These two sentences gradually disappeared after they were typed.

"You may not know that many people in the Committee are doing something surprising in the process of transition."
"And these things are related to some pillars and organizations of truly patriotic countries."
"For example, Ms. Yang Dingkang burned the butcher."
"For example, Minister Hu Li’s network police force."
"For example …"
An Xiaoya gave a dozen examples in one breath, all of which were taken out just now when she saw the information.
Absolute truth
Looking at this scene before my head, Mr. Qin gasped when hackers created "paranormal"
I don’t know where this person got the news, but these people are all secret departments of the country and they are all the backbone of the country.
If what this man say is true-then he can’t imagine what will happen!
This is terrible!
An Xiaoya listed these people one by one and then stopped for a moment, then deleted a screen full of names.
Then a file package appeared on Mr. Qin’s desktop.
"This package is the only thing I can do in this country. Mr. Qin hopes that you will not let me down and all the people who love this country!"
An Xiaoya said while feeling uncomfortable.
It’s true that An Xiaoya felt very sad when she saw these filtered information just now.
These people are real heroes.
They love this country, and they have devoted their lives to this country.
But what did they get?
Do you get involved in layer battles and then be used as chess and cannon fodder by those people one by one?
This shouldn’t be!
They deserve that honor they deserve!
These heroes are the strength of a country!
Mr. Qin typed that file package.
This hacker doesn’t seem to be doing anything bad.
He (she) can find the list of these secret departments, and he (she) will never take this "detour" way if he (she) wants to hurt himself.
But Mr. Qin, who really loves this country, wants to believe that there are still many people who like themselves want them to love their motherland and do something without asking for anything in return.
It is because of these people that the hope of this country will never be cut off!
So he typed this file package.
Then he saw a shocking list.
These sanctimonious people on weekdays are all from devil wears prada. Mr. Qin came to know.
But at this moment, he was still angry!
The text box in the brain didn’t disappear, but shrank and quietly stopped at the edge of the screen.
Mr. Qin wanted to understand that this may be the other party’s way of communication.
So he tried to type in this text box
It really worked.
"Hello, I don’t know where you got this information, so I don’t ask."
"I don’t know where you know me. I don’t ask."
"I don’t know how you know what I’m going to do, so I don’t ask."
"I thank you for loving this country and what you want her to do."
"I believe that you will not lack anything, and I will not promise you anything."
"I say-like you, I hope that we love this country and it will become stronger and better."
"I think our goal is the same."
"Ten million square kilometers of land will surely flourish everywhere!"
"I will try my best to achieve this goal!"
"Thanks again"
AnXiaoYa didn’t move.
She quietly looked at the words appearing in her brain line by line.
Mr. Qin’s typing speed is not too fast, which is nothing compared with her hand speed in off the charts.
However, the solemn tone that words appear so slowly but every word is fateful, even if you see the words through the screen, it has already come to you.
AnXiaoYa suddenly smiled.
Is she really right?
"I believe you since I found Mr. Qin."
"I still have some ability. Mr. Qin also saw it. If you need anything, please send a few garbled words to this mailbox. I will contact you immediately when I see it."
"I will do my best to make my love for my motherland better."
Mr Qin suddenly smiled.
"I will do my best to make my love for my motherland better."
Two lines of identical words arranged on the screen made both of them smile.
"But asking me to do things in advance can’t be illegal and can’t violate normal moral rules."