But maybe it’s because the pay is too small and the shape is too spicy, so Ning Caier declined.

So the heroine can be gone.
This is worrying RAY.
At this time, RAY was introduced to a new actor.
After the trial, RAY was surprised to find that the other person actually has such a heroic spirit!
Leng Yan, sexy!
This is a feature that this female artist is ignored by the law!
This feature has not been seen for many years!
But in the end, it was decided that Fang Siyi was the heroine.
After seeing RAY bring real people.
Fang Siyi finally relieved.
It is obvious that the other party is Crystal, the heroine in the phenomenal "Toffee’s Promotion", which was burned all over the country in previous lives.
Since the candidate has not changed, Fang Siyi naturally agreed to the project.
Hai Yaner is now the second director of Drea Banner. When RAY announced the project, it caused a lot of attention.
Fang Siyi is not a sea rock!
Drea, today’s top film and television companies in China have a very perfect publicity department!
Compared with the previous life, the drama started shooting, at least it was a little hot.
Caused a lot of Haiyan vermicelli notes.
After all, RAY is definitely the first in the second generation of Chinese screenwriters!
Plus the original, there are still many fans, and even a little spray.
The "Toffee" crew started shooting after the Spring Festival.
It was also Xiangshan Film and Television Base. As a result, the crew of props group and art scenery group arrived in Xiangshan Film and Television Base only five days ago. At that time, the props library of the film and television base was rented by his crew and took away the top ten scenes, including gauze curtains, tables and a little something.
And this crew …
It’s Wu Shen Zhao Long.
After hearing that it was a dog filming, RAY’s heart became active
After shooting for a few days, RAY put up with simple scenery and props, so he decided to come over and ask the dog to help him ask how long it would take to finish the furniture.
The dog felt difficult when it heard it.
After all, the hero naturally knows that this is the most critical period of shooting, and the horse will have the highest C-the savior of Changbanpo.
This outfit and props can’t be less.
But RAY is also a good friend and the same company. It is impossible to refuse without looking at the monk’s face and the Buddha’s face
After thinking about it, the dog went out and went to the director with RAY for advice
And promised to remember the dog even if it didn’t work out.
Dogs naturally smile.
Although his coffee spot is not very high now, he has appeared in a lot of film and television, but it is not a first-line actor, but there is no doubt that he is a second-line actor
And RAY is the new director. Even if the play is successful, it is still not enough for him to play.
However, it hurts to say this if you know it yourself.
It is difficult for RAY to ask Yuan Ying, the director of literary drama.
Although the cast of "Wu Shen Zhao Long" is not too short of money, it is impossible to lend props when shooting if it is not for lack of brains.
What if there are some shots that need to be shot again?
But the key is RAY with Haiyan behind him and coming with the hero dog.
This gives the director a headache.
At the same time, I can’t help but marvel at the unity of Drea flag.
Generally speaking, no artist will do such offensive things.