Chapter DiYiSanYi The last line of defense (7)

On the assault division, The rapid response brigade, the digital infantry brigade, and the Huzhi defense line were all killed, and the river was also out of order. A powerful new force of the Chinese army bypassed the instructors and flag division to defend the lang son defense line and successfully detoured to the Huzhi defense line. The bad news came like a bolt from the blue, and all eyes could not tell the difference between the southeast and northwest. The Chinese army actually had such a skill, which surprised everyone. Now everyone didn’t know how to deal with the chaos. Some people moved the capital and hid as far as they could. Others roared. In the end, there are people who discuss the Chinese army to negotiate so that the capital can avoid a catastrophe … The chaos is really chaotic, just like an ant nest that has been smashed!
Lê Du?n held an emergency military and political meeting to discuss countermeasures. There are still many capital divisions plus some independent brigades and regiments plus some local militia and police. How to say, there are more than 30,000 people. There are more than 11,000 people in the capital division alone. It is not small, but it does not mean that you can rest assured. After all, this is your own capital. Even if you win, it will be a miserable victory over the Chinese army. If you think it is not worthwhile, you can pat your ass and leave. But what about them? The whole capital has to be flattened by artillery fire. Without ten years, it will be impossible to recover its vitality. The consequences are serious, and they know it in their hearts. Therefore, before he finished the specific situation, a member of the Politburo jumped up and said emotionally, "We can’t go to war with the Chinese army in the capital. Absolutely not! Once the war spreads to the city, even if we can win, the capital will be destroyed, and we will all become Annan people and sinners! We must negotiate with the Chinese army to end this war peacefully. Enough blood has been shed! "
"Bullshit!" Major General Chen Youzhen, the capital division commander, angrily pointed at the big man’s nose and swore, "Are you really from Annan? How can you be such a scum among the heroic Annan children! Compromise with the Chinese army? You can think of it! If we really bow our heads to the enemy for so many years, millions of people will be killed in vain, and our blood will be shed in vain. We will become a second-rate or even third-rate country again and never stand a chance! If that’s the case, I’d rather die on the battlefield with honor! "
The minister of economy said slowly, "Now is not the time to talk about the key, but we really can’t fight!" In the two weeks since the start of the war, we have lost all the important towns in the north, more than 90% of the villages and 100% of the factories have been destroyed. Now the Chinese army is dismantling machinery and equipment from our factory and transporting them back to China. Do you know what this means? This means that even if we can win this war, our overall economic strength will be beaten back to 20 years ago, which is even worse! If you go to the whole country again, you will be finished! "
"Then you have to fight!" This time, it was said that the commander of the northern military region fought to the present Annan army, and the number of casualties was as high as 100 thousand. This veteran has long been popular.
Blindly, he waved his fist and said with a violent expression, "Mobilize all young men and women to join the army, reorganize all the militia and police, and fill the gaps in each division by the regular army. Fight the enemy to the death, either they die or we die. There is no third possibility!"
"Do you want to destroy Annan!" One will growl, "We must ask the Soviets for help! Only Soviets can stop the Chinese army! Without the support of the Soviets, no matter how tenacious we resist, we can finally be meritorious! "
"I can’t come!" The commander of the Northern Military Region jumped his feet and said, "The Soviet Far East Fleet in the South China Sea has been hit hard, and its deterrence against China has been greatly reduced. Some people with brains will not choose the Chinese army to fight on land. At most, they can give us some weapons!"
This tall hat is big enough for you. Your eyes are bright and your blood is boiling. It turns out that we are not alone. It turns out that the whole world has helped us. It is estimated that these people have been depressed to madness in the past two weeks, but it is only a few compliments that make them forget. Lê Du?n went to the huge map while the iron was hot and picked up the baton and said, "I think everyone has heard clearly that our just cause has been supported by the world. In the future, we will get more aid and have more friends. We will form an alliance to jointly fight against the brutal Chinese army! Therefore, we must not take a step back for Annan’s future destiny! That line of defense in Gyeonggi was named after our great President Hu. This line of defense goes not only to the capital Angkor but also to the dignity of Annan, so I order-"
A large number of generals stood up in awe with springs on their asses.
