When I came to the reception room of the south hall, a person poured tea for four people and went out. The stowaway, Jin Yu drank tea and waited patiently. Only if it was raining, the eyes were so anxious that ants walked back and forth and said impatiently every few minutes, "Why haven’t you come yet?" Why haven’t you come yet? " The partners persuaded him several times.

After about 15 minutes, Dora finally came in and said with a smile, "Cool brother, you’re here! But seeing such a cool brother is a matter of not going to the Three Treasures Hall! "
Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu, Jin Yu First, introduce Sister Duo-these three are my good brothers Yu Qing, Yu Xiao and Yu Zuo. All three of them are kind and smile.
Bud smiles. "Please sit down and say your special names."
After several people sat down, the stowaway said with a smile, "In fact, we all have five brothers who are sworn brothers, and another brother named Yusheng. Five days ago, the five of us went to various places to do business and agreed to meet in greedy city five days later. However, since that day, our Yusheng brothers have been disconnected from each other and have not been able to contact each other until today …"
"Brother Suoku means you want me to help you find someone?" Bud smiles and interrupts the stowaway’s words.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Benefit by benefit
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Benefit by benefit
"Sister Duo is really smart. Please ask Sister Duo for help!" The stowaway said with a smile
"Well ….." Bud awkward seems to have what difficulty.
"Of course, no matter whether we find it or not, we won’t let Sister Duo toil in vain." The stowaway said with a smile.
"It’s good to be busy, but it’s cool. Brothers have lost their news for four or five days. I’m afraid it’s hard to find!" Bud not sure way
"With your prestige here, I think Sister Duo will find a way." The stowaway said with a smile.
Bud said with a smile, "Since the cool brother believes so much in the little sister, it is natural to help a group, but it is impossible to say when it can be found."
"Of course, we can find the best today. We are very worried about him these days and have looked for many places," said the stowaway sadly
"I’m afraid it will take a lot of manpower to be in such a hurry!" Bud was surprised. "I’m afraid Wang and other hall lords won’t give little sister a good look if too many people move their hands over such a trivial matter."
"If Sister Duo has any requirements, just say that we will try our best to achieve them!" Jin Yu finally said
"Ha ha! Since the younger sister said so, there is one thing that the younger sister really wants to ask her brother and sister for help. It is a little dangerous. I wonder if my brother and sister will help? " Bud laughingly said
"You can say that we promise to do it!" If the rain eyes anxious way
"Well …" Bud thought, "Cool brother, you come first."
The stowaway sat beside Dora without thinking, and the three partners looked suspicious. When Dora gently moved her lips in the stowaway’s ear, she seemed to say something. After that, the stowaway gasped involuntarily and said very seriously, "We brothers must discuss this well!"
Bud said with a smile, "Cool brother, slowly discuss it and let people call it Bud, but the sun will soon set!" " Say that finish laughingly got up and left the room.
"What conditions?" Jin Yu excited a face of serious.
The stowaway was silent for a moment and said, "Blow up the elite guild’s Yuanling Jingshi vein!"
"What?" In utter amazement way
"This-what conditions?" Jin Yu couldn’t believe her ears.
"Bullshit! This is simply too much for people to do. How can a deal be reached? " If the rain eyes scold, but my heart is already boiling.
"It’s really a rather unfair deal, but we can’t abandon it, no matter if there is no news for four or five days in a row, I’m afraid there is something wrong," said the stowaway in a deep voice
"But what about this condition?" If the rain eyes excitedly asked, "that’s a big gang! We are just a few grass people. How can we twist our fingers and thighs? "
"Yes!" Stowaway abnormal nai sighed.
"And if things are exposed, we will become scapegoats and be killed by elite guilds!" Jin Yu said
"Having said that, but the royal do is our good brothers can’t give up? I haven’t heard anything for four or five days. I don’t know what he is now? " Worried way
"Oh, what should I do?" If the rain eyes chagrin way
"If we can get into the secret forest regardless of success or failure …" Jin Yu thought.
"The secret forest?" He said, "It’s really possible to avoid elite guilds, even if the disaster is on our head. The problem is that the situation there is said to be extremely dangerous. I’m afraid it’s easier to get in than to get out!"
