Jenny’s poem is not angry. Anyway, she has lost her character when she is humiliated. Lang is what she calls it now.

"Are you full?"
"Well" LanYunPeng nodded his head.
Jenny took a small bag of gold coins from her handbag and handed it over.
"This is?"
"I said it was my treat, but of course you should pay for the boys and girls together."
Jenny’s poem was very casual, but Lan Yunpeng was a little touched. This naughty girl really thought about her face and there were ten gold coins left after checking out. Lan Yunpeng handed it to Jenny’s poem, but she didn’t pick it up. "I know you are starving recently. Remember to pay interest when I lend you this money!"
"I am not so grateful. I will be embarrassed to look at my family!" Jenny smiled a little evil, "100% interest!"
The juice in Lan Yunpeng’s mouth almost gushed out. He looked at the crazy girl in front of him and took back her gratitude just now. Anyway, with the Snow Beauty borrowing gold coins, Lan Yunpeng finally got rid of the half-starved life, drank porridge and ate brown bread, and occasionally saw meat.
When studying hard, it always passes very quickly. Today is the first holiday of school. Most students are still hiding in the warm bed and sleeping hard. But Lan Yunpeng got up early. Today is the official ribbon-cutting day of mandala wheat cake chain. He doesn’t want to be removed because he is late.
There are not a few rich students in Bauhinia College, the highest institution in the Holy Alliance. Even if their families are ordinary, they can easily find well-paid part-time jobs. There is considerable potential for consumption here. The mandala wheat cake chain student street chain store covers less area and is more than twice as large as other chain stores.
I looked around at my colleagues, all of whom are newly admitted freshmen. All intelligent races attach great importance to this store. Lan Yunpeng, a classmate of mandala wheat cake chain, and Miss Marilyn will personally come and finish the ribbon-cutting to get the news. The whole Bauhinia College is crazy. After all, 99% of the students have not seen this peerless beauty.
When the shop door looked everywhere, there was a sea of people. Many male students came here earlier than Ban Lanyun Peng, and they came here at two o’clock in the morning to queue up for a position to see the beauty craze. At this point, it was really a very sexy embryo among men.
At about nine o’clock, the crowd was noisy suddenly, but it was quickly stopped. The school guards were sent to the college to help maintain order. The school also attached great importance to the flagship store of mandala wheat cake chain. Although the principal was not close, several high-level officials arrived here. The sacred alliance of mandala Chamber of Commerce has always maintained friendly diplomacy and is one of the main sponsors of Bauhinia College scholarship.
The school guards drove the fanatics to both sides of the road and set up fences. The scene was a little chaotic, and it would be bad if they were profited by malicious people.
17 Gu Youlan
Dozens of beautiful five-order flying wing tigers of Warcraft slowly drove up. These cars are specially customized with top-level technology and super-strength anti-magic materials, which have strong vitality in the face of attacks by wizards and soldiers and are praised as one of the safest means of transportation in land.
On both sides of the vehicle, there are dozens of magic wolf knights in armor and a five-meter-long knight gun, which is not inferior to the princess Marilyn, the richest man in the mainland of Sderot.
Compared with some aristocratic and unruly ladies, Marilyn not only has the appearance that makes the goddess of love feel jealous, but her wisdom, especially her business talent, is even more amazing. Actually, she doesn’t like these grand ostentation and extravagance when she travels, but being the sole legal heir of the mandala Chamber of Commerce, her every move and deed represents the glory of the whole chamber of commerce, which is indispensable. In addition, Marilyn has become the dream goal of many fugitives to get rich overnight, and the security forces around her have been strengthened. No matter who you are, you will have times when you can’t help yourself.
"Mary has arrived." Lift the delicate animal skin curtain of the vehicle. Ai Jiani awakens the repose of reclining on the sofa. Marilyn Ai Jiani is a great swordsman and a guard of Marilyn.
