The happiness of the first bite of food in the mouth is comparable to anything!

Delicious food and rich aroma together make everyone enter a happy country.
However …
"Will the monsters hate us if we eat here?" Xiaowan is divergent thinking again.
I also came to the second floor and Gong Liang gave Xiaowan a big white eye without saying anything. "They don’t know how to eat!"
"Besides, we are so far away."
That’s right, to prevent being interrupted by monsters when eating, they found a remote place to eat.
However, no matter how remote the place is, it can’t stop the fragrance.
Let’s not talk about the fragrance of ten miles. It’s very exciting. It’s still no problem for the fragrance to float two or three miles.
So someone was attracted.
It’s not a monster
But a glutton.
This man was sleeping soundly in a hidden place, and suddenly a fragrance came over and he was hungry.
I found it all the way along the source of the fragrance, and I saw everyone who was eating like a pig.
"Goddess! Can you give me something to eat? "
The first thing this man saw was eating.
The second sight is An Xiaoya.
An Xiaoya took one look and found that she didn’t know this person.
"Who’s calling?" She asked a little strange.
The man swallowed hard. "I must be a pawn!" But goddess, can you give a starving person something to eat? "
The man’s eyes moved back and forth in everyone’s lunch box
It’s like looking at yourself will make you full.
However, the fact is even more hungry after reading it!
"Well, I’ll give you one."
An Xiaoya looked at this man as if he was really greedy and didn’t think much about it. He took out a copy of "Mother Dean’s Grandma’s Love Lunch" and handed it to this man.
This is an ordinary-looking person.
Throw it in the crowd and you can’t even find the kind
Then the man put his hand on his face and revealed an amazing face.
This is a beautiful and heart-pounding man.
An xiaoya …
She knows who this is!
Talking about the king of changing face-chirp!
This man was equipped with a magical talent when he entered the game because of his beautiful face.
That’s changing face
He can change his face at will.
Not only the face but also the body shape can be switched at will
Only just now did they see such an unattractive person.
However, when he wiped his face
Everyone was amazed when their true colors were revealed.
Not because the face looks good.
Or because of contrast?
From an unattractive person to a gorgeous person.
This contrast is very exaggerated.
Then this beautiful person showed a coveted smile, and then squatted down next to them to make a lunch box, took a deep breath and ate it ~
Seeing such a beautiful face and being so intoxicated and overeating is easy to arouse people’s appetite.