"Fight!" The stowaway thought about it for a long time and suddenly said, "I don’t want to be born on the same day in the same year, but I want to die on the same day in the same year!" "
The three partners suddenly shook four people and said at the same time, "Don’t expect to be born on the same day in the same year, but to die on the same day in the same year!"
"Then it’s a happy decision!" The stowaway said with a silly smile; The partners also smiled, which was touching as if the four men were going to die together in a moment.
A few minutes later, the stowaway asked someone to call Bud and told several people to discuss the result.
Doll said with a smile, "This is no problem. Besides, Doll’s sister can also give the cool brother a run. Of course, whether you can enjoy it depends on the cool brother’s luck!"
"It’s natural to live and die by fate, but we hope our brothers will get together and act together," the stowaway said with a smile
"There’s nothing wrong with this," Bud suddenly said seriously. "I’ll think of some way to bring him here before dark. Your action will be carried out at 12 o’clock tonight when the shift is over. This is the vein map. You should study it carefully now. After it’s done, you can escape to the secret forest. We will also issue a wanted order at the appropriate time."
"Wanted order?" The stowaway wondered
"Of course, there’s an arrest warrant for you," Bud said with a smile. "We’ll say that someone stole the pass and created chaos in the city, which is also a good opportunity for you to escape."
The stowaway nodded and said, "There is a little doubt here."
"Oh cool brother have any doubts? Let’s hear it. Can Duo Er help the cool brother solve his doubts? " Bud laughingly asked
The stowaway smiled and asked in a slightly critical tone, "Sister Duo seems to know a lot about our brothers?"
Bud smiled a few times in a row and said, "I really can’t say how many I know, but after six days to transport Yuanling spar to Teana, the channel suddenly collapsed, so it’s ridiculous for us to have a few more strangers in this area."
The stowaway smiled and said, "Interesting". After a pause, he said, "We’re going back to the inn now. Come to the inn if you have any money."
"That won’t do!" Bud laughingly said
Jin Yu, Ruo Yu’s eyes suddenly looked like a frost in June. However, the stowaway still looks like a dagger in the heart.
"What do you mean?" The stowaway asked with a smile.
"You must and can stay here from now until the plan is carried out," said Bud very seriously. "One studies the map; Both recharge their batteries; You can ask me all three questions at any time if you have any doubts. "Bud suddenly laughed here." Cool brother hasn’t told me the characteristics of being a brother yet! "
The stowaway smiled foolishly and said, "My royal brother is in the hands of Sister Duo!"
"Cool brother, that’s a joke. What’s the big deal? I know that I bought a lot of slaves recently, but it’s not clear if I don’t have a royal brother. If he refuses to give his real name when I ask, I can’t bring so many slaves for cool brother to identify one by one, can I?"
"I was negligent!" The stowaway laughed. "But before that, I have to bother a little sister!"
"Cool brother, please say it!" Bud laughingly said to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Fall into the den of thieves Oscar
Chapter three hundred and twenty Fall into the den of thieves Oscar
In the middle of the night, the smog hangs around the lanterns and quietly hides a village full of evil. People in this village have the same gambling customs as people in other areas. The difference is that people in other areas are more upright, but people here are extremely shameless. This village is the most notorious village in the southeast corner of the dirty circle. It means not doing what you want.
Poor Oscar was randomly sent to this village that night; A small casino backyard was just hit by two gamblers who drank a lot of wine. The two gamblers just came out of the toilet and saw someone staring blankly in the courtyard. They suddenly stepped up their pace and swayed and bumped into that person. Naturally, this person has just been sent to the dirty circle. Two gamblers and one male Oscar said with a shoulder and a mouthful of alcohol, "Come on, brother! Let’s have a few more games. Let’s have a few more games. We must win you all this time! " Push and pull and drag Oscar into his gambling room.
"Brother, don’t worry, don’t worry!" Oscar was surprised that it had been pushed into a gambling room before it could be reflected.
The gambling room is full of smoke and alcohol. More than 30 gamblers sit, stand or lean, smoke, drink and play with daggers … In the middle of the gambling room, there is a brain, five sets in a row and two rows, and the gamblers sit back to back. A new gambling game has just ended, and no gamblers are discussing who will gamble and what? Just then the door opened and a man was pushed in. He stumbled and almost fell to the ground. When the gamblers saw that he was a stranger they had never seen before, their faces suddenly jumped out with malicious smiles.