Is it also a letter or a few words of Yan Bainian’s style and a heavy gift from every friend? I want to make Yu have never seen the starlight in the north, just like this fireworks, to give you a special view.

Li Lingyu looked at her heart. How could she not have seen it?
I haven’t seen anyone sharing starlight with her hundreds of kilometers away.
Or as bright as fireworks
She thought that Yan Bainian was a martial man, but he was one hundred times more elegant than those born.
The sincerity of young people is the most touching.
Several children took the written couplets and asked her to be a judge.
Li Zhu is as tall as Li Yu, who is two years older than her. She was very shy to see her behind Li Shu. Li Ling never saw her later, and she dared not be naughty when she saw her.
There are Yi Li or naughty brothers and sisters who don’t come home all day.
Li Lingyu also forbade his family to say that the brothers and sisters in Fang’s office had a good life.
Li Lingyu looked at several teenagers’ words and set them up. Li Shu practiced the word Yuan Zhaozong’s founder. The disadvantage of this word is that it has less character but wins in stability.
Li Yu’s handwriting is very elegant, and her personality is stubborn. She chooses her copybook to practice alone, and she is very talented in painting. Li Lingyu also lets her do it.
Li Zhulian wrote in small letters very carefully, and I can see the kung fu.
Li Lingyu finally gave Li Yu an excellent evaluation and Li Shu and Li Zhu a special award.
Li Shu also said, "The word" Yuniang "is the most beautiful and looks like my brother."
Li Yu said, "I am far from being able to write more than a dozen words, and one word is worth more than a dozen old pedants."
Li Dai came in to see several younger sisters who all know how to draw, and some envied her for not being able to read or draw. She said sourly, "I can drive away all the bitter days alone."
Li Lingyu: "You’d better write well with Ai Niang or Yu Niang. You both know hundreds of words about peach, ginger and peach branches. You ask Uncle Zhong that my gift list is mostly recorded by peach and ginger. If you can’t read, you can’t do business."
Li Dai felt that her sisters lived like individuals when she was happy at home. What was her life like in Huang’s house?
But she proudly said, "Don’t worry, I can learn naturally."
Li Lingyu let them bicker. Li Yu now dares to challenge Li Dai. Sisters who can bicker with each other are not afraid of each other.
The next morning, there were rules from getting up to going out. As soon as she packed up, she received an order to meet the officials in Taiji Hall at noon.
This is the first time Xiao Yong has seen officials since his illness.
She hesitated for a moment or went to the government offices.
Cao Yin probably didn’t have a day off. Today, he is working in the government office. When he saw her coming, he was surprised and asked, "Why are you here when you are not at home?"
Li Lingyu smiled and said, "Today, I received an order to see the officials in the Taiji Temple."
Cao Yin paused and said nothing.
Li Lingyu asked, "Lord Xie really won’t go to Jiaozhou?"
She’s a white-collar worker. It’s cheaper for her not to go to Jiaozhou because Qin Zhou secretariat doesn’t work for the state.
It’s a misunderstanding that she has two palaces.
It was a long time before Cao Yin said softly, "Probably not going."
But it doesn’t necessarily mean that Xie Gu will be fine.
Cao Yin’s understanding of the positions even made him determined to dethrone him.
Xie Gu is full of ecstasy now. It’s too much in the Eastern Palace. Without Jun, everyone feels that they have changed their minds. But how can the sacred heart do whatever they want?
Xiao’s decision must be well thought out.
At first, Cao Yin was always opposed to dethroning Taitai. This is the ancestral rule. Once this rule is broken, it will set a precedent. In the future, the office leader will lose his position, which will inevitably make the emperors give birth to the almighty and live in ambition. At that time, the court will assign struggles to the interests of the country.
Whether he is a qualified minister of life wants to be far-reaching and consider it after a hundred years.
When Li Lingyu saw that he was in a bad complexion, he followed the comfort that "it’s really inappropriate to make too much noise now if he doesn’t go. If Xie Jia is demoted to the Hall of Two Instruments in Jiaozhou, it will be like the ruined East Palace, not to mention the fierce fire and even more controversy."
Cao Yin also knows that Li Lingyu said that it is really inappropriate to dispose of Xie Gu so drastically.
The main reason is that there are two emperors on Xiao’s knees. Once they move, they will form two factions. It’s too fresh.
This is that most practical immediate matt.
Cao Yin asked, "What a saint?"
This is the first time he has asked Li Lingyu, the imperial concubine of Beigong.
Li Lingyu is "quite good"
Cao Yin said, "King Luyang will probably arrive in the capital before the Yuan Festival, and the people who do it will arrange it then."
In fact, he didn’t have to tell Li Lingyu this, but he released goodwill first. Li Lingyu also said, "I’m afraid I’m a saint."
There are also arrangements for Chen Hou to discuss this matter with the saint yesterday. "
When Cao Yin saw that he knew and had nothing to say, he said, "Go home. You don’t have to enter the palace today."
Li Lingyu saw that his face was tired and bowed. "Then I will go back first."
Cao Yin also don’t lift "go"
She gave birth to many feelings, and felt that walking in a dense forest was full of obstacles.
A person walking slowly in Tongtuo Street heard the carriage behind him for a moment and then heard Pei Yu calling her, "Can I buy Li a drink?"
Li Lingyu saw that he seemed to be returning from the outside, wearing a riding suit and sighing "naturally."
Pei Yu didn’t expect that she was so accommodating today and paused for a moment before saying "come on"
Chapter 49 Xue Mi
Li Lingyu didn’t expect that Pei Yu would invite her to drink in her private house.