In the middle, Xuanjin Shenlong rolled for a circle, and his feet slammed on the ground, leaving two holes in the ground.

Then I looked up and looked in the direction of Qiong Qi. At this time, Qiong Qi was finished and gave birth to a black giant tiger with wings.
Obviously, after Xuanjin Shenlong ridiculed the eternal emperor many times, Qiong Qi had already killed Xuanjin Shenlong.
"Xuanjin Shenlong, you should be responsible for your own words just now and let you know that you can’t say everything today!"
Qiong Qi roared, his wings vibrated and a gust of wind swept out.
In the wind, the sand flies, the stone grass leaves fly like natural disasters, and the wind sweeps towards the mysterious golden dragon.
Seeing the strong wind coming, Xuanjin Shenlong did not immediately change into a body, but made a preliminary change in the human body.
Layers of black scales grow on the surface of Xuanjin Dragon, and these scales cover Xuanjin Dragon like armor.
The wind roared and blew on the scales of Xuanjin Shenlong as if they were not directly separated.
Hey, hey, smile. Xuanjin Shenlong reached out and made a straight split, stirring up a black strength towards the poor surprise attack.
At this time, Qiong Qi’s back wings flapped again and the wind formed a barrier defense in front of Qiong Qi.
Coming to XuanJin Shenlong to hit that black strength is just similar to a temptation attack.
Its power is not much. As soon as it meets the strong wind in front of Qiong Qi, it immediately disappears into shape.
However, this does not mean that the Xuanjin Dragon attack is over.
Turning a ghosting image into a mysterious golden dragon, turning a palm knife into a scales palm knife with one hand is like a magic weapon.
Without any hindrance, it was directly inserted into the gale and went straight to Qiong Qi’s head to cut it off.
But at this time, a yellow crystal emerged from the eyebrows of Qiong Qi’s head.
The yellow crystal is naturally the materialized product of yellow data.
When Xuanjin Shenlong’s palm knife stabbed, a fierce gravity field spread.
But this time, the gravity field turned into fierce repulsion and directly blew the Xuanjin Dragon out.
"Boom boom boom …"
Several trees were knocked off in a row, and a large number of rocks, mysterious gold dragons, stopped.
Looking at his deep pit XuanJin Shenlong bobbing up.
He looked at the distance Qiong Qi spit out the dirt in his mouth.
Then look at each other hey hey say with smile "not the kui is the eternal emperor source power is really strong enough.
It’s really glad you came to be able to feel the source power of the eternal emperor when fighting with you this time! "
After saying that Xuanjin Shenlong’s eyes have finished vertical pupil, even his hair has just stood up.
The bones and muscles are expanding inch by inch, and both hands have become claws like African claws.
Looking at Qiong Qi Xuanjin Shenlong whistling with a dragon roar and pouncing on Qiong Qi.
See descended XuanJin dragon Qiong Qi waving claws also waved to XuanJin dragon.
"Bang bang bang …"
Xuanjin Dragon Claw and Qiong Qi Tiger Claw constantly grasped each other’s bodies.
Blood stains appeared in Qiong Qi’s body, and pieces of scales collapsed from Xuanjin Shenlong’s body with blood.
The most primitive hand-to-hand combat is nothing but a collision of flesh and blood and claws.
But at this time, Xuanjin Shenlong and Qiong Qi are completely different
Xuanjin Shenlong looks like the Vietnam War is getting fiercer and fiercer, while Qiong Qi is gradually falling into the wind and slowly receding.
When he got a claw from Xuanjin Shenlong again, Qiong Qi finally couldn’t bear to open his mouth and yell.
The yellow crystal on his forehead blooms and the huge gravity field blooms again.
However, this time, Xuanjin Shenlong was not directly blown out by gravity repulsion.
On the contrary, his feet plunged into the ground, and Wu Jin’s shining light resisted the gravity field attack.
Then XuanJin Shenlong swung a heavy punch and hit Qiong Qi Ba, which directly blew Qiong Qi out.
Rolling around, Qiong Qi slammed on the ground.
Slowly got up. Qiong Qi couldn’t believe it. Looking at Xuanjin Shenlong didn’t seem to believe his gravity field just now.
"This is how can you infect my gravity field? This is from the power of the Great Emperor!"
When I heard this, Xuanjin Shenlong smiled and felt a deep data.
Then he looked at Qiong Qi’s mouth and said, "The great source power is not yours."
My father is the Zulong Emperor. How can I not have the strength of the Great Emperor to protect myself? "
Chapter 17 There will be a wound in the struggle between the dragon and the tiger!
Qiong Qi eyes wide stare at XuanJin dragon quite some teeth.
That punch just now already contains the source power of Zulong Emperor, which has caused some harm to Qiong Qi.
However, Qiong Qi did not hurt the data level of the source, and the slight flow of power repaired the scars.
The four claws clung to the ground and Qiong Qi stretched out his back wings and long tail.
Then the yellow crystal attached to Qiong Qi’s eyebrows shines.
After leaving Qiong Qi’s eyebrows, he flew directly to Qiong Qi’s head and a huge gravity field spread.
This time, the Qiong Qi force of gravity field urges the source force of Eternal Emperor, which makes the gravity field extremely horrible.
It’s as if one heavy hammer fell directly from the height and hit the ground
Everything around Qiong Qi’s body was shattered in an instant.
The ground drops by about a foot and the trace of the ground drop spreads outward along the gravitational field.
Xuanjin Shenlong looked at the gravity field extending towards him. His body was shining with dark gold, but he was going to fight hard.
However, Xuanjin Shenlong obviously underestimated the power of gravity field
In the battle just now, Xuanjin Shenlong responded positively to gravity field attacks several times.
But its power is in the range of Xuanjin Shenlong.
Even now, this seemingly powerful Xuanjin Dragon is confident that it can resist the past.
However, just as the gravity field is about to wave to Xuanjin Dragon.
Qiong Qi eyes folded mans flashing yellow crystal blooming on his head.
Then in an instant, the power of gravity field increased several times.
The ground was only about a foot deep, but now it has sunk three feet instantly.
And the Xuanjin Shenlong, which was hit by gravity waves, was also directly oppressed by gravity, kneeling on his knees and squatting on the ground.