When Sinoe saw Lucifer, he could still laugh. He was unhappy for a while and said, "Do you think you can catch a cheat?"

"Maybe, but maybe not"
JiTianCi also ignore his face is still a pair of interesting appearance.
The Grace Casino, which is luxuriously decorated later, has gathered celebrities from all walks of life.
On the second floor, a bunch of workers in the monitoring center are staring at the "blackjack" game area, and they are so nervous that they can’t speak. These workers are casino consultants and experts hired by casinos at high prices to catch cheaters.
Nicole and Ji Tianci also came to the actual monitoring center of the casino monitoring center. There is another name, "Casino War Situation Analysis Room". The big room is full of monitors to monitor every gambling table from all angles, and many security guards in black suits are always ready to catch unruly people.
Ji Tianci is not the first time to come to this casino. He likes the atmosphere in the casino or the gamblers. It is full of people’s purest desires to win money. These desires make him feel more comfortable.
"Lucifer, do you see anything special?" Nicole asked.
Ji Tianci shook his head. "You can’t see anything in the monitoring. The cheater should have not appeared yet."
Shino sneer at a "hum! The blackjack table hasn’t started to lose money yet, and everyone knows that the cheater hasn’t appeared yet. "
Nicole felt that Hino’s tone was not friendly. She quickly replied, "Uncle! Lucifer also wants to help us. "
"help? How does he help? Help us with his handsome face? "
Ji Tianci was not angry at these words. "Oh, I don’t want to help anyone. I just want to meet the cheater. Nicole, I want to go to the first floor alone and see you. Just stay here."
Nicole’s face hesitated. She was an uncle, which made him unhappy. She was about to explain a few words, but Ji Tianci had already walked out the door.
Come to the casino on the first floor, the stadium is constantly cheering and shouting, and people are excited everywhere. For gamblers, it is just the beginning of the half-time.
Ji Tianci started wandering around the casino. The security guards almost knew that he was Nicole’s favorite man and nodded politely after seeing him.
In the past half an hour, Ji Tianci has visited the casino, but she hasn’t found anyone special.
Just then, a middle-aged woman dressed in ordinary clothes walked into the casino. She changed 50 thousand euros in chips and went to the blackjack table
Ji Tianci felt strange when he saw her. He always thought that this middle-aged woman was a man, but she couldn’t see any traces of disguise.
When people come to the casino, there is a strong desire to win money. Ji Tianci also feels it, but this desire is far less strong than others. Ji Tianci feels more about this woman’s confidence in winning money.
"Lend me your walkie-talkie." Ji Tianci came to a security guard.
The security guard hesitated to look at the camera, and then Nicole sounded "Give him the walkie-talkie" in the earphone.
Ji Tianci took the walkie-talkie and said, "It’s a little special to see a woman sitting at table 5 in position 1 without her."
"Special? How special? " Nicole asked doubtfully.
"I can’t say that you should pay more attention to her situation."
With that, Ji Tianci walked towards the second floor. The best observation position is the monitoring center.
On the second floor, Hino looked at Ji Tianci derisively. "Are you sure she is a cheat?"
"I’m not sure. I mean, she’s something special."
Shino went on to say, "She just played a game and lost."
"oh? How to lose? "
"The lotus official card is a dark card at 7 o’clock and a total of 11 o’clock at 4 o’clock. She got a card (1 point) and a 5 and continued to ask for two cards, one at 3 o’clock and one at 2 o’clock, a total of 2 points, but when we flop the lotus official, the first card also turned out to beat her at 21 o’clock."
"Where is she now?" Ji Tianci didn’t see the female figure at table 5.
"She polished all her bets, 50,000 euros, and now I’m afraid she left the casino." Shino smiled mockingly again.
"Let me see the video," Ji Tianci said.
"OK, as you wish."
Hino looked so-called and asked the workers to bring up the video of the woman gambling just now.
In the video, after the Dutch official dealt the cards, the woman got 15 points in her hand, and then she called another card without changing her face. At 3 o’clock, it was already 1 o’clock. Generally, normal people would not continue to bid because there was a great chance that the card would burst, but the woman called another card without changing her face. At 3 o’clock, there were 2 points, and this point had a great chance to win the card.
"Don’t you feel strange? After she got 1 o’clock, she still dared to continue bidding. "Ji Tianci asked Xiangxinuo.
"Lucifer, it’s normal. You don’t know gamblers. They have nothing to be afraid of." Sinoe was a moralist.
The video continues to play, and the player sitting in position 3 seems to have made a mistake. It was an old man. His initial card was 1: 00, but he still called another card like player 1. As a result, the player’s points suddenly exploded.
"See if the world is crazy?" Hino told Ji Tianci that it was not just the first player who would do that.
In the blackjack rule, it is not the player’s size but the player’s dealer’s size, that is, the dealer’s size. It is said that the player will not choose to bid again when he gets the 17-point card, because there will be a great chance that the card will be broken, but there are still many gamblers who will choose to continue bidding to ensure that they win.
"Player No.3 bet 2,000 euros, and he may not care to blow it himself," Ji Tianci said lightly.
The video continued to play, except for player No.3, who didn’t make mistakes. After getting a relatively high number of points, he didn’t bid again. In this game, player No.6 got 2 points, and the dealer drew back his bet, while the dealer won the bet of other players.
"If player No.3 doesn’t continue to ask for cards, the dealer will give himself a card, and player No.6 will ask for the last card at 7 o’clock, then the dealer will get a total of 1 point. According to the rules, the dealer can’t continue to ask for cards, so that player No.1 will win 50,000 euros. I’m afraid it is unexpected for player No.3 to ask for cards."
When Ji Tianci monitored the video and turned it back to player No.3 to get the card, the situation was sure enough that player No.1′ s face was surprised and unhappy at that time.
Surprise is understandable, but unhappy expression should not appear, just like being unhappy because someone upset her plan.
Shino was noncommittal. "Anyway, this woman really lost everything. Those cheaters won’t lose themselves."
Before his voice fell, a worker shouted, "That woman is back again."
The sixth volume World War Chapter one hundred and seventy The big winner
They hurriedly looked at several other monitors and saw that the middle-aged woman returned to the casino and got ten thousand euros in chips.
"She should have just taken the money," Nicole said.
Hino saw the woman wandering around the blackjack game area, but never found a table to sit on.
"Why doesn’t she play at the table?" Hino asked Ji Tianci.
Ji Tianci mused, "I think she is waiting for position 1."
"No.1 position? What should I wait for position 1? "
"Because position 1 is the first to deal cards, we assume that she knows the card order. Sitting in position 1 is the first important player, so that she can know exactly how many points she can get at most without being influenced by the player behind her. If she sits behind her, the position of holding cards will change because of the’ risk’ of the player in front of her. She expects the card order to be the same as just now.
She can know exactly how many points she can get at the first licensing position, of course, it is not necessarily the No.1 position. If the first licensing position is the best for her. "
"Is this really the case?" A casino consultant exclaimed and everyone turned their eyes.
The consultant went on to say, "We have repeatedly studied the videos of winners, and they do have this common feature. Most of the time, they sit in the first licensing position."
"Are they all incapable of playing cards?" JiTianCi then asked