Pang Xia saw this naturally as a surprise.

Xinxin went out of the city and walked towards the Woods.
At the same time, a group of players followed Pang Xia out of the city and walked into the Woods.
Pang Xia got the god weapon, but the whole game broadcast things.
If it weren’t for the kind of people who don’t care, most players know that Pang Xia has the first magic weapon in the game.
Therefore, there are too many people who play the idea of Pangxia Qinglei dagger.
However, he has been hiding his identity since he left Juxian Village.
Later, he went directly to the scenic area, and he appeared openly in a five-star restaurant in Hangzhou after winning the three-style "Sword of Heaven".
But in Pang Xia’s five-star restaurant, players can’t shoot him.
Otherwise, it will be immediately caught by the four thugs of the shadowy dynasty, Mahan, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu and sent to prison.
The charge is to smash and rob reputable businessmen with the intention of undermining social harmony.
These people are getting impatient to wait.
But I never thought it would be another village in a blink of an eye.
Pang Xia walked out of the city thinking about the Woods.
These players will not let go of this godsend opportunity.
Therefore, regardless of whether they are suspicious, they just followed Pang Xia into the Woods.
But to their surprise, when they walked into the Woods, they saw Pang Xia sitting in a broken tree waiting for them.
"You are too slow to follow me out from Hangzhou, and now you just find me.
Looking at a face of carefree Pang Xia, the leading player in this team came forward and bowed his hand to Pang Xia.
"You must be the fat shrimp in the Jianghu."
"Well, wouldn’t you believe me if I said it wasn’t?"
"Since the pavilion is so, I won’t talk nonsense. You can leave the artifact safely or you will blame us for not being moral and bullying less!"
"In fact, I really want to see how much you bully less."
"In that case, then do it! Let hidden weapons go! "
As the leading player commanded the rear, those people actually shot their hidden weapons at Pang Xia.
Looking at these people, Pang Xia’s eyes were slightly set and he became curious about the identity of these people.
You know, in the martial arts world, hidden weapons’s martial arts are different from hidden weapons’s, and the explosion rate is very low.
Only two or three players out of a hundred can master hidden weapons martial arts.
And it is often the lowest level martial arts.
The rare mid-level hidden weapons martial arts cheats are all equivalent to martial arts at the auction house.
Hidden weapons martial arts cheats at Yu Cheng level …
It is foolish to sell this kind of thing.
Look at the oncoming large number of hidden weapons Pangxia word immediately start the Upanishads!
But I saw a blue ball wrapped around Pang Xia. He stopped those who flocked to hidden weapons.
However, to Pang Xia’s expectation, it was his own Upanishads that blocked many hidden weapons.
However, there are a few hair-pin-shaped hidden weapons passing through the acupoints of Pang Xia’s body.
"Break Gang gas hidden weapons.
! "
Speak with one move
The subtle palm technique bounced all those needle-shaped hidden weapons out.
But even so, Pang Xia broke out in a cold sweat.
Almost Pang Xia was about to capsize in the gutter and was killed by hidden weapons.
You know, this hidden weapons base can quench poison.
If there is no corresponding antidote, even if hidden weapons can’t kill the poison, it will be poisoned
"It seems really can’t look down on players.
I was almost killed by that lover Shengjing.
This time, I met these guys who obviously have sect support. It seems that this game is getting more and more fun!
As the saying goes, since I met you, let me see how strong your sect is. "
Pang Xia’s expression faintly reveals a trace of excitement.
He dispersed the whole person’s body, and a dragon appeared around Pang Xia and made a clear dragon rhyme.
"You be careful that is JueXue" Dragon Ten Palm "
Although it is incomplete, it also has ten palms. The power cannot be underestimated! "
Listen to these words PangXia smiled and said, "it seems that you really know a lot about me.