"ah? What’s the matter? " Feifei suddenly up consternation way

I told today’s story in detail, and Feifei’s face became uncertain.
"I don’t know what to say. Do you really want to leave Chang ‘an for Tiancheng? Even at such a big price? "
"Well," I nodded heavily. This is a matter of principle. I don’t choose.
"In fact, it’s not a bad thing. Things will come at this time. It’s better than waiting for the guild to grow up and split up. What I want to go to Tiancheng is to come out on my own. You know what I think, that’s enough. Don’t try to persuade me."
Feifei’s face darkened a lot. It took a while before she said, "Well, well, if you need anything, please feel free to tell me that Changle and I can work out a definition."
"Ha ha, if you need anything, I’m sure I’ll come to you first. You just want to escape, and it’s impossible." I saw Feifei, who seemed unhappy, and made a quick laugh.
"Well, well, you always like to do strange things when you were young. Haha," Feifei said and laughed.
I don’t think it’s meaningful to stay here any longer. Besides, I have to train, so I quickly found an excuse to leave Changle Valley.
I sent them a message that those guys have reached the depths of the western grassland. Anyway, I don’t want to train by fighting monsters, not to mention that I have to work with others. I really don’t like it.
Let’s find some business quickly.
I’ve been dusted in a package for a long time. Boy, why are there so many criminals recently? There are dozens of pages waiting for me to clean up. This is a good opportunity. Anyway, we are also at level 4, and there is a gold dagger to support us. Even the most powerful people, I dare to give it a try.
Let’s choose something easy to deal with first. I chose a 30-level mage to start work. The mage’s health is low, not to mention that it is not easy for him to hit me if he wants to take a step.
Thirty days later, the golden dagger is enough to make my attack power nearly double, and it also makes me directly rise from level 4 to level 5 and officially enter the riding age. Haha.
I don’t know how those guys have been promoted recently. At least half of them should be able to reach level 45. You know, they can get hundreds of thousands of gold coins from the business. If they don’t arrive, I really want them to enjoy my punishment.
Look at the situation now.
Player cangshui
Grade 5
Attack 25236 plus 4% for 1 second poison attack.
Defense 3539
Physical strength 152
Magic attack 152
Magic defense 3335
Intelligence 152
Power 152
Agile 395
Charm 3
Lucky 3
Equip junior assassins with death vest physical defense 25, magic defense 3234 black cloth physical defense 35, magic defense 24 black cloth hat defense 12 Tiger King Agile Necklace Agile +242 black bracelets 1 attack cold iron ring attack 35 Silver assassin ring attack 12(+2) toxin attack consumes 1% of the attack power of the target health value holder per second, and lasts for 1 second. Black necklace attack 25 gold dark dagger assassin special attack 12-16 toxin attack consumes 3% of the attack power of the target health value holder per second.
"Boss, we have been waiting for you in Tianxianglou. Haha" I was just about to summon those guys to send the news. Hey, hey, I want you kids to laugh so hard now. I’ll find out who hasn’t finished. See if I don’t peel off your skin to make coats?
"Yes, I’m coming." I said with a scroll back to the city and returned to Chang ‘an to Tianxianglou. The bartender knew who I was long ago and greeted me with a professional smile so that I could give him a few gold coins, which freed my ears and quickly fled the building.
"The boss of Cang Shui is careful." The bartender took the money and laughed at me. This broken game is really his mother’s pervert. A poor second bullied me. I will sell him to the kiln as a pimp another day to stop him from directly dealing with the vast number of old, ugly and lonely women.
I came to the top floor box and they were already waiting for me there.
"Boss, you can come. We can wait until our hair turns white. Haha," The lion jumped on me as soon as he saw me coming in. Does this guy really know or not? His strong body is at least 200 kilograms of meat, and no one can stand it.
Hey, hey, we’re not stupid camels like you. I quickly got to the bottom of the box.
Everyone thinks I’m sitting in the innermost chair at the moment.
"Boss, you are so awesome. I didn’t even see how you got in. Who dares to PK with you after this?" That guy is just exaggerating. Although the speed is good, there is still a long way to go from your novel. If you smelly little people stare at me deliberately, it’s not so easy for me to come in.
"Okay, cauliflower, tell me about everyone’s level now." I’m too lazy and entangled to directly worship cauliflower on one side.
"Eldest brother through this month’s efforts to train our guild power has been greatly increased …"
"You just say how many levels everyone is, so don’t say that nonsense." I said impatiently, when did this kid learn the nagging things of state-owned enterprises?
"Boss, can’t you let me show my eloquence?" Cauliflower hit me as soon as I took a bite, and my cold eyes immediately changed the subject. "Now we have 45 members and 9 others are at level 4."
Not bad, although I didn’t achieve my expected goal, it is not easy to achieve this level in just one month.
"Good, good, now that everyone is almost ready, it’s time for us to leave for Tiancheng, telling you a bad news. Because Tiancheng is too remote, there are very few players. More importantly, there is no direct delivery from Chang’ an to Tiancheng."
"Boss, you don’t mean we’re going to walk there, do you?" I didn’t expect that the first person to ask this question turned out to be a lion. It’s not good to stay with them for too long and learn that they are lazy.
"Of course, I’m not walking. I’m riding on you. If you have a better way to go than walking, I won’t object." I smiled insidiously at the lion and sure enough, my words fell on my face. Everyone was already crying.
"Eldest brother, you have level 5?" Or cauliflower cong heard the clue from my words
"Ha ha, of course, you all have level 45. How can I be the boss lower than you? Don’t worry, I think you will definitely gain a lot from this trip to Tiancheng. The fewer people, the more monsters there are, and the faster you will upgrade. "
In addition to hitting these guys, of course, we have to encourage them to see that there will be benefits ahead, haha
"So, boss, how can we come back after we go?" A soldier got up and asked
Oh, shit. Is that a problem? Is there such a question?
I am depressed.
"Dizzy, we won’t build a send array in the sky? No doesn’t mean we can’t build it, does it? " Hey, I still wronged myself. Who told me that I was the boss was even more unlucky? Why did you let me stand such a younger brother?
"Ha ha, you are so stupid. I didn’t know you were still hanging out in the sky."
"Hey, hey, popsicle, you’re famous. The boss said you were stupid. It seems that the title of the first rammed ostrich in the guild belongs to you."
"Boss, when shall we start?" After a while suddenly asked
Of course, the sooner the better. If you can’t come today, then God forbid.
I thought about it and looked up and said, "It’s early in the morning."
16 expedition is difficult
"Feifei sometimes? I have something I want to talk to you about. "After I sent everyone away, I quickly sent a message to Feifei. I will leave Chang ‘an early in the morning, and I have to please her. Anyway, there is a beautiful coolie here who doesn’t squeeze white or squeeze."
"I’m busy. What’s the matter?"
Shit, I haven’t looked for you for a month. I’m just busy. Forget it. Anyway, a school can run away from monks. I’m afraid you’ll take the girls’ dormitory away? koongpa
"I’m leaving the firm early, so please be old."
"See you sometimes, don’t worry, it’s in my mother’s body." Dizzy ya said she was really out of breath when she was fat. Forget it, our lords won’t care about her little girl. What’s worse, we have to rely on her. I’d better hurry up and prepare more potions. Although it’s better to take a ride from Chang ‘an to the nearest windy city from windy city to windy city, it’s still a few days to go from windy city to windy city.
The sun has risen, so I got up sleepily and looked at Zuo Bin. They all entered the game, so I quickly went in, too.