s martial arts is high, but he will never know that he will be able to win. There are many masters in this Jianghu who died not in the opponent’s unfathomable martial arts, but in one intrigue after another in the Jianghu, just as Zhang Ping’s martial arts are worthless to Zhang Ping. Jiang Yulang actually succeeded in making Zhang Ping plant a somersault.
Therefore, Zhang Ping’s many years’ experience in Jianghu makes him have a proud pride and a lot of carefulness at the same time.
And iron palm Shui Piao Qiu Qianren, if fighting skill is concerned, will be many times better than Jiang Yulang’s. Zhang Ping, with a cautious attitude, resolutely decided to investigate.
Stay Zhang Ping soul body out-of-body experience slipped into Qiu Qianren closed room at the sight of this short, gray-haired, blue-robed old man sitting cross-legged on the bed.
Zhang Ping carefully observed his breathing and found that his acting force was simply to meditate here.
This alone makes Zhang Ping give Qiu Qianren enough attention to alert Qiu Qianren. This move is to adjust his mentality before the war and reach the realm of Gujing without wave. Today, he sent ten swordsmanship and ten Chinese characters to Qiu Qianren just to break the enemy’s courage first.
I can’t believe that Qiu Qianren not only sent back a palm-shaped worship sticker, but also forgot to go to Zhang Ping’s ten sword characters in such a short time. It’s really worthy of being a super expert in the five wonders, and it’s worth Zhang Ping’s first world war.
And Zhang Ping finally prepared to leave the principle of letting go of the wrong killing after obtaining the opponent’s information. Zhang Ping also explored the so-called intentional planting of flowers and flowers, and Zhang Ping made him discover a big secret.
So Zhang Ping’s soul will quickly return to the brain and go to take advantage of the night to make some preparations.
Chapter DiYiWu Four Masters
Waiting is always long and short. When the sun rises and the sun sets, the decisive battle of Shui Piao is finally coming.
At this time, the head of Taihu Lake has already jumped from all directions to Wulin, and it has been surrounded by Taihu Lake near Trang Van.
When the afterglow of the sunset reflected the water surface of Taihu Lake red, Qiu Qianren finally came to the waterfront before returning to Trang Van.
Iron Palm Shui Piao Qiu Qianren has lived in seclusion for many years, and few people in the younger generation have seen it. It’s just that the elders have told him all kinds of glorious achievements. It’s just that Qiu Qianren has just appeared and caused a burst of commotion in the crowd.
At this time, Taihu Lake came from afar, with a flat boat bow with a jade face and a high crown, and stood proudly in a purple robe. Then everyone listened to him and said, "It’s a great honor for Wang Qiu, the iron palm, to go to the appointment on time. I wonder what Wang Qiu thinks of your brother’s body?" The sound came from the boat on the lake to the shore, but it was as clear as hearing it in the ear.
At this time, Qiu Qianren also said, "Dust to dust and Tujia brother’s body is just a passing sight, but the eldest brother, like his father, has to report the purple blood demon road. Today is your death day."
Although this Qiu Qianren sound is not as light as Zhang Ping’s, it can be heard in everyone’s ear, but its strength is also amazing. The sound waves are rolling in and echoing repeatedly on the lake.
This contest is the second contest between the two sides since yesterday’s worship contest. The Qiu Qianren wave seems to be overbearing, but it exposes the defect of insufficient control of his strength. Although Zhang Pingyin seems to be calm, his voice swings like a wisp, which is the extraordinary performance of Zhang Ping’s control of force in everyone’s ears
Then Zhang Pingmeng kicked out and saw a long piece of wood shoot like a sharp arrow. Then Zhang Ping’s body moved and swept the wood instantly. Everyone saw Zhang Ping. Then it seemed that the Dragon Palace was too general to stand still on the lake but braved the wind and waves.
Then, after a few moments, Zhang Ping was less than twenty feet away from the shore. Then, seeing Zhang Ping jump gently, the whole person quickly swept to the shore like a light bird.
