"I know that the opponent’s main point of killing does not even pull the defense!" There is a dream that the audience of the channel sent out puzzled questions.

"Actually, I don’t understand!" The anchor of this channel plays with taste and talks, and the sword statue has killed the tiger on the mountain.
It seems that the three swords in love have affected the damage and become so ordinary. These three swords, 15 swords, 2651 falling swords, and the second sword triggered the loss of nearly a thousand qi and blood. Jian Zun lost about two-thirds of the qi and blood of the mountain tiger. Although there are still many remaining qi and blood, it obviously can’t support the opponent’s five babies and a demon fire!
In the audience’s excited words, shooting tigers in the mountains and catching mice in the ground successively summoned a humanoid crazy leopard, and then Xiao See made the "tornado rain strike" again, making the world miserable and, er, standing on the ground again!
"Er, I did a bow-down". Some viewers made some expressionless remarks on the current channel. But more viewers are very excited, and their attention is in the middle of fighting tigers in the mountains, and the blood strips are gradually decreasing, and they are expecting the tragedy of fighting tigers in the mountains.
But suddenly the number "Holy shit" appeared on the current channel, just like a summer night, which occupied the whole chat interface without blinking.
Chapter two hundred and ten People cannon
Small astringent "tornado rain strike" seconds god created the world ∮ Xiaoyao baby after the opponent a baby made a single spell attack on the mountain tiger, a baby turned nine back to the soul Dan forcibly pulled up the creation ∮ Xiaoyao from this moment on, the current channel exploded several times "Holy shit" appeared wildly without restraint!
However, it is necessary for everyone to have a skill of creating the world. "Samadhi is the real fire" to kill tigers in the mountains, and it is doubtful that the baby will die. This part of creating the world is not enough to make the audience so excited. The real reason is that the three babies who watched the game behind the scenes all made Jin Xiangyu help the lion camel recover their qi and blood, and two of them helped the mountain to kill tigers in the blink of an eye, and the qi and blood of the mountain to kill tigers recovered to saturation, while the mouse body was a flash of red mist. These "Holy shit" were mainly for watching the game.
There is no doubt that this round of killing the opponent is bankrupt!
In this round, both sides have no loss in terms of babies. Not only that, both sides have all the babies. They are all five people with the same characters. The units are all standing and rescued by the strong pull. Xiaoyao Baby also gave him a Millennium Baoxin Dan to restore the qi and blood limit of about 13.
At the end of the third round of fighting between the two sides, on the surface, it seems that the two sides are divided into five points and five points, but after a careful analysis, it will be known that the opposing side is facing an instant collapse crisis. Secondly, the spectator is not only in the state of "transformation", but also the five character units are not sealed in the middle, and the speed is slower than the opponent’s two square inches; Once again, in the game, it’s daytime, and the spectator turns into a ghost, and the camel will be the firepower; Finally, to a certain extent, the opponent can make the "broken double" to stop a lion camel from using magic. In the third round, Datang made the "total annihilation" in the fourth round, and could do almost nothing but passive beating!
"… all kinds of unfavorable factors are in one round against the opponent. How to prevent the opponent from one round?" The anchor and commentary of each big dream channel analyzed excitedly
The audience is very excited, and all kinds of short words and expressions are coming out in the current channel!
In the eager eyes of the audience, the fourth battle between the two sides has finally come-
In this round, the opponent [Qibao Linglong Lamp] was relieved of the [ecstasy] in the creation ∮ sword statue; Followed by two square inches, one made the "lost soul symbol" seal the mountain to kill the tiger and the other made the stunt "arhat golden bell"; Then the devil made the stunt "Jing Qing tactic" to restore qi and blood.
Then, it was the spectator’s turn to make a little shame and make the stunt "water-clearing tactic" preventive release successively. The "lost soul symbol" in the mountain tiger hunting station was successfully released. This is a routine of * * close to each other. Although the opponent knows that the spectator will do this, this seemingly unnecessary move has to be done. As far as the situation is concerned, the opponent also has to control the lion camel to ensure his own safety.
