This kind of stone is formed by a little accumulation and condensation over the years. The hand is hard and abnormal, just like King Kong.

Sun Hao’s thumb-sized haixuanshi is blue and crystal clear. When the sun shines, it will reflect the blue light.
Put a piece of seaweed in your mouth and quickly introduce it into dantian.
At this time, Sun Haodan field has a piece of true yuan Danhai, a purple-patterned elixir slowly rotating and floating in the pure Vulcan of Danhai, and two crimson red clouds are magnetized by the earth fire. From time to time, Zi Xia rises around the elixir to nourish it, and from time to time, true liquid drops out and falls into the Danhai.
Sun Hao, the whole dantian weather is magnificent and endless.
Haixuanshi enters the Dantian Jindanma and rotates. Sun Hao drives the company to emit a faint red light, and Yan Long Jiu Diezhen Yuan starts refining.
Haixuanshi is strong, but it can’t beat Sun Hao’s five-inch pure fire.
The gods control the five-inch gods to turn into a sharp sword, and constantly attack the sea-Xuan stone to split the whole sea-Xuan stone to facilitate the fire property and accelerate the refining.
Chapter six hundred and thirteen Dark rainbow
It may be difficult for Brother Bie to refine Haixuanshi, but Sun Hao is not a problem here.
A Thumb-sized sea stele is refined by Sun Hao and turned into a pure earth energy.
The earth attribute energy driven by the Five Elements Wheel Spirit Tactics is wrapped by the bubbles of the Five Elements Wheel Spirit Tactics and directed by Sun Hao to be injected into the dust core stone tire a little bit.
Dust, which has never had a special reaction, finally took the initiative. Sun Hao poured into the soil and the energy was quickly absorbed to grow itself.
When the attribute energy of a haixuanshi soil is less than one wick, it is digested by Sun Haowei dust.
However, Sun Hao carefully observed the dust in the spleen and found no significant changes, as if those absorbed energy had just disappeared.
Just like a big stomach king who just chewed a small bite of bread, he didn’t feel anything.
With a faint smile on his face, Sun Hao once again took out a sea xuanshi and made persistent efforts to refine it.
Sun Hao still doesn’t believe that dozens of pieces of sea xuanshi will change when they go to the dust.
Sun Hao kept refining Haixuanshi to grow dust.
The monks who went out on Fengyun rode their flying swords back like milk swallows returning to their nests.
Although the risk of the sea is not high, He Xiongjie still regrets to tell Sun Hao that five monks failed to return on time this trip. Five monks are a small team, even if they met something irresistible, the whole team fell into the vast sea and never came back.
Sun Hao found that whenever He Xiongjie was excited or nervous, a pair of fleshy ears would be red and vibrate slightly.
Obviously, He Xiongjie was stimulated by the fall of five fellow monks, and his ears were abnormal at this time.
After the time passed outside, Fengyun still waited for half an hour, and finally confirmed that the five monks could never return. After that, the monks then reappeared and recruited back the anchor of the deep reef.
Yu doesn’t want the Fengyun, the great commander, to go into the sea again and set out to break the waves and advance into the deep sea.
Many Godsworn Tsukiji, like He Xiongjie, have a sad heart. Seeing the fallen Godsworn in the distance from the deck, they are crying.
But this is how the monk’s life has passed. How many people remember that five monks were swallowed up in this sea today?
Fengyun is very human, and there is no arrangement for temporarily recruiting these monks to rest for five days.
However, I don’t want to say that Fengyun will enter the deep sea area in five days, and then the ship will be busy, and everyone should be prepared.
The crew recruited temporarily counted the harvest from going out and sank into the practice to prepare for the upcoming deep-sea trip.
Five days later, Sun Hao finished refining and had harvested all the haixuanshi, but the result was a bit unexpected for Sun Hao.
Dozens of pieces of haixuanshi have gone to their own bodies, and the dust is still unchanged. It is still a grain that is almost hard to find, and there is no sign that Sun Hao expected to grow up.
Where have all the properties and energy of so much pure soil of Haixuanshi gone?
A little dust has a bad appetite.
Sun Hao is a little confused about what this dust is. The degree of greed makes Sun Hao outrageous.
However, when you think about it, Sun Hao is also a bit vain. When the dust body was born, it was congenitally underdeveloped. Compared with the small flame born out of the dragon beast fire, how many times did the small flame develop? I don’t know how many flames have been absorbed and expanded, but it still failed to reach the true fire.
The energy required for dust is naturally more massive.
Of course, the absorption and digestion of the dust in Sun Haohai’s xuanshi has changed a little, and this change is manifested in the great increase in the desire for soil properties and spiritual objects
Every time Sun Hao refines Haixuanshi, the dust is no longer a vague desire, but expresses a strong devouring. Sun Hao can directly make the dust enter the Dantian refining Haixuanshi.
Of course, the ability of dust to go into the abdomen is limited, and it is estimated that it will help a lot. Sun Hao did not drive him to the abdomen, but every time he refined Haixuanshi with then, he imported the energy into the dust to absorb it, which was faster and more economical.
Five days later, Sun Hao had the only one that had not been refined yet, and there was a large sea serpent hidden in it.
Sun Hao, the sea xuanshi, is not going to take it out for the time being, and the primer sand washed after refining needs to be of high quality, but this piece has to be left first.
Haixuanshi’s help to dust should not be saturated.
Sun Hao decided to harvest Haixuanshi when he went out to sea alone in the future, and the dust continued to grow, giving off a new response.
Otherwise, it is a joke that the golden lungs need to be strengthened and the dust should not be sent out yet.
Judging from the performance of small flames and mudan, the function of dust should not be weak, but I don’t know which direction the soil property dust should be. Now, except for the appetite, dust has not shown its uniqueness
In the past five days, Sun Hao and He Xiongjie were arranged to go on deck to perform their duties again according to Fengyun.
Sun Hao and He Xiongjie are mainly the protection and excitation of the first mast sail formation of the main mast.
On this day, the sea wind and the beautiful sun Hao and He Xiongjie appeared side by side on the deck to get familiar with the sails.
The sea breeze blows the sails, and the hunting sounds the forward momentum of Fengyun.
He Xiongjie and Sun Hao just smiled and chatted with their fellow ships after the mast array ran smoothly.
Ying xuanhu holds the large array of foremast and greets two people with a smile as usual.
Brother Nguyen, who presided over the second mast of the main mast, was not in a good complexion. All three of them were slightly gaunt and pale, and one of them didn’t rest well. This state is rare among monks.
When looking at Sun Hao and He Xiongjie, the three brothers smiled a little reluctantly and a little absent-minded