Lê Du?n and blazing with anger said every word, "No war has ever been won by simple defense. Since the outbreak of the war, the Chinese army has been the main attack, and we are extremely passive when we retreat. What? Is it just because the Chinese army is well-trained and well-equipped, with far more powerful military, missile and artillery units than we are? These are all important reasons, but they are not the main ones. The main reason is that the Chinese army has been attacking! They took the lead, although there were a lot of casualties, although their generals were immature and often caught in bitter battles, but every attack was inevitable, and we blindly defended passively. Although our soldiers played extremely tenaciously, we still lost ground. All this was because of the Chinese army’s attack! Our defense line is full of loopholes in the face of such a wild and aggressive tiger-wolf division, and the reality of Serenade has given us too many opportunities to be good at interspersed with Chinese troops
The meeting will be held everywhere, which is what we have to face! ""Bang! " Commander-in-chief hit the map with a heavy punch and roared, "But after playing for so long, their attack target has become blunt. Three regiments were blocked by our only two divisions, and lang son had to put the commandos who were good at surprise attacks into the tough battle!" Yes, their hand was unexpected, but it also gave us the best chance! Although the assault division is fierce and good at fighting, in the final analysis, it is still a light infantry that is not much better than paratroopers. They are nothing without the cover of army aviation. Moreover, they have found the wrong battlefield. This open and frank plain, with light troops like them, has been completely shattered in the face of our allies’ powerful heavy divisions! " Speaking of which, he gave me a grimace of a grin. "It is said that the Chinese assault division is the instructor of the Chinese army. Most of the Chinese army is in the middle of it. Maybe it is a trump card division company commander who can reimburse a dozen platoon leaders for such a good opportunity. Where can I find it? It is more significant to destroy this middle assault division than to annihilate a regiment of the Chinese army, and it will also make Beijing feel sad! Of course, we can’t be polite to them. I decided that the capital is the 7 th and 9 th regiments, and the Jiahe militia and the Peace Regiment will form a powerful regiment to cooperate with our allies to launch a decisive counterattack against the Hu Zhi defense line. They will be killed in the assault division to pay homage to our fallen soldiers! "
Be named that a few army commanders desperately chest abdomen put crazy drink "yes! ! !”
Lê Du?n went on to say, "The secret service team moved from here to this area to wait for the opportunity. In the attack, the logistics line of the assault division brought our individual soldiers shoulder-to-shoulder to the missile department. Because of this, the assault division will definitely use helicopters to transport a lot of materials and troops to the front line. Those backward helicopters will be your most delicious snacks!"
The head of the special agent group is reluctant. "But the number of our individual shoulder-launched missiles is too small, and I am afraid it will be difficult to effectively cut off the transportation line in the middle assault division."
Ship Yuexiu Fu said, "Don’t worry, we have a batch of individual missiles that have arrived at the port and will be distributed to you soon. These are the most advanced missiles. With them, you can attack all the targets of Tianfei at will!"
The colonel’s eyes lit up and stood at attention. "Ensure completion!"
Lê Du?n nodded with satisfaction and said, "The reserves of the 5th and 6th regiments are ready to attack at any time!"
Chen Youzhen, the division commander of Capital Normal University, is a little silly to meet the good talents. "So we won’t have the strength to defend the capital …"
Lê Du?n tone no doubt "militia and police is enough! We’re going to get rid of this protrusion
Strike the division and this war will be over! "
Major General Chen Youzhen ruthlessly ordered a head of "white!"
Lê Du?n drew a big circle on the baton map and said word by word, "This will be the final battle of our Chinese army. If you can’t win, don’t come back and die there!"