"However, in the face of this obvious seal that will be prevented, if it were me, I would definitely choose Dragon Palace. Facing this inevitable and powerful attack, my opponent can make a high-output unit method to make his own team less threatened, get a buffer opportunity to restore Qi and blood, and organize some killing again to turn the tide! But if none of them are under control, there will be no resignation. "When the battle was going on here, the consciousness of the stowaway flashed through this analysis.
After using the "clear water tactic", the spectator’s double assistant successfully caught the mouse baby and launched the "Taishan coping" group attack. Unfortunately, the opponent’s "Lohan Golden Bell" caused half of the spell damage.
The moment of attention has arrived. Whether the opposing side is alive or dead, winning or losing in this palace life and death depends on the data of the two lion camels "eagle strike" of the watching side!
At this moment, the audience’s eyes have been attached to the two lion camels and moved with them. When the first eagle whistle sounded, the audience’s eyes shone like flying out of the mountain to shoot tigers, and they went straight to the opponent!
"eh!" A scream from hell suddenly sounded, and the first strike of the mountain tiger "eagle strike" appeared, and it was bound to kill and burst out with 7226 damage, killing the world and killing the sword statue! Suddenly, the audience grasped! Ran away! I don’t know how to express my feelings into a number of "depend" and "grass" sweeping the current channel! The anchor and commentary from the dream channel also ran away! Their sound is deep here, and the midnight explosion is inspiring their audience on their channel! The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth strikes were made immediately after the first strike of the mountain tiger eagle strike! And there was another slaying, and a baby died suddenly! Although the other four strikes did not appear to be slaying, the damage was very high. The damage of these four strikes on the baby’s body reached 3, the damage of the underground body was close to 2, and the damage of the square inch body reached 35. However, when attacking Creator ∮ Xiaoyao, his teammates protected Creator ∮ Xiaoyao and escaped temporarily.
But for a moment—
"I depend! I can’t watch it! " A channel commentary said so, but he didn’t let his eyes rest for a while, but watched the mouse "eagle strike" in the opponent’s camp. After these six strikes, the opponent’s camp was like a cleaned bedroom. Not only did two square feet fall to the ground, but the baby also flew two times, which suddenly seemed much rarer!
"It’s over! It’s over … "The vast majority of the audience said so; There are a few viewers or Lan Jingying gang members who despise "Your uncle is hopeless # (despise you)!"
However, the fact is that the fact is as real as eating and pulling! The tide is gone. It’s too hard! After a few seconds with four babies left, the opponent left two character units, Creator, Creator and Crazy Baby, but at the end of the fourth round of fighting, a character unit miraculously appeared on the opponent, which was triggered by Creator, Karma, and was reborn! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and eleven A losing streak
"It’s a pity that it would be handsome if two hearts were laid a finger on them! There is a call for a baby and it is the same ending. "The anchors and commentators of major channels lamented.
In this round, the opponent created the world, and the madman made a stunt to kill the tiger on the mountain. "Putting a butcher knife" also became a big laughing stock. Many viewers laughed and said, "Put an egg after all!"
However, in the fifth round, the opponent pulled up two units that fell to the ground! Creations ∮ Devil pulls up Creations ∮ Sword Zuns Creations ∮ Mania pulls up Creations ∮ Happy but Creations ∮ Sword Zuns are killed again after giving birth to a baby, which makes him a Jin Xiangyu.
Watching the game, the little shame and the night made the magic weapon [Gankun Xuanhuo Tower] Dragon Palace and the baby continue to attack in groups of seconds.
At the end of the fifth round, the opponent is in the scene of two sides, one inch and one place, one devil and three babies, but everyone knows that after the end of the sixth round, the palace life and death foundation can end.
Sure enough, this is the case! At the end of the sixth round, the opponent is left with the independent support of the devil!