"Arrived so soon? I almost fell asleep in the car! " Glancing at the instrument in her mirror, Ai Jiani hit the door and Marilyn came and smiled and waved to the people around her. She smiled like a spring breeze, and everyone actually took a deep breath. The original noisy facade suddenly became quiet, as if it had solidified at this moment.
I was surprised to see Marilyn Lanyunpeng at first sight. He always thought that Julianne was the most perfect posture in the mainland of Sderot. I didn’t expect that there were any girls who could match her. This also made him feel a strong curiosity about the three beauties of Terran, Princess Molybdenum, who he had never seen before.
If Julianne cuisine is elegant and luxurious, then Marilyn is Gu Youlan in front of her, and she is also beautiful in French form. Before crossing to the mainland of Sderot, Lan Yunpeng never thought that girls could be so beautiful, and the whole assembly line technology of the earth and the country was not one thousandth of them in the past.
Marilyn still kept a faint smile on her face for everything in front of her eyes, and she was used to thanking the distinguished guests present. The admirer representative was polite and greeted everything with ease
Soon it was time to cut the ribbon. However, at this moment, an accident happened. Several dense fog magic scrolls were thrown into the crowd. The crimson smoke was suffocating and quickly spread to the whole street. Suddenly, there was a scream. The original and orderly scene suddenly became chaotic. Before setting up a cordon, it was quickly rushed to chaos. The school guards sent by Bauhinia College could not control the scene. After all, they were too few to follow, and the magic wolf knights were also attacked. The poachers wore ordinary clothes and mixed with the crowd, but their every move seemed to be well trained.
"Miss, go to the store first!" Ai Jiani, an experienced woman, must have planned ahead. It is impossible to leave the scene. So she ordered the maids to protect Marilyn from the wheat cake shop. There is no formal business in the wheat cake shop. There are no others except the students and chefs. In addition, these maids are not ordinary people. They are carefully selected from the family to deal with some ordinary people with ulterior motives. Although there is pressure, there will be no big accidents.
"Why can’t you fight again and be a man?" Lan Yunpeng has long since woken up from the initial surprise, so that the girl is beautiful, which is a disaster for the country and the people. Whether it is identity, status or wealth, the gap between Mars and the earth is not too much.
Outside the store, there is still chaos. From time to time, the magic light of quarrelling can be seen flashing, and I don’t know who is so bold as to dare Bauhinia College to harm Miss Marilyn. In a blink of an eye, five or six minutes have passed, and the reaction speed of the school guard has increased greatly. As a large number of members of the school guard arrived at the riot, it was finally calmed down. However, who created the attack was confused. Unfortunately, they all poisoned themselves.
"Miss, let’s get out of here first! !”
"Now there are so many people in the school guard, and there should be no accidents. I ordered to continue the ribbon-cutting ceremony!" Marilyn frowned. She didn’t expect to meet such a thing. Is it someone trying to kidnap herself or a competitor’s intrigue? For example, this store must start business on time today, and the gold-lettered signboard of mandala chamber of commerce cannot be discredited in form.
Ordinary people definitely don’t have Marilyn’s courage. Her means and determination to deal with the crisis can’t see that she is a 15-year-old girl. She can’t be born with such ability. She has paid more than others behind the aura of visible honor and wealth.
"Yes!" Ai Jiani wanted to persuade because she didn’t recognize that the danger had been lifted, but Ai Jiani decided to instruct the owner to rearrange the scene of the wheat cake shop, and at the same time, she also strengthened the vigilance. Most of the clerks in the wheat cake shop stayed, both professionally and part-time. Marilyn firmly infected everyone. It seems that Bai Fumei is not afraid of her poverty. What is there to be afraid of?
About an hour later, the destroyed scene was cleaned up and rearranged. No school guards kept order, and the people who stayed were very disciplined on both sides of the road.
The next industry celebration went very smoothly, but the most crucial step was to lift the red silk to cover the signboard, and there was a little trouble. According to the original arrangement, two carefully selected male and female shop assistants held both ends of the red silk, but the unlucky handsome boy accidentally fell down in the chaos and was trampled black and blue. Now even the senior priest can’t come to the rescue.
