Xiage? Aidijian’s original form reveals its slightly ferocious, terrifying and majestic face, just like Yang Ye’s face expression at this time. The six-fold attribute bonus is nothing to thousands of pan-Tianyu alliance players around him. Although the damage to a single player is not high, it must be considered that one person hurts one person at one point, that is, 1000 people and 10,000 people pile up. Even if the attribute is turned ten times, Yang Ye can’t bear it.

With the help of the skill that nature is the "original form" of the immortal sword, it is simply enemy to cooperate.
The original form revealed too much less blood. Yang Ye immediately grabbed a pan-sky alliance player and gave him a powerful damage and blood-sucking special effect to instantly make him full of blood …
One after another, Pan Tianyu League players gathered a large number of people around the ground, but they fought against their promises …
"Hold on to that guy’s skill is coming to an end! At that time, the promise war will also be killed by us! "
"Yes, everyone, hold on. Victory will eventually belong to us! !”
Pan Tianyu Alliance players growled at each other and cheered up. I have to say that their spirits are commendable. Yang Ye smiled, but what about that …
Suddenly, a figure suddenly fell in the middle of the land in Dolson. She has long black hair, fair hair, a pretty face and a graceful figure wrapped in a pleated skirt made by students. Looking up, you can see … pants? Unfortunately … The skirt is tender and smooth, straight and long legs are covered with black stockings; She is holding a strange long knife blade in her hand, rolling blue and white grain bundles, flying wantonly, with a pair of metal wings spewing blue flames shining with strange luster on her back-
Who is it? !
"That what thing how to fly to the sky! ?” Someone asked in shock
"That’s a promise war follower Lilina. Be careful. She’s strong!" Someone answered.
"It’s beautiful to lie in the trough. Hey, hey, hey …" Someone bowed their heads and wanted to see the skirt. "… Ann pants? !”
"Damn is pants this hateful anti-human hair! ! Protest! There are even games! "
"That’s right. This fucking thing is not a thing!"
Looking at the player’s reaction in front of him, Yang Ye feels even more that he is simply a man. He just knows how to be a man. He picked up a Lilina skirt early in the morning and saw her little white lace nei pants. He was so hot that he felt that this scene could not be viewed from a distance and played with others. He decided to buy a big killer after he saw it-
At one time, Lilina was always seen with small pants. Although Yang Ye himself saw them, it was always a little uncomfortable. Now, if you want to see them, it is good for others to let Lilina directly lift her skirt … Want to be beautiful!
"Ha, ha, ha, want to see the elder brother Xiao Bao Belle Lina pants pants you are too tender! I’ve already seen it. I’ll pick it with white lace! " Yang Ye was laughing wildly and arrogantly in the middle of the crowd.
"mb this sun you, or a man? Isn’t it so rude that men see the pain of pants! ? You ….. Waste a man! !”
"Too hard! That’s cruel! ! ! It’s really cruel! I hate it! I promise to fight with you! "
"Paralysis makes me angry. I can’t win the promise war today. At least look at his followers’ pants. Nai … Nai … promise war!"
Is it more painful and crazy than what the pre-war general mobilization and the pre-war action meeting were, that Tyrannosaurus Rex roared with all his strength and really looked at girls’ panties and turned out to be hateful?
At this time, many male players in Pan Tianyu Alliance regard Yang Ye as a thorn in the side and a thorn in the flesh-white pants with small lace … I really want to see them! !
"Want to see? See how you die! !” Yang Ye hey hey smile.
With his weird smile floating in the middle, Lilina has a new move-
"wow! !”
Suddenly the golden wings behind her changed!
From the back part, the metal wings have a little fluffy feathers, and the pure white with a little pink shines with holy light, which illuminates the dark area of Dolson like day!
The metal wings have changed, shining with white fluff, and pieces of red feathers have fallen from their wings. At this time, Lilina’s wings are no longer sharp and hard, but soft and smooth, which seems very warm, just like …
Angel wing
That’s right. Lilina stretched out from behind at this time, about two adults’ length. Pure white wings are like angel wings, and when they flicker gently, they will have white feathers …
Gorgeous and graceful
"God … angels lie in the trough."
"Nima this what circumstance? The promise war guy caught an angel as a follower? This is too awkward. "
"Angel … Anku!"
"Wocao elder brothers please don’t talk about to gas! !”
"mb, in such a beautiful painting, the pants are so conspicuous that the old lady is upset!"
"Yes, pure and lovely, bright and beautiful little angel Lilina, her little pants … have a promise to fight! !”
"Ah, I can’t stand it! I want to kill him!"
After a period of sluggishness, the players rushed in waving weapons again. This roar was even more insane and unwilling, and some people cried and they were unwilling …
"I don’t like it when you see Lilina’s pants. I have to buy a pair of pants to see anyone but me." Yang Ye snorted with jealousy.
Lilina is set in the middle of the dark pupil and looks at the surging crowd. She looks so quiet and defensive. Being in another time is like water, like snow, like a clear spring, which is unforgettable.
A round of the head gently eyes gathered in Yang Yetou Lilina revealed an intoxicating, warm smile.
Wings flashing gently, Lilina’s body is shining with holy brilliance, slowly falling towards Yang Ye and then floating behind Yang Ye, reaching out his hands and crossing Yang Ye’s shoulders on his chest-
Such a virgin hug!
Yang Ye yu cries Lilina, but you are my little baby. How can you treat me like you are protecting my baby?
"Brother …" Lilina gently called a word, and his eyes were attached to it. "Lilina will always protect you." The gentle words may be a heavy promise.
Suddenly her eyes flashed cold light and looked ahead-
"Bad to my brother …" The tone is cold and there is no trace of "angel". "Everyone should die!"
"Angel-"Lilina read aloud.
"-suicide night!"
"Buzz …" The words sound just fell and all Pan Tianyu Alliance players suddenly found that their heads had a small aperture shining with golden light …