In the seventh round, this palace life and death suddenly ended!
Suddenly, several players suddenly gathered in the palace, and several exciting words floated in piles from the current channel on the current interface! No one expected that a battle from the top king to the first-class palace would end so quickly, so simply and so violently!
At present, the audience of the channel is praising and cursing, while more people are saying "too fast!" I haven’t seen it yet! One more game! One more game! "
Everyone in Lan Jingying’s gang channel on both sides is indignant and wants to kill the stowaway’s five names first and then quickly; Everyone in the Shenhe Ghost Brake Gang cheered and praised Wang. They played handsome and cool! Not only did I avenge everyone, but I also made the gang proud! Five people made the necessary response on the gang channel, but they knew that this was nothing to be happy about. The true strength of Lan Jingying’s gang has not yet appeared! My own gang is still in a state of being banned from face to face, and the gang can’t do anything.
Two battles between the two sides, a field battle in the south of the Yangtze River, and a palace life and death were all won at the lightning speed by the Hehe Ghost Brake Gang. In this way, the reputation of the Hehe Ghost Brake Gang soared. On the contrary, the reputation of Lan Jingying’s gang was greatly damaged, which was not only caused by two pk failures but also by the failure of the forum. This three-game losing streak can be described as three major humiliations for Lan Jingying’s gang! Not only is the reputation discredited, but the force is also defeated! The life and death of the palace has just ended. Lan Jingying’s gang complied with the public opinion and immediately asked for the second palace life and death showdown with the Shehe Ghost Brake gang!
"I don’t understand whether they are really not afraid dead or too dead! I am so anxious to see Xiaobai again! " Oscar sarcastically said
"Of course they are so eager to become them!" If the rain eyes say that the urgency in words is self-evident.
"Don’t worry!" The stowaway smiled and said, "Don’t worry, it’s a loser. The winner must be proud of the winner!" "
"Boss means not to fight tonight?" If the rain eyes asked rather sensitively; I have to admit that although the life and death of the palace was won, it did not vent some anger in his heart. His anger towards Lan Jingying’s gang eventually burned and his blood boiled. He felt that there was no fire if he did not kill thousands of rounds.
The stowaway Bai Ruoyu’s eyes are full of thoughts. He knows that Oscar’s mood is not much different. He smiled and said, "You must fight, but you can’t bargain for what they say. What’s worse, someone is fighting with us now? Now that we have won, we fight them to give them face to face; If we don’t hang up with them and rest, we won’t be short of a dollar and a piece of meat if they scold all night! "
"I don’t need to give them this face after reading it!" Said with a smile
Oscar and Ruoyu’s eyes were all in a hurry, and four bright eyes immediately emitted a hot eye!
The stowaway smiled and said, "We must give it, but we can’t fight them at once. Wouldn’t it be too temperamental for us!"
"Then what are their names?" If the rain eyes quickly asked
"That can’t be called …" The stowaway suddenly stopped here to change the subject and asked, "What do you think about the upcoming second palace life and death?"
Oscar and Ruoyu were surprised with different eyes!
Jin Yu said seriously, "They should be the main force after losing two games in a row."
"Well," said the stowaway, "in any way, they can’t lose this game. It’s humiliating!"
"Their faces are swept?" Oscar sarcastically said, "The land must not be dirty!"
The partners all laughed when they heard this.
"I think we should just go to bed when we lose this game!" say
"Well," the stowaway nodded
"I said, boss, what happened to you and Brother? You gave up before you hit him?" If the rain eyes very dissatisfied way
"That is to say!" Oscar is also strongly dissatisfied.
The stowaway said with a smile, "This is not a question of giving up or not, but a question of strength. The strength of the three main teams of Lan Jingying’s gang is Tianyuan’s first-line first-class strength. We play against them just like the result of the confrontation between Team A and Team C of Wushen altar. We can imagine that we should first straighten our attitude and recognize the facts, and then it is the key point of life and death in this palace."