After the last group of soldiers finished, the commander-in-chief was exhausted and closed his eyes … Force was a burden to him, and this burden was much heavier than he thought … He uttered an indescribable sigh "Annan youth …"
Relying on tenacious defense, the Gauls won the First World War and successfully recaptured Alsace and Lorraine from Prussia at the cost of losing a whole generation of young people. Now the situation in Annan is far worse than that in Gaul during the First World War. How many young people did Annan have to sacrifice to win this war? Even the most outstanding mathematicians can’t give the answer …
Chapter DiYiSanEr Last Line of Defense ()
Shichahai in Beijing
President Nimra took over the agreement on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and solemnly signed his name, which means that the two countries have been good friends since then. The Republic has also established diplomatic relations with Belan, but that was more than ten years ago. Shortly after the establishment of diplomatic relations, Belan Defence Forces staged a coup and hanged the old president. From then on, Belan fell into extremely bloody and manic diplomacy. Of course, this time, he finally found friends on all sides through unremitting efforts, and his excitement can be imagined.
The results of the trip to Beijing are not limited to this. The Republic has also decided to give them 300,000 tons of grain aid and a loan of 200 million US dollars, and will try its best to help them build infrastructure …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Boss Deng smiled heartily and said, "Don’t mention it. We are all backward countries. We all have such difficulties. We should help each other and develop together. This is what we should do."
President Nimra said, "You are so generous and enthusiastic that I don’t know how to thank you! May our friendship last forever! "
Deng Lao said "definitely"
President Nimra’s trip to Beijing went surprisingly smoothly, and the Argentine delegation gained a lot. The People’s Liberation Army has opened almost all new weapons to them, and has been suffering from various restrictions. The equipment is getting more and more backward. The Argentine delegation is dazzled and more generous than billionaires, regardless of how much hard currency it can buy. The People’s Liberation Army is almost responsive, but the Argentine representative was turned down without hesitation for buying df-9a ballistic anti-ship missiles. Disappointed, the Argentine representative greatly increased the purchase quantity of "shark-toothed" anti-ship missiles and precision guided bombs. After all, they will face a head-on collision with an old empire and will be under great pressure. Maybe they will also face a fierce attack from the British empire in economy, politics, diplomacy and other aspects. Anything can happen. We must prepare enough advanced weapons now. No one wants to fight until the end. Heroic pilots should risk being hit by enemy anti-missile and fly low against the sea, throwing one after another expired bombs to the deck of enemy warships. Be prepared!
It should be pointed out that because of political scruples, this huge amount of weapons and equipment can not be delivered directly to them, but can be delivered through the Yanlong Corps, which means that the nominal order is not Argentina but Yanlong Corps Beijing, which makes London hate it.
After all, buying weapons is a mercenary group, and mercenary groups are notoriously greedy. They get weapons and then sell them to which country to earn the difference. That’s their business, and we can’t control it, can we?
"Is this deal enough for us to chew dry food for several years?" The general manager of the General Staff Office sipped tea and laughed at the poison and said to the Minister of National Defense
The Minister of National Defense said, "It’s true that we haven’t done such a large arms trade since the founding of the People’s Republic of China … I heard that some oil-rich countries in the Middle East are very interested in our long-range missiles. Should we try to find a way to sell a batch and earn some foreign exchange?"
The commander-in-chief smiled and said, "I said, old chap, don’t fall into the eyes of money. Don’t forget that long-range missiles are extremely aggressive weapons. If such big guys are exported to the Middle East, Israel and Uncle Sam will jump and scream like cats with their tails stepped on!"
The defense minister said, "I’m only happy if they dance for a while …"
A lieutenant colonel came in with a newspaper and handed it to the two heads of defense ministers. He grabbed it and said with a smile, "It must be good news from the front. I’m going to feast my eyes first this time!" After reading quickly with glasses, the general manager saw that his face changed. First he flew into a rage and then he showed a strange look. He didn’t know whether he wanted to cry or laugh. The general manager became interested. "What’s the matter? What’s the situation?"
