Pang Xia tried to destroy these two sections of our bank with his hands.

However, at this time, a huge hurricane rolled itself up.
Pang Xia was suddenly blown out by this hurricane and pulled our distance.
Look at Pang Xia. At this time, our bank has regarded Pang Xia as a truly worthy opponent.
I have to say that the most commendable thing about my career is "Starsucking * *"!
But at this time, the effect of "Starsucking * *" on Pang Xia is limited.
Our fighting capacity will be much weakened.
For Pang Xia, the foundation of our bank at this time is not much different from that of the original Kongtong School Mogu.
They are all at the bottom of the grand master!
Therefore, for Pang Xia, he can completely confront our bank.
We grab our hands to the left and right respectively.
But I saw two huge rocks with a diameter of five or six meters larger than before flying out of the ground and the mountain wall.
His face flushed slightly, and the manipulation of these two huge rocks by our "Starsucking * *" is obviously at its limit.
We threw the two huge rocks directly at Pang Xia with our arms in a projectile shape.
At this time, Pang Xia’s eyes were wide and his body was full of qi.
Upanish traction field forces hands to reach out to resist two huge rocks thrown by our bank.
Pang Xia absorbed the two huge rocks with one hand and one traction.
At the same time, hands slowly and together!
With Pang Xia’s hands folded, the two huge rocks also crashed together and broke.
And then knead together by a traction field to form a larger rock ball.
As Pang Xia’s hands kept shaking, the huge rock ball spun rapidly and buzzed from half to half.
"I can do it this time, but it’s my turn!"
As soon as Pang Xia’s arms pushed the rapidly rotating huge rock, he flew towards our bank.
My face suddenly changed when I saw this.
Then "Starsucking * *" has incomparable pulling power, but "Northern Ghost Magic" never has it.
However, no matter how incomparable the pulling force is, this novel "Starsucking * *" does not have the ability of azimuth control such as traction field.
So when Pang Xia threw that huge rock, we had to suck and pull the bigger rock again to attack and attack!
"boom! Boom! "
Two loud noises, we pulled two huge rocks again and threw them at Pang Xia.
I heard the sound of a day falling apart, and three huge rocks broke.
This blow, Pang Xia, turned out to be different from our bank! ‘
Chapter 51 Why do you want to fight with me?
Gravel fell one after another
Pang Xia took out Dan medicine from his backpack, stuffed it into his mouth, chewed it and swallowed it.
Compared with our bank, the true qi of Pangxia is not much more than it can be regarded as very little.
If calculated by single value, Pang Xia is 27,000 points, close to 30,000.
Then our bank is almost more than 200,000 true qi
Therefore, on the whole, our true spirit is about ten times that of Pang Xia.
We just warmed up in that battle, but Pang Xia’s true spirit has been exhausted.
Fortunately, Pang Xia’s ability to recover from abnormal condition is almost the same with the help of Dan medicine and the addition of a catalogue.
It didn’t take long for him to recover nearly 50% of his true qi, which was abnormal.
"I have learned this catalogue for seven points and three points, so I have such abnormal resilience.
It seems that I need to spend some time looking for other famous books. "
Thought of here, Pang Xia slowly took a breath and ran the true qi according to the formula of the catalogue.
Suddenly the true qi is extremely fast, and the recovery speed becomes faster at this time.
A trace of steam emanates from Pang Xia’s head and runs at a high speed, which makes Pang Xia’s body temperature rise rapidly.
Watching himself become a little latosolic red, Pang Xia didn’t feel uncomfortable but felt more comfortable.
He turned his head and looked at walking slowly. "Our predecessors just warmed up."
Now I will officially fight. For example, I am looking forward to my predecessors’ brilliant ideas. "
Our bank looked at Pang Xia, who was radiant, and his heart sank. He knew that he had underestimated this opponent.
To tell the truth, the moves I exercised just now were not the strongest, but they were also his specialty fighting methods.
Generally speaking, a master of innate realm should be able to work hard when attacking just now.
However, Pang Xia survived beyond our expectation, and it seems that he didn’t consume much strength.
This has raised doubts in our bank’s mind and a little doubt about our own strength.
Has the old man been trapped for so many years and his strength dropped to such a degree?
At this point, that’s what our bank thinks.
We slowly spit out a sigh and looked at Pang Xia. Our eyes have changed from contempt to attention.
Although the anger in the eyes has never weakened, it is seven points less for Pang Xia.
I have to say that sometimes strength is the real thing to win.