Wu Zhe shook his head and said, "No, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I am not interested in uniting this matter at all, but I am more and more interested in law and these two aspects."

Cloud 13 is loose and frowning. Since Wu Zhe didn’t tangle with the pulse gate himself, he doesn’t have to worry so much.
"Everyone has his own ideas. I think you are very skilled in array exercises. Maybe you will become a famous mage in the game. I want you to protect your safety. Hey hey, brother, I will protect you later."
"My brother is still here. I think you are about my age."
"I’m twenty years old."
Three hours will soon end, and when Wu Zhe and Yun Thirteen disappear, there will be a lot fewer onlookers in Sumitomo Tower.
"By the way, I’m now in Xiangyang Town. If I have more animals, I’ll help you first."
"You are young but have the money to rent big birds and fierce beasts to travel all day?"
"It’s not. Anyway, it’s just, oh, I can’t tell you clearly for a while."
Wu Zhe didn’t continue to chat with Yun Thirteen. Now he has turned himself into a green governor. Although he told Yun Thirteen in his mouth, his heart is still very interested.
Wu Zhe’s driving force in playing with dragons is to rescue his parents. He tried to send the keys to Tongtian Column a few days ago, but only players can enter. If he always has two veins, it is a problem to see his parents.
Well, it’s just that no one knows what will happen after that. Wu Zhe plans to look at it later. If the third pulse doesn’t come out all the time, he will go back to the ghost fog forest and ask Hua Cha.
"how about it? Do you want to go to the classroom with me for a lesson today? Or stay in the dormitory all day? "
Xu Ran handed a glass of milk and took a screenshot of Gao tind’s brother in Wu Zhe’s hand.
Wu Zhe smiled and said, "I’ll just stay in the dormitory."
"Ok, but you have to go to the classroom with us early. The supervisor has found a group of outstanding graduates who will give us one-on-one education and guidance. If you are lucky, you will meet a beautiful senior."
Lingling Tao "poof …" A spit of milk monster voice cried, "When did you become like Wei Zhong?"
"Ha, ha, ha. Isn’t it too interesting to have breakfast and find some topics?"
"I’ve heard it, but I’m sorry. You’re a good man. So you are. Don’t teach Xiao Liu badly."
"Good morning, Sister Lingling."
"Good morning"
"Why do I feel that someone is speaking ill of me?"
"Ha ha ha ha"
After the laughter, Wu Zhe watched a group of students leave here to hold out the little hairball in Jinjiao’s bag. This little thing has been looking for Fang’s endless bag, and Wu Zhe smiled and looked at it without saying a word.
"Make cheep! ! !”
"You have to promise me that you can drink a specified amount a day before I tell you where the wine bag is."
"Squeak squeak! !”
"Then I don’t know."
"squeak! !”
Wu Zhedu forgot to vote for Ruan Xiyin in the middle of last night. I didn’t know whether it was intentional or intentional when I just called the voting interface today. Wu Zhe saw that the first player on the charm list of Zhongqiguo was a player named Liao Yanlan.
The girl looks really beautiful and charming. Wu Zhe voted for her conveniently. Luckily, she got a blue beast Dan and sent it into her mouth.
Chapter sixty-five Le Temple City past events
Compared with yesterday, it seems to be a bit messy here, or there are no players and there are not many shops.
Wu Zhe came to the old clothes shop yesterday. The neatly dressed old man was still lying in his rocking chair in that beautiful suit, and there was no change.
"Hello boss, I’ve come to pay for the clothes I didn’t give yesterday."
The shopkeeper saw that it was Wu Zhe who shook the recliner and said, "Oh, you came so early. Did you bring the money today?"