"Please come here! Thank you! " Knowing the whole process of the industry celebration, Ai Jiani was a little anxious to look around in the crowd to find an alternative candidate, and found this guy in a wheat cake shop, Lan Yunpeng, who was pleasing to the eye among a large group of shop assistants.
"What me?" Lan Yunpeng was a little shocked, but he walked quickly in the past. Who let the boss’s words be the imperial edict of the workers?
At such a close distance, you can realize the general temperament of Marilyn Valley Orchid. Lan Yunpeng tries his best to keep his eyes open. He doesn’t want to be removed from a part-time job because of his gaffes. Although it is easy, it is difficult to find a part-time job that can satisfy him.
Two elf girls came side by side. One girl was carrying a delicate kettle, and the other girl was holding a kettle in her hand. She poured water into the basin, and it should be Marilyn’s clean hands in the running water. Finally, the ceremony of red silk industry was blocked, and it should be completed here.
Marilyn smiled and was about to clean her hands, but then something unexpected happened. A cold light suddenly flashed in the girl’s eyes with her hands holding a basin. Her head suddenly appeared and a knife as thin as a cicada wiped Marilyn’s neck.
Lan Yunpeng, the two etiquette ladies, had carefully observed these two elvish beauties, whose roots are very weak, and they are an ordinary person. At the unveiling ceremony, the bodyguards had to pay a little more attention to the unexpected changes in the crowd, which surprised everyone. No one had to guard against a weak elvish beauty who seemed to harm a girl, and even worse, she was the most passionate about peace.
However, it was this negligence that put Marilyn in danger.
Who said that killers must be thieves and archers? A good killer should be good at distracting the enemy and grasping the opportunity. It seems that today’s action has already been planned. Just now, the riot attack was just a means to paralyze the other side. No one thought that the attack was really assassinated after it was repelled.
The most dangerous place is the safest place. When the apparent danger has passed, people often ignore thinking, and this is the best time to start work.
It’s easy for the killer to disguise himself as a real etiquette lady in secret. It may take a long time to hide it, but it won’t be a problem to hide it for such a while. The designer is absolutely good at planning this operation. It’s a pity that he met such a variable as Lan Yunpeng.
No matter how well things are calculated, it is impossible to guarantee 100% success. There is no perfect shortage in the world. The cicada knife is shining with cold light and approaching Marilyn’s neck. Seeing that the three beauties who have ruined the country and the people are going to die in the blink of an eye, however, Lan Yunpeng dodged in front of her, wrapped her waist in one hand and hid her behind her, and snatched the cicada knife from the assassin in the other.
In response, the bodyguards of the mandala chamber of commerce and the instructors of the school guard swarmed and knocked down the assassin as quickly as possible, but they controlled the strength and did not kill the killer.
18 saved a seat for you.
Aijiani quickly grabbed Marilyn’s side. "Are you all right, miss?"
The sudden change of "I’m fine" also surprised this charming girl with a cold sweat and a blushing face. Perhaps this is the first time that she has been held in her arms by a man of the same age as an adult.
"This gentleman! Thank you just now! " Ai Jiani’s suggestive voice made Lan Yunpeng wake up from a feeling difficult to describe in words. He quickly loosened his hand and dodged his eyes, just as Marilyn caught her a little fright and panic, and his expression almost made him lose his mind again.
The Bauhinia College in the new school year is doomed to be restless. Since the beginning of the school year, all kinds of news have continued. First, the strange fighting in the small lake outside the school was followed by the mysterious purple quarrelling teenager. Not long ago, the assassination of Miss Marilyn, the three beauties of the Terran in Sderot, occurred.
Especially in this assassination, although this assassination ended in failure, the whole process was almost perfect. All the thieves were tricked by the ingenious arrangement, but in the end, a new student was broken. This can be said that the mastermind who planned this killing incident was not good.
