Five people shouted from the floor and looked up at several windows, showing countless brains.

"Thief, how did you do such a dangerous thing?"
"Yes, in case anything happens to you, who can we rely on for the full moon?"
"Steal a signature!"
"Evil always I want to see your equipment? Don’t run! "
Let’s go!’ The stowaway said with a smile that the five men turned and ran away.
"Let’s catch up!" Building suddenly someone shouted
"chase!" Nearly a hundred tones suddenly responded
It was unusually bright in time, and the surroundings of the hotel were even brighter as day.
In this white night, five agile figures shuttled behind them in the street. Three or four hundred people shouted their names while chasing them, which led several passers-by to follow them. The team soon increased to seven hundred people, followed by one thousand people and eventually increased to three thousand people. Most people joined the camp on the road and didn’t know what it was like. They shouted after each other, but no one could chase the five people in front, but they got farther and farther away.
"Now I finally know the benefits of running. It can make us jump like a fly when we run away!" The evil one said with a smile
"It seems that our hunters haven’t come out to exercise well recently!" The redeemer joked.
Five people all laughed.
The stowaway smiled and said, "Now 234 can catch some express trains!"
"Oh!" "Oh!" "hmm!" "good!" The four partners responded in unison
Five people speed up again, sway the streets at night and run like five ghosts, while behind them, a huge team of true and false fans occupy the whole sidewalk, shouting their names and trying to chase after them and vowing to get a celebrity signature.
"The last street. Come on, be sure to catch the express train!" Stowaway inspiring way
"Go!" The five people are excited to run faster. At this moment, they are no longer running to escape from fans and expose their identities, but to chase their dreams! Life will turn a new chapter in a moment.
In front of them, a resplendent "time express civilian city" has already appeared, where the crowds coming and going are relatively sparse; Nearly two miles behind them, the mighty crowd chased and shouted breathlessly, like a bunch of wolf smoke rushing through the street.
"extreme measure buys tickets!" Stowaways command tone said; Running into the ticket hall, five people saw the situation at a glance. Now there are less than ten windows at work, and there are twenty or thirty people lined up in front of each window. Five people ran to the shortest column in the queue.
The evil man and the redeemer took the lead in two steps, but did not enter the team, but walked in two teams. Immediately, a young man was unhappy and said, "Line up!"
Evil brush a draw out four or five 1 coin human-god that han immediately bow to say with smile "two first! Two first! "
This method of two people’s interests soon ranked second in the team.
Stowaways, followers and returnees are waiting at the back of the line, occasionally looking out and chasing fans closer and closer.
"When you arrive at two o’clock or at six or four in the morning, which one should you take earlier?" The first young man was thinking about which ticket to buy. Suddenly, a dozen human-god coins appeared in front of him. He froze for a moment, grabbed the human-god coins with a grin on his face, and said, "Please! Please! "
At the same time, the redeemer has said, "Order five king cities!"
Young people with a dozen human-god coins took a half step back and counted "one hundred, two hundred, three hundred … one thousand, one thousand one hundred …"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two King City
When an express train was not full of passengers, five people were sitting panting and sweating. They finally stepped into the ticket gate three minutes before the train and rushed to the train. Their fans were blocked out of the car because they didn’t have a ticket or a table ticket, but they heard the fans’ loud expectation of "stealing the total! Follow the manager! Evil manager! Total redemption! General manager hui! Be sure to take the first place! Full moon elite depends on you! "
"That was a close call! I almost we will be divided! " The evil man panted and sneered
All five people laughed, mixed with heavy panting, and their bodies trembled involuntarily.
After about half a minute, the returnee gasped and asked the stowaway, "What are you going to do?"
The partners all looked at the stowaway with keen eyes. The stowaway took a deep breath and looked at everyone holding back their heartbeat and said in a calm tone, "Nothing is more important than our goal! We can maximize the wishes of fans when the goal allows! "
"I didn’t expect things to be so difficult. I can’t rush too hard or fall off. Even if I saw it, we would be flooded by thousands of people!" The evil man sighs that sweat keeps spilling over the skin and gathering together with a little itching, eventually forming a drop of sweat and jingling down.
"Hey which have perfect things! In fact, it’s good to play less games and save some brains. "The redeemer laughed at himself.
"rest, everything is the same during the day!" The stowaway woke up with a smile
"ah!" The evil man and the redeemer were surprised in unison, but they answered that they had three pairs of smiling eyes.
The stowaway closed his eyes and just ran for a long time. He didn’t feel sleepy at all. He is still breathing heavily. He habitually closed his eyes, just like mourning at this time of going to bed on time every day. Soon the stowaway eased his breathing, or more precisely, took a deep breath to control his excitement.
When the train was running quietly, there was no noise. There were passengers holding each other’s words a little distorted. The five people didn’t feel uncomfortable, but they were comfortable and closed their eyes for a few minutes. The stowaway slowly opened his eyes and looked out of the window, but there were several white lines that seemed to be still in front of his eyes.
"Boss, you can’t sleep either?" The evil man said cheekily
"Brother, sister seems to be unable to sleep either." The redeemer also said with a smile.