"Destiny whispers to totem.

How can you resist the storm
Totem high response
I am the storm! "
The long river wanders in chaos, and the ancient era moves towards its peak and glory.
On this day, Meng Tianzheng, the leader of his generation, was in Du Jie and Ken Wang, the immortal, was ranked in the top level.
"The first immortal king in his generation is amazing. I hope to witness the day when he achieved his ancestors."
Nine days and ten strong people marveled at this, which really shocked Xianyu.
According to a group of fairy kings, it took a long time for them to improve the fairy domain law; As a result, amazing creatures were born in the homologous ancient world.
Ao Cheng witnessed the whole thunder robbery. As soon as the fairy king appeared very silent, there was a sense of chaos in the storm.
Knowing that lovers are very sympathetic to the fairy king, it is really bad luck; At the beginning, he met Jun Tuo Xian Wang and Dong Xu Xian Wang, who successively took refuge in Ren Huang, from ordinary to extremely giant to quasi-immortal emperor hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Even when rivals such as An Lan and Tuo Yu surpassed him to become giants, they disappeared. Now, even the descendants of the chaotic ancient times and the ancient times have achieved great success, and the fairy king has arrived, but he is still standing still
This is really a bit frustrating.
Cang Li Yu also noticed that Meng Tianzheng’s growing eyes were reflected in the magnificent scenery. When Dahe saw the future node, it was particularly special and dazzling.
There is a figure that breeds Tao and his life is chaotic.
This long-span river is sparkling, but her eyes collapse and condense, and she accelerates to reflect into the dream world of the river of origin.
Time flies quickly, like a leap forward, but history is divided and synchronized, which can be left for release and return tomorrow.
After looking at the nine days and ten places, I feel something, but it is a natural change. It is the two nodes that the years have been accelerated and there will be great events.
Soon, 500,000 years later, the world was calm, as if something had been forgotten, and nothing had happened in Eritrea for a long time.
Even the three outposts are dormant, as if preparing something.
And 30% of the sacrifices to the sea have been restored to their peak in the past years, and all of them have left traces of Li Yu. The Ren Huang ethnic group has given him some control over the sacrifices to the sea
Even with today’s flood bombardment, it hurts enough to crush their traces and directly submerge them. Once it is restored to its heyday, it will crush the plateau.
The only pity is that the present Eritrea is too honest. It’s not long since the second red festival, and it’s not harvest time yet, otherwise she would like to try the present methods.
Soon, 500,000 years later, the historical river of the origin of the great river was generate, and there was a wonderful fluctuation. A new totem was born because of Li Yu’s interference in the transformation of nodes.
Boom! It was a huge red storm, and sometimes it turned into a flag, but it flashed back and forth like a sickle and an axe, and there were changes and creations.
The storm of the century is vigorous and resolute. The reformers’ storm is a fire, enlightenment is a flash, and the path is from the ground, water, fire and wind. The storm can purify mottled thunder and crush false illusions.
The ninth original totem is a reformer, a logic tamper, a concept writer, and an unknown creator who has the power of self-transformation, initiates active change of intention, destroys retraining and transforms all coherent cognition.
Derivative concept catalyzes, changes and is born naturally; To practice totem, you need to feel the energy of weather change; Transform oneself, innovation plan
Progress is always broken and then stand, reborn in the fire; We must discard the old and replace the new, break the old system and bondage, and innovate the situation.
Symbolizing the birth of the totem of change and innovation, nine days and ten places also ushered in a special node.
High sky stirs the sea of clouds, ups and downs, auspicious gas transpiration, auspicious light shining, and more light falling all over the ancient land.
This is the territory of the stone clan. At the beginning of the Xiangu Era, the frontier was sealed as the king. The stone ancestor was the first brother of the temple, and now he is in a high position.
Now the birth of a newborn in his direct offspring has caused a change in the sky.
As if the whole nine days and ten places celebrated his birth.
And the most miraculous thing is that this child was born with a statue of bone, not a piece but a body!
The whole flesh skeleton is a statue of bone, which suddenly shocked the strong stone family. Some old people think that this can be called respecting the body and being destined to sweep the sky!
"The distant ancestors went into the sky, and my stone clan became prosperous!"
"It’s a good omen to have a child before a bone."
Everyone is very excited, because not long ago, a stone family was born with a child’s sacred emperor, and now it is natural to have a respected bone.
"My son, my child Shi Hao!"
The Shiling couple held the children high and were more excited.
The sound of heaven falling from the heights of poverty trembles and the road of poverty floats, and this child is baptized.
"When I was traveling in Changhe, you covered up my memory and didn’t want to expose the black history. Now I have witnessed your growth, which can’t escape."
Li Yu in Chixiao smiles and looks very kind. Since the environment of birth is so good, it can’t be less honed!
Set a small goal first and let the black emperor rob his milk jug!
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two History’s strongest chaotic ancient era
At sunrise, there are red clouds in the east and fog in the west.
The lazy black emperor outside the hall was awakened, and a figure emerged to explain its important things.
"With children? And rob his milk jug, Gugu. Your hobby is getting weirder and weirder.
You should find someone to spoil this wicked thing. That’s his meal money. "
Is it surprised that the ancient capital of "black heart" is going to fight against children?
Terrible, terrible.
"It’s good for you to go. With that child, you can naturally see the little virtues."
Li Yu knows that this guy’s habits can’t benefit him. He only works when he has benefits.