At this time, Huang Yaoshi came forward and said, "Just now, the competition is still the little brother’s victory."

However, Guo Xian’s nephew and his little brother had several moves, which were better than Ouyang Xian’s nephew. This martial arts test was Guo Xian’s victory!
After receiving the essay test, I will come up with an essay test. Once you ask two people to recite the most in a short time, which good nephew will win this essay test! "
Everyone present in Guo Jing knows that Hong Qigong and Huang Rong immediately disagreed.
But Huang Yaoshi doesn’t like Guo Jing. He prefers to see Ouyang Ke become his son-in-law.
Although Ouyang Ke misbehaves, Huang Yaoshi is confident that if he "supervises" Ouyang Ke and becomes his son-in-law, he will be very correct from now on!
Therefore, no matter how spoiled Huang Rong is and how earnest Hong Qigong is, Huang Yaoshi will not change his decision.
Huang Rong and Hong Qigong looked at Pang Xia and winked at him.
Come to Pang Xia to pretend that he can’t see it, because he knows very well that Guo Jing knows the whole book "Nine Yin Zhen Jing" by heart, so how can he be afraid of this half?
However, when Huang Rong walked to the front of Pang Xia, he grabbed Pang Xia’s delicate and touching clothes and looked at him. Pang Xia finally nodded his head at the corner of his mouth.
Seeing Pang Xia nodding, Huang Rong smiled and returned to Huang Yaoshi’s side, quiet and good, just like a good family.
Huang Yaoshi looked at his daughter and then at PangXia bold stared his one eye.
Pang Xia pretended not to see Huang Yaoshi’s threat at first glance and walked to Guo Jing’s side and said to him, "Guo Xiong, don’t worry, you will definitely be able to pass the competition."
After saying this sentence lightly, Pang Xia walked to the forgotten three chapters and nine gang brothers and quietly watched the development.
No different from the original.
Envy, jealousy and hatred in Ouyang Feng Huang Yaoshi took out half of Nine Yin Zhen Jing, and asked Ouyang Ke and Guo Jing to recite who recited more at a certain time and won the victory.
Not only can I become Huang Yaoshi’s son-in-law and marry Bai Fumei, but she has learned peerless magic and reached the peak of her life.
You can also get the dowry of this half of Jiuyin Zhenjing!
Ouyang Feng’s idea of killing Guo Jing immediately and making Ouyang Ke Huang Yaoshi’s son-in-law is almost written on his face.
This directly made Hong Qigong stay next to Ouyang Feng and Guo Jing and let Guo Jing watch half of Jiuyin Zhenjing quietly.
When Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke read the scriptures, they all arrived. They recited them in order.
As a result, Guo Jing naturally recited the remaining half of Huang Yaoshi together, shocking all np’s present!
In particular, Huang Yaoshi once thought that Guo Jing was sent by his wife to tell him the complete "Jiuyin Zhenjing", and once had an excellent attitude towards Guo Jing.
However, with the arrival of Zhou Botong, Huang Yaoshi’s attitude towards Guo Jing took a sharp turn and ordered Guo Jing to get out of Peach Blossom Island and then left with Huang Rong.
At this time, Jiugang and Qisha reached the Wang Zhongyang command for Zhou Botong before they were busy.
Zhou Botong is first afraid of Wang Zhongyang and second afraid of snakes in this world.
So he heard nine Gang and seven evil spirits, but he didn’t want to, but he left with them after all.
Lai Jiu Gang and Qi Sha are going to let Pang Xia go together.
Come to PangXia also have this meaning, after all, the former PangXia pack to force too much to make Ouyang Feng think about his flying skills.
It is not a problem to have Zhou Botong around and cooperate with Jiugang and Seven Evil Men to deal with Ouyang Feng.
But just when he wanted to leave with Jiugang, he was stopped by Hong Qigong.
"Fat shrimp brother, you are so clever that I don’t know if you can help Jinger win the favor of Huang Laoxie and recognize him as a son-in-law!"
Hear Hong Qigong PangXia immediately want to politely refuse.
However, at this moment, I suddenly saw the unified information.
Promise Hong Qigong, Hong Qigong and Guo Jing will have a good impression, but refuse, the department will drop!
"I won’t let you get old again!" ‘
Chapter 277 The sea
Pang Xia chose no doubt that he agreed: щw