This …

I’m afraid even a person with a heart of stone will feel touched by the words. I’m clear and white. I feel like a loving father to Feng Shuang, a man who once died in Lu Feng. As for me, my former master sometimes thought that he was a sloppy old man, but I didn’t realize that my master was a kind elder for me until he left. It’s a pity that I never meant it.
"Brother Shifu will try his best to improve his own strength, and I will also protect him from being hurt again." I seem to say to Feng Shuang that it seems to be very helpful for landing.
At this time, Yue Feng helped Wang Meng to Feng Shuang’s side. Yue Fengsheng was afraid that he would disturb Feng Shuang and carefully said, "Martial Uncle Wang Meng is injured. Let’s go back and send it to Martial Uncle first. You should be careful to melt the blood …"
"Get out of here!" Feng Shuang was impatient and said that I smiled bitterly. Feng Shuang’s love for his disciples was almost crazy, which was unbelievable. Honestly, at this moment, I really envy the dead Lu Feng. He was so lucky to have such a good master.
Yue Feng and Wang Meng wry smile unceasingly Feng Shuang temper. They know that even if they are dissatisfied, they dare not say it. They nodded and Yue Feng helped the raptors to go further and further to the East.
Seeing this, I secretly wondered Yue Feng, who wanted to go back to the sect. But why should we leave the melting blood array in the east? Isn’t there a way to leave through the array? Don’t the two of them know this? It’s not right. People in the science of uniting don’t know the truth. Besides, even if they don’t know Feng Shuang, they should tell them.
I looked at the west, which was the direction of the eyes, and my heart was even more confused.
"Spirit how did this happen? The two of them are in the wrong direction. "
"I don’t know about this. Maybe I remember it wrong." Qi Ling said vaguely. Then I was silent as if I were in a deep sleep. I felt even more strange. I didn’t know that I had a feeling. Did Qi Ling lie to me?
After careful consideration, I shook my head gently. It’s impossible for Qi Ling to lie to me. Although Qi Ling didn’t lie less, it was still very reliable when the key was pressed. The Qi Ling would never lie to me. Besides, I observed the true direction of the array. Even if I wanted to lie, Qi Ling didn’t have this chance.
At this time, I was about to ask Qi Ling again, but there was an accident. Feng Shuang seemed to have found something terrible, and his face changed greatly. He shouted at me not far behind, "Get out of here!"
The spirit finally spoke, but it was so panic and fear. "Little White Run, the ghost appears!"
What! ! !
Suddenly, my face changed. My first reaction was to run away, but when I saw a face of tension and stayed where I was, Feng Shuang gave up. I was mad at the impulse spirit and roared, "Damn fool, why don’t you run away? The ghost is the nemesis of Zhong Kui Gate. You will die if you stay here."
"I know, but I can’t leave. I want to stay." My voice became more and more firm and seemed to announce the birth of an oath.
"What?" The spirit is unwilling to say
"Because he is my master!" I was silent every word, and I couldn’t seem to find words to refute.
"Master, be careful!"
My heart shouted a big step and came to the master. Feng Shuang turned around and showed relief. He smiled gently and said, "Wind, you should hide aside first, and I will take you to the sect when I solve this problem."
I really want to say that I’m not Lu Feng, I’m Ling Xiaobai, but I can’t say it at this time for fear that the old man can’t accept such a blow. Sometimes white lies are right, but lies are always lies.
I listened, but I couldn’t help sighing. "The horror of ghosts is not what you can imagine. Why did you stay? But I want to say that although Feng Shuang broke through and stopped the ghosts, did you eventually die?" The last sentence is very loud, as if to awaken my will, but the strength of firm will can be changed, not to mention the sound.
"Don’t say that I’ve made up my mind. Don’t persuade me. If the ghost kills the master, it will kill me sooner or later. In this case, it is better to let me accompany the poor old man so that there will be no regrets after his death. This is the only compensation I can do."
"Don’t you owe him anything to make it up to you?" Qi Ling was excited to say that he still wouldn’t give up exhortation.
"Stop it, asshole. I’ve already told you. I’ve decided not to change it. Absolutely not. I hope you can be white, too."
I said coldly and desperately, "Xiaobai, you have always been curious about what I told you to get away from reality only if you passed through the array. I lied to you, but you can get away from what you cheated because there is something you need in the array. I want to gamble and I want you to gamble. Is that something that can make you quickly improve your strength and have absolute life-saving means?"
"It doesn’t matter now. The ghost has come. If I can live, I will enter the array according to your request, but I hope you won’t persuade me. Please!"
So the conversation between Qi Ling and me ended, and at the same time, the ghost appeared. I widened my eyes to see what the ghost really looked like, but in my sight, there appeared a very strange-looking man with long hair and short stature. I couldn’t tell his gender, wearing a strange armor, and the dark red matched with his eerie smell, which made people shudder.
