Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter III

No, Shang Xian keeps the people from arguing.
Expensive and rare goods keep people from stealing.
If you don’t see, you can want to keep people’s hearts in order.
It’s sage rule
Empty one’s heart
Real belly
Weak one’s will
Strengthen one’s bones
Often make people know their desires.
Make a wise man dare not.
Then die.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter IV
The road is rushing or not full.
Deep is like everything; Zhan is like or.
I don’t know who is like the emperor first.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 5
Heaven and earth are cruel to all things; saints are cruel to the people.
The key of heaven and earth is empty and unyielding, but it is more and more out
It is better to keep the middle than to talk too much and count too few.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter VI
The immortality of the Valley God is called Xuanzang.
Xuanzang’s door means that if the roots of heaven and earth are not diligent.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter VII
as long-lasting as the heaven and the earth—everlasting and unchanging
Heaven and earth can be long and long.
It can live forever because it is not born by itself.
It’s a saint who dies before his body; it’s a saint who dies outside.
Non-private evil
Therefore, it can be private.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 1
Good as water
Water benefits all things and does not compete with them.
What people are evil about is a few things.
Be kind in the center of the earth, deep in the heart and kind in the heart.
Good words, good faith, good governance and good ability
When doing good, the husband is not arguing, so he is special.
Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 9
It is better to hold on to profit than to have it.
You can’t keep it for a long time.
Happy ever after can’t keep it.