Chapter 35 Sad Scorpion King ()

Back to the dormitory, Lin Tianxiao wanted to have a good sleep. Because of the day, he had a one-on-one fight with Chen Peng, but he was really not sleepy. Lin Tianxiao wore a game helmet and entered the game.
A bag on the tenth floor of Furama Hotel Wu Haotian Chen Peng Glasses Man is accompanying a guest. If Lin Tianxiao is here, he will feel strange. This person is very similar to the demon tail.
"How is Li Ge in the game now?" Wu Haotian asked.
"Hehehe, it’s ok. I’ll tell you what’s going on just by playing the right time!"
"Li Ge, you can rest assured that the arrangement has been completed. This is the business license, this is the official seal, and this is the stock agreement. Li Ge accounts for 60%, I account for 20%, and Tucki and eyes account for 10% each."
That Li Ge nodded. "Yes, I hope we can get along well, and I don’t like running the company very much. I still need your care."
"Li Ge rest assured that we will run the company well!" Wu Haotian said.
Li Ge nodded and said, "All right, that’s it. Call me if you have anything or call me in the game!"
"Is Li Ge still called llllllll?"
"It’s called the fairy tail!"
Said Li Ge got up and left the bag in Li Ge, after Wu Haotian said, "You should pay more attention to the things of Eye Company. If it weren’t for too much, Li Ge will support him, but …"
Speaking of which, Wu Haotian didn’t talk about it. After that, the three men went back to their homes.
Entering the game, Lin Tianxiao appeared at the entrance of the scorpion king’s cave and saw that the zombies jumping behind him had refreshed Lin Tianxiao and rushed into the scorpion king’s cave without saying anything.
I was attacked by a monster as soon as I came in. Lin Tianxiao’s thigh was stung. I quickly cast a cure for myself. When I summoned the skeleton, I knocked on a bottle of red medicine, and I gasped and knelt down.
For a long time, Lin Tianxiao felt that his body was conscious and slowly got up. "Nima didn’t expect scorpion toxicity to be so great!"
Thanks to the skeleton brother, I will be killed here even if I don’t get stung to death!
"Thank you, fairy sister. Thank you, fairy sister!" After the worship, Lin Tianxiao walked towards the cave with a "peerless weapon" in his hand.
It can be said that in addition to scorpions, there are a large number of scorpions here, and Rao is Lin Tianxie’s soul and fire charm, and his arms are numb.
Scorpion’s tail has been collected in thirteen groups, and fifty in each group is enough. Just as Lin Tianxiao is going to go back, a sense of danger permeates him.
Lin Tian’s evil heart moves. Is there a boss here?
Before Lin Tianxie could react, a sharp sound entered his ear. Lin Tianxie squatted down and a sharp thorn grazed his head and shot past.
"You should die for killing my people!"
As the words fell to the ground, a huge scorpion appeared in front of Lin Tianxiao. Lin Tianxiao did not believe it and rubbed his eyes and face with horror.
"Mamma Mia, is this still a scorpion? It’s simply the Scorpion King in the Scorpion King movie. "
Half-human and half-scorpion monster appeared and stared at him, covered in muscles. Lin Tianxiao quickly responded with a cure, a sacred armor, and a ghost shield followed with a bottle of red in his mouth.
Scorpion king (celestial boss)
Grade 5
Blood volume 6
King of the Scorpion Cave All the scorpions and monsters are the secluded places of the Scorpion King after his children once ruled a continent.
A soul fire operator flew away and marked it directly on the scorpion king.
Lin Tianxiao showed a wry smile. One attack took 34 damage, which means that it takes two soul fire symbols to hit again and again.
At this time, the younger brother of lv skeleton also killed an axe and split it on the scorpion king’s chest. The injury floated out with a spark and Lin Tianxiao looked surprised. It was absolutely unusual for the scorpion king to defend himself.
The scorpion king roars all over the scorpion king cave, and the jumping zombies are furious. The tail of the jumping zombie goblin is full of surprise.
"It seems that Xiaotian is already killing the scorpion king. I have to speed up!" The goblin’s tail croons with one hand, and the staff keeps rising and falling. Thunder falls from the sky, hitting the zombie headband, and one has more than 5 damage.
About half an hour later, the demon tail finally killed the entrance of the scorpion king cave and jumped in.
Lin Tianxiao has been killing here for half an hour, but now he is constantly wandering, and the whole scorpion king cave has become his trench, and his figure has appeared in every corner.
A soul fire charm flew out of the scorpion king and took away hundreds of injuries, but the scorpion king was not jealous. I don’t know where a huge spear came out and kept shooting at Lin Tianxie, which is why Lin Tianxie ran all over the cave.
"Banana, you Bala, how long will this kill!" Lin Tianxiao’s face was depressed and he summoned the skeleton younger brother. This was the first time he didn’t know how many times he called.
Summoning up the skeleton, the younger brother Lin Tianxiao moved quickly. He just hid a spear and inserted it in the place where he just stood. The spear penetrated into the ground for a foot, and the tail continued to hum. It can be seen how powerful the scorpion king shot this spear and how angry he was with Lin Tianxiao.
Lin Tianxiao has already retraced his steps for two-thirds of the way, and soon he can return to the mouth of the cave. Just then Lin Tianxiao saw a man.