There are many things in this world that can make people feel excited and excited, and it is undoubtedly a very exciting thing for a blind person to see the light again. However, Zhang Ping can’t see any exciting changes in his face, as if Zhang Ping had come here for tea and chat.

At this time, Zhang Ping smiled and said, "The flowers are full of flowers. There are all kinds of people in the rivers and lakes, but you are the only one who can make Zhang Ping feel admired."
When Zhang Ping came in, he got up and was full of flowers. He leaned slightly towards Zhang Ping and said with a smile, "Thank you, Zhang Daochang."
Zhang Ping shook his head and looked at Lu Xiaofeng and said, "You have to thank a chicken with four eyebrows instead of me."
With flowers all over the floor, he turned his face in the direction of Lu Xiaofeng. Although he couldn’t see it, he still had to do it. He didn’t speak, and Lu Xiaofeng didn’t speak. Real friends don’t need much words, respect and pay.
Zhang Ping’s method of seeing a doctor is very special. He neither feels the pulse nor asks about his illness. He sits quietly across a small square table with Huamulou.
If a person loses something, he will often get something. At this time, although he can’t see all the flowers, he feels like he is being watched by Zhang Ping.
It’s really a kind of xuangong to cultivate a kind of magic in the mind of Tao. Even though the level of force in this world is already high and frightening, it can be as kung fu as cultivating a kind of magic in the mind of Tao, but it is still not much.
A column of incense burned quietly. Zhang Pingxiao said to the already anxious florist and Lu Xiaofeng, "I’ll apply two medicines first, one for external application, and when the flowers are full of flowers, my eyes will be nursed back to normal, so I can make them see again by changing their eyes."
Everyone except the flowers and Zhang Ping became excited and happy after Zhang Ping’s voice fell behind. After all, they are all really full of flowers, and they are very happy to see the light again.
After the medicine is finished, the sun is already not early. After ordering the housekeeper to match the medicine as quickly as possible, the flower family will welcome Zhang Pingying to the dining room.
Pushing a cup for a change is the most natural thing for everyone. When asked where Zhang Ping will find a pair of suitable eyes, the ears of the audience can’t be checked.
Zhang Ping said with a smile at this time: "Although the eyes can be used theoretically, I want a pair of good eyes, otherwise how can I be worthy of my hand?"
Zhang Ping’s words are full of pride, but no one thinks that Zhang Ping is wrong. After all, these eyes are to be exchanged for flowers.
At this time, the flowers were all over the building, but he said to Zhang Ping, "Zhang Daochang, please say that your eyes will fall. Otherwise, I would rather be blind than koo-aid. I have lost my light. After all, I am used to living like this and they have not been used to it."
In the anxious eyes of the flower family and Lu Xiaofeng, Zhang Ping smiled and said, "I wonder if you know the golden gun and iron sword flag?"
Lu Xiaofeng said at this time: "Zhenyuan Escort Agency is really the world’s largest escort agency. It is really unusual to have a 27-pound epee all over the sky, but it’s a pity that I heard that he is blind and I think his eyes can’t be anymore."
At this time, Zhang Ping said with a smile: "Although people are often blind all over the sky, there is a person who is not blind but also very suitable."
Lu Xiaofeng couldn’t help asking: "Whose eyes?"
Zhang Ping said lightly, "It is the person who will embroider the blind eyes all over the sky. After all, if a person can embroider the blind eyes of others, his eyes will be very good and bright. Such eyes must be very suitable."
As for a person who embroidered thirty-six escort’s eyes and robbed them of silver, he can never be a good person, especially for those who are full of flowers, and he hates those who make people lose their light even more.
Lu Xiaofeng thought for a moment and then said, "It seems that Zhang Daochang knows the real identity of this embroidery thief?"
Zhang Ping said with a smile at this time: "Finding this embroidery thief still needs your help from Lu Xiaofeng."
Lu Xiaofeng pointed to himself in doubt and asked, "Me?"
Zhang Ping nodded and said, "Yes, I need you to take me to dinner, and then I can naturally find the embroidered thief."
Lu Xiaofeng then asked, "Have a meal? What meal? "
Zhang Ping said with a smile: "I heard that the best cook at the end of this day is Master Bitter Melon. He will never forget it if he cooks vegetarian dishes once, but it is really difficult for others except Lu Xiaofeng to eat a meal of Master Bitter Melon."
Early the next morning, Lu Xiaofeng and Zhang Ping had just had breakfast, so Lu Xiaofeng took Zhang Ping to find the master of bitter gourd, and the travelling expenses needed all the way were naturally sponsored by the flower family. After all, these eyes were to be replaced with flowers to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and forty-six Bitter gourd master vegetarian diet
There is incense burning in the meditation room. Zhang Ping has bathed in incense and sat waiting. If you want to taste the vegetarian food cooked by Master Bitter Melon, you should not only bathe in incense, but also be patient.
Master Momordica Charantia is not easy to cook. It is not only important for people to come right, but also to make him happy. Today, people come right. Besides Zhang Ping, there are Huangshan Gu Song lay man and the third Taoist who is known as the first poem, wine, sword and martial art of Go. Of course, these people are not ordinary people. Master Momordica Charantia is also very happy today.
In the twilight, Qingyue finally came. When Zhang Ping went out, Gu Song Jutu and Taoist priest were already waiting for him in the courtyard. The evening breeze blew through the bamboo forest and the summer heat had already been isolated from the world of mortals.
In the meditation room, the bamboo curtain hangs low, and you can smell a burst of aroma through the bamboo curtain enough to arouse people’s appetite.
Gu Song lay man sighed, "Master Bitter Melon’s vegetarian meal is really a double day."
The Taoist priest laughed. "He always said that even if the Bodhisattva smells vegetarian food, he will be moved." Gu Song said, "It seems that now that the food is served, what are we waiting for?"
Lift the bamboo curtain and walk in. Not only has the table been set, but two people have been sitting there quietly waiting for three people.
A pot of vegetarian ham, a plate of fried tofu and a large bowl of vegetarian duck are full of rich aroma.
The Taoist priest suddenly smiled at this time, and then he said, "Well, you Lu Xiaofeng stole my 50-year-old daughter red from two altars, and I watched you stare! Do you want me to rob the bitter gourd master Su Zhai again today? "
As the Taoist priest’s eyes swept across the table, several vegetarian meals were damaged, and he was puzzled and asked, "Hey, the sun came out in the west today?" It’s really weird that you Lu Xiaofeng didn’t steal to eat before. "
At this time, Zhang Ping should sit down and grab chopsticks unceremoniously. Zhang Ping eats quickly. If there is anything in the world that can be faster than Zhang Pingjian, it must be Zhang Ping chopsticks.
In the surprised eyes of Gu Song laymen and Taoist priests, Lu Xiaofeng and Master Bitter Melon not only failed to express their dissatisfaction with Zhang Ping, but also extended chopsticks to help Zhang Ping pick up vegetables.
Taoist Mu sighed at this time: "I didn’t expect the famous Lu Xiaofeng to be willing to give food to others at this time, and it was still the bitter gourd master Su Zhai. Then this Taoist friend must be the second Pingchang in the Jianghu recently."
Master Bitter Melon suddenly said, "In fact, he is no longer the most popular person in the Jianghu recently!"
Lu Xiaofeng said, "Who is it?"
Master Bitter Melon said, "Guess what?"