In addition, this assassination is different from a mysterious purple quarrelling teenager. This time, the protagonist did not become a hero, and the attack was almost perfect. But in the end, the assassin was just an ordinary etiquette lady who could save Miss Marilyn, and Lan Yunpeng took advantage of it.
Why did this guy leave? Among the onlookers around him, at least 90% think Lan Yunpeng is lucky strike, especially some male compatriots are envious and jealous of me. Can you swear? This shameless guy took the opportunity to hold Miss Marilyn in his arms, and it was worth it to have such an opportunity to be chopped to pieces!
Lan Yunpeng’s face was full of my grievances. At that time, he didn’t have such an idea at all. The only starting point was to save people. What made him most depressed was that in the face of his savior, including Marilyn mandala Chamber of Commerce, he didn’t show much. He should give himself a red envelope, even if the mainland of Sderot have this custom, can he give some gold coins? Now Lan Yunpeng finally understands what the mandala Chamber of Commerce will develop to be extremely rich. It turns out that all kinds of people gather together and make do with each other.
Time will dilute everything, and another week has passed in an instant. Lan Yunpeng, the lucky man of mandala wheat cake shop ceremony, has long since faded out of people’s perspective, and even the popularity of the mysterious man who was once popular with purple quarrelling has decreased. Beauty is the eternal topic of attention.
Princess Molybdenum and Miss Marilyn, two beautiful girls, can make all gods jealous and always arouse people’s interest.
Lan Yunpeng went to the 19th teaching building of the college early in the morning. Although he studied military affairs, Bauhinia College, the highest institution in the mainland of Sderot, will not only train war maniacs, but also learn a lot of other knowledge besides majoring in military theory and minor in fighting magic. Even if you can get full marks in the major course, it is impossible to graduate if its courses are too poor and credits are not enough.
"I have to run so far every class, and I don’t know if there is blood in my heart to arrange the classroom tutor." Lan Yunpeng slandered a few words in his heart and walked quickly into the classroom
The architectural style of the Holy Alliance is very similar to the western architectural style of the earth. The only difference is that it is more exquisite and practical. Lan Yunpeng wondered if he was wrong when he entered the classroom. Although this class is a public class, there are at most 100 students in the class, but what happened today? Almost all the seats in the whole classroom are full.
What the hell happened today? There are so many students coming to class, and most of them are men. The most terrible thing is that these men seem to have undergone careful grooming. What does it feel like for others to see them? Lan Yunpeng doesn’t know or want to know. Anyway, he feels chilly all over.
Vaguely chatting, Lan Yunpeng finally understood that it was someone who got the gossip that Miss Marilyn and Princess Molly would also come to this classroom today, so the former students who were the best at skipping classes all appeared in droves, saying that I love learning. Fortunately, there is a limit to the class that can attend this class, otherwise I am afraid that the whole classroom will be crowded.
Lan Yunpeng looked around with a wry smile, and the search might have been missed. At this moment, a delicate and beautiful call came into his ear, "Hey, come here, I’ll help you take a seat!"
Play Lan Yunpeng along the sound and you will see Jenny’s poem waving at yourself. I don’t know what she did. The aisle has to be taken. There are still several places around this beautiful woman.
To tell the truth, Lan Yunpeng has always been as far away from Jenny’s poems as she can. I have to admit that this crazy girl is very beautiful and has a good figure, but Lan Yunpeng always thinks that this is a thorny rose. Try not to provoke it, but who can let himself have something to grasp the hands of others? And now the creditor has gone well.
"Hi, good morning." Although Lan Yunpeng is alert in her heart, she says hello easily on the surface. It will be even more sad if Jenny sees that she is worried about her heart.
"Good morning, long time no see!"
"We are classmates and meet every day!"
Jenny smiled. "I mean, I can’t even find a ghost after class. What have you been up to recently? I heard that you saved Miss Marilyn from the mandala Chamber of Commerce. Did you make a fortune? "