The defense minister was furious. "It’s not just your confidant who will do good things! How bold of him to dare to attack the river without the authorization of the Central Military Commission! "
"what! ? The chief was surprised and grabbed the newspaper. It’s not that the front finger sent it back. It’s that Liu Weiping’s small unauthorized action to attack the river has killed a river of blood on the periphery of the river. The front finger asked if ZongCan went above and commanded the operation! Chief Wu wear the forehead after watching a collapse moan "my god, how did monk xu let the three guys together! Didn’t I tell him again and again to be careful of these three stooges? It’s good for him to let these three evils get together. That’s not world chaos! " Grabbed gray hair repeatedly sigh is obviously a headache to the extreme.
The Secretary of Defense is also the first two leaders. He has not forgotten that the hijacking incident caused by these three scourges a few years ago almost triggered the war between the Republic and the United States! This incident is fresh in his mind today. I didn’t expect those kids to get into trouble again! What should we do? Should they withdraw their horses? At present, lang son, the two main divisions of Annan, has been besieged by our three regiments, and now there is only one capital division left in the river. These three forces are all top-notch national teams. If you want to withdraw, it should be easy to be afraid that they will not withdraw.
Coming! Headache is really a headache! He secretly swore that when those three bastards came back, they would be punished for half a year in solitary confinement!
The chief asked, "What can we do now? We don’t have a plan to capture the river, and we don’t have the preparation in this respect. The consequences of a real fight are unpredictable … What’s more, it is the capital of Annan, and it may also be the bottom line of the Soviets. If we really bring the river, it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction among the Soviets and make international public opinion stunned. The consequences are unpredictable! "
The defense minister said, "Send a telegram directly to Liu to make trouble and order his horse to retreat, or you will be punished by military discipline!" It’ s really nonsense to hit a country’ s capital, and he has also regarded it as a child’ s play. What if there are more thorny troops like him! "
The chief said, "Yes, this is getting ridiculous …"
The lieutenant colonel came in again, shouted a "report" with a newspaper and a pile of photos, and then went straight to the point "report that the first assault division of the two heads came to report that the river plain was stubbornly blocked by the enemy’s superior armored forces, and the troops suffered a lot of casualties and demanded medium-range surface-to-surface missile support!"
General manager didn’t good the spirit say "he is not very capable? Why do you need support?"? Tell him to find a way to solve the enemy himself! "
Lieutenant Colonel knew that Liu Weiping had gone too far this time, and the leader was very angry, and the consequences were very serious. He secretly sympathized with this army, which was famous for making trouble, but he didn’t pray when Liu made trouble, because he still had business. "According to the photos taken by our military satellite, there are indeed large-scale armored troops fighting in the Heda Plain, and from the tank models, there are many Japanese 61 and 74!"
Two angry leaders finally showed interest. After taking photos, we can see that it was not hundreds of chariots that were being destroyed in an open and frank battle on the Great Plains. The tanks covered the battlefield with smoke, which made satellite monitoring quite difficult. However, it took astronomical funds to develop these tanks and launch them into satellites, and they still succeeded in identifying the blood relationship of Annan’s troops-there is a significant difference in the rough and simple style of Soviet tanks with fine workmanship. This is really a Japanese tank! These days, Japanese Soviet freighters have been sending supplies to Annan, but the Republic has not sunk these ships for various reasons. Now it seems that they have made a mistake in Song Xianggong and let Japan drill!
The commander-in-chief frowned. "Annan’s armored forces have already played July 7, and even if they were given tanks, no one would open them. Where did they get such an armored force?"
The defense minister said "unless" the two military leaders exchanged glances and gnashed their teeth, "ordering the army and the missile brigade to do their best to support the three evils and must sell this sheep’s head."