However, just when Zhang Ping just swept to the highest point, Qiu Qianren suddenly shouted, "Purple Blood Demon Road, my eldest brother should be buried with him." Then everyone saw that he disappeared from his place and shot at Zhang Ping like a sharp arrow.
I have to say that Qiu Qianren’s timing was excellent. When Qiu Qianren arrived, I’m afraid it was just when Zhang Ping landed. At that time, Zhang Ping landed unsteadily. It was the time when he tried his best to make new efforts and was not weak. Coupled with the sudden attack by Qiu Qianren, he was bound to suffer a big loss.
However, just as Qiu Qianren was about to rush to Zhang Ping’s face, he saw Zhang Ping’s robe suddenly look like an upside-down bowl.
Then Zhang Pingluo body suddenly YiHuan and Qiu Qianren has already rushed to the square at this time.
Then they saw that Zhang Ping, like an eagle, repeatedly waved his body as if he had no weight and moved with the wind, while Qiu Qianren was firmly on the ground at this time, with a pair of iron palms hitting every blow with great potential and great power.
Martial arts pays attention to taking root, so as to be flexible and adaptable. The so-called invincible position is generally the case. However, Zhang Ping’s commanding position is the ups and downs of Qiu Qianren’s hands. After more than 20 strokes, Qiu Qianren has not only failed to show disadvantages, but has a faint sense of suppressing Qiu Qianren.
After fighting for three or four strokes, the two sides saw that Qiu Qianren didn’t suddenly appear a flaw at the top. Seeing this, Zhang Ping cried and changed his paws. At the same time, he used one thousand pounds of falling kung fu to hit two palms at Qiu Qianren’s head.
Then I saw that Qiu Qianren suddenly shrank into a blue robe, and a burst of agitation made him hit two palms at Zhang Ping.
That Qiu Qianren, known as the iron palm, Shui Piao’s kung fu is naturally mostly in this pair of iron palms. He just made a flaw but deliberately sold it to Zhang Ping, which drove him to this palm.
However, Qiu Qianren didn’t know that his mind had already been seen by Zhang Ping, and this was actually Zhang Ping’s counterplot.
When they saw that the two men had four palms against each other, they were separated at a touch, and then Zhang Ping took advantage of the situation and swept to the sky, while Qiu Qianren stood still, but there was faint blood on his mouth.
This strength has been divided. After Qiu Qianren was slightly injured, I am afraid that he is not even Zhang Ping’s opponent.
However, Zhang Ping Qiu Qianren saw that Zhang Ping flew in the corner of his mouth again and revealed a strange smile. With the blood on his mouth, it would produce seepage.
Just then, the crowd on the shore suddenly heard a "goo-goo-goo-goo" strange coming from two directions.
One is that he just flew to Zhangping, where his chest and abdomen fluctuated and every breath was as long as a long whale’s water absorption.
And the other is Qiu Qianren, who comes with a wrapped weirdo squatting on the ground, bending his shoulders with one hand and his sleeve with the other. It turns out that it swings like a frog, and the old cow screams and coos from time to time.
As Zhang Ping reached the highest point and fell behind, the crowd brought from Qiu Qianren suddenly shot two people to kill Zhang Ping.
One of the old men looked over 60 years old, with white hair and beard, long eagle eyes and pale yellow face, showing a cold expression. He was dressed in a black gown and killed Zhang Ping from the left with a green sword.
The other man is a young man who doesn’t look very old. His face looks like a plain one, but it gives people a sense of elegance. It contains a feeling that matches his white background and a long silk dress on Phnom Penh. He attacks Zhang Ping from the right. He seems to have strayed into a fairy tale.
At this time, Ouyang Feng, who was ready, suddenly jumped high and attacked Zhang Ping with a single hand with an enemy-destroying momentum.
And Qiu Qianren, who just ate a dark loss, is also strong at this time, and once again hits Zhang Ping’s palm to block Zhang Ping’s retreat.