I can’t feel the ghost breath from the ghost body. The spirit of the sampler says yes. The ghost has left the illusory state of the ghost and has the physical state spell method. I’m afraid it will be the most beneficial for him to lose, and I don’t know if the spell will be affected. It’s better not, otherwise the master will be in danger.
At this moment, I actually took Feng Shuang as my master. He was nervous. He was worried that I would temporarily forget the pain caused by the departure of master Lu Dayou.
Chapter 53 Array eyes do not match
"Master, be careful that he is a ghost!" Although it is very likely that I will reveal my identity after telling the identity of the ghost for nothing, I still said it.
Ghost? Feng Shuang looked at the armor man in front with a startled look and indecision. These two words are too familiar to him. There are many ghosts in the practice world, but no one can survive after encountering ghosts. Will there be an accident today? Feng Shuang has no bottom in his heart.
Suddenly Feng Shuang turned around and looked at me with a dignified face. "Wind, go quickly. I may not be a ghost opponent, but when the master delays, you should hurry to ask the master for help. Maybe I can save my life. Go!"
"Master, I want to stay and help you!" I’m excited to say that if I run away at this moment, I’m afraid I’ll feel guilty for a generation even if I live later
Qi Ling sighed, "Your master is right. He may die. You can’t change anything if you stay, but if you return to your master for help, there may be a chance."
"I’m white, but I still want to stay," I said firmly, interrupting Qi Ling’s remaining words. Qi Ling sighed and said nothing.
Feng Shuang can’t be distracted when he doesn’t have time, because the ghost is about to walk in front of him, and the horrible breath slaps like a flood to stop everything in front of him. Feng Shuang’s face is more dignified, and the whole person has retreated three steps. At the same time, his hands and fingers touch each other slightly, and every time he can hear the sound of snapping like a broken branch.
However, as soon as the tail fingers touched, a loud bang was like thunder, and the sound was deafening. At this time, it was just the third step. Before Feng Shuang could stabilize his body, he suddenly drank a lot, clenched his hands and scattered his fingers, and touched them again. This movement lasted for three times.
Bang, bang, bang, three times in a row!
"Bai Hou, you should strive to improve your strength. Remember that your master Feng Shuang takes revenge. Don’t be sad. Don’t be miserable. Your master Feng Shuang did what he should do. What you should do is to take revenge on him." It is like telling the funeral.
"Tell me what happened?" I screamed at the top of my lungs that something terrible would happen to me for nothing.
"Feng Shuang has forbidden the spell. He already knows your identity. He can’t hurt the ghost with white spells, but he can trap the ghost. However, he has to pay the price of his life."
"The first person to be killed when the ghost was born is the head of Zhong Kui Gate. You are the head of Zhong Kui Gate. Although I don’t know why he wants to do this, I know that he really regards you as an apprentice."
Qi Ling’s tone became more and more excited, and he finally growled like a beast. "Just now, the two of us talked. He trapped the ghost and I helped you escape. The only thing left is that there will be no one in your mind after you do it. You will be clean!" When it comes to the end, Qi Ling chuckled a few times, but the tone sounded so heavy that she couldn’t find the relaxed taste of Silk House.
I, Master Bai and Qi Ling, are going to do something terrible for me. My face becomes ugly. I yell at me, but Qi Ling doesn’t say he is silent again.
"Qi Ling, what are you going to do? Tell me what the master is going to do. Tell me please!" I begged and begged.
Lock the soul!
Feng Shuang roars, his hands are scattered for an instant, he pushes forward heavily, and a harsh light appears as if a sharp arrow enveloped the ghost. The ghost screamed as if it had suffered great pain. A body twisted desperately and seemed to want to escape. Suddenly, the light turned into a thick chain like a stump. The ghost screamed and struggled hard, but it managed to break free from the chain.
I stared at this scene and Feng Shuang slowly turned around. His face was pale and scary, and his body was almost dark, as if he were about to burn out the candle, which might go out at any time. When I thought of this, I felt a sense of sadness in my heart.
Wait, I’m a sad teacher. Isn’t it good? I’m supposed to be happy, not sad. No!
"Ling Xiaobai, the head of the Zhong Kui Gate, helped you as my dead disciple. Lu Feng didn’t expect you to admit the breakthrough moment. At the same time, my consciousness was awake, and I also found the breath of your body. You must be very surprised how I found it. Hehe, because your master Lu Dayou and I are good friends and have seen the magic divination mirror more than once, we will find this detail for the first time."
I closed my eyes in pain. "Master, stop it!"
"Although you are not my apprentice, I regard you as an apprentice, and you are a disciple of Lu Dayou. I don’t want the Zhong Kui Gate to disappear completely. The spirit told me a good way to trap the ghost and help you escape."