Four marshals of heaven and a holy emperor!

Marshal also followed behind two generals.
It’s also imposing.
On the left, there is a man with a blue face, white fangs and big mouth. The awning mane is like a bull’s head, but it is a god of heaven and stars.
The golden armor shines around the chest, and a pair of indigo scorched tendons hold the soul-chasing knife.
On the right, one person crowned the five mountains with golden splendor, held the jade robe of mountains and rivers, hung the seven-star cloud, and the waist was extremely precious with cinnabar eyes, like a god, majestic and like a rainbow.
When Wu Ming saw this, he suddenly became afraid, as if he were about to be killed by the falcon in a hundred years.
I don’t know if I’m under the illusion that Wu Ming feels that the god seems to have a look at him and unconsciously drops of sweat on his forehead.
Behind the three men are two teams of silver armour mountain soldiers holding halberds.
The gods were present, and the powerful momentum deterred the demon. The big demon in the demon palace didn’t dare to cheep.
"King Guangde"
The holy emperor hand way
Ao Guang quickly led the dragons to reply: "Marshal has come a long way and is far away. Please forgive me."
"I’ve seen two stars."
The emperor behind two people quickly reply.
"Look in the demon mirror and be escorted back to the Heavenly Palace by Marshal."
Ao Guang picked up the box and handed it to the holy emperor.
In the eyes of the public, the demon mirror was handed over to the holy emperor.
"King Guangde can rest assured"
Emperor solemnly said
Ao Guang nodded his head, and the Saint Emperor’s promise is naturally trustworthy.
Come and go in a hurry, and the holy emperor immediately led the escort of the stars, the gods and the gods to return to the heavenly palace.
Ao Guang rate dragon palace etiquette, etc. Want to send.
In addition to monsters, many guests want to mix their faces together.
Wu Yang Wu Yang A group of people left the Dragon Palace. Fortunately, the Dragon Palace is big enough.
Wu Ming was mixed with a group of dragons, and the old dragon king was discovered by Zhang Tianshi in the crowd.
"Brother Zhang, are you sure you can catch big fish?"
Zhang Tianshi casually said, "It’s good to have it, but it’s okay not to have it."
As soon as the voice fell to the sea, there was a terrible noise and the waves rolled, which even affected the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea.
Everyone was frightened.
Chapter 35 Tiangong ShiShenWei demons get mana
Said the emperor and his party left the Dragon Palace and hurried to the sea.
Just out of the sea, there was a huge claw covering the sky and shooting the sun.
"The demon wants to die!"
When the emperor drinks a lot, he cuts it with a knife in his right hand.
The knife light broke the claws and suddenly revealed the enemy in the sky.
"Marshal will go to slay the demon and protect the treasure!"
The god on the left well-documented way
Emperor Jun nodded: "Good Kuisu, be careful of the other side."
This star king is the star king of Kuisu Kuimu Wolf among the twenty stars.
Kuimu Wolf immediately flew out to kill the sky with a soul-chasing knife.
A demon flew out of the sky and held a steel knife to cover the sky, which frightened the demons.
"Hum, the remnants of Luzhou in the north are coming to die!"
It’s really dangerous for Kuimu Wolf to kill half.
The wind, the clouds and the fog cover the castle peak, and the blade is so strong that it wants to kill.
It’s hard to tell the difference between the two fights.
Just then, a strange blue-faced and red-haired indigo led a group of demons to kill with a vertical stick in his hand.
The god on the right immediately said, "Marshal will go to meet the enemy at the end."
The Emperor nodded: "Be careful when you stay at the base."
The Pleiadian star officer led the heavenly soldiers and demons to fight on the sea with a treasure staff, and at that time the emperor was protected by another person.
At this time, all the people in the Dragon Palace were far above the water, and no one dared to get involved.
The strong on both sides are much higher than them. I’m afraid there is no big avatar to protect the fairy, and whoever goes will die.
The Kuimu Wolf killed the Great Demon King, but it turned out to be a pig and a dragon.
As soon as the giant tail swings, it suddenly raises a huge wave storm and gives birth to a waterspout.
The Kuimu Wolf was submerged, and the pig, woman, dragon and demon also jumped in, but they suppressed him with the help of the right place.
On the other side, the martial arts of the Pleiadian star officials are poor and difficult to parry each other.
Next to the mountain soldiers, they also lost to each other. There are many people and two demons will be very brave.
"Ha ha ha this is mountain? Eat an old Niu Yi stick! "
A strong man with a horn and a muddy iron bar killed a silver armor mountain soldier.
The other is a monster, Zhang Er, and Fiona Fang’s nine heads cluster in clusters and peck a mountain soldier to death.
At that time, the God side was in danger.
"Marshal will hand over the demon mirror. We can still live today, otherwise it will be difficult!"
Cloud to drink.
The emperor’s phoenix eye is slightly narrowed. It has surprised him that this group of remnants of Luzhou in Beiju can come to two big demon kings. I didn’t expect another one
A moment later, the lich king couldn’t help it.
I’m afraid their movements have alarmed the heaven. If they delay, they will not escape.
"Marshal, look out!"
The emperor chose the dragon crescent moon blade to protect the treasure box with one hand and hold the knife with the other.