Ninja pays attention to cunning rather than hard shaking.

He dissipated in the sky at the moment when the sword contracted, and instead differentiated into four seals of wind, fire and thunder, and the spell force attacked in the direction of Louis XIV.
in appearance or in fact
At that time, it was impossible to tell which spell he was hiding in.
That’s about the top duel. All the strength and skills are easy to pinch.
Can crack all the other side’s kills in an instant, and at the same time change out terrible kills.
Everything is in a flash.
Win or lose, live or die
"Ang-"Louis XIV didn’t panic in the face of silence tricks. He seized the opportunity and suddenly waved his sword to protect all his positions in a flash.
Let the silence blow away.
At the same time, the accidental release of the sword pursues every mantra, which must cause fatal damage to silence in a moment.
But silence is silence after all
In fact, his roots are not hidden in a spell.
He hid in the shadow, waiting for Louis XIV to neglect, and thundered to take his life.
"Good temple has become a master of kendo." Ji nodded and showed his approval.
"The Pope’s honor is worthy of the name." Louis XIV was also calm.
Two people smile slightly, fade is already vertical and horizontal.
The whole battlefield is a noise.
There is only one dark place covered with scars, holding his arms carefully and looking at that atrix. There was a deep cold light in his eyes to be continued.
Ps is asleep
Page two hundred and three Cherry Blossom Dance Genesis
The war is still burning.
The situation has fallen into erosion.
It is said that there are scuffles everywhere in the city.
Chaos, swords, flowing from the shadows from time to time, backstabbing
The night is already bloody
Even if this mess is secretive, like a ninja, there is no way to escape the turbulence.
Many people have had to turn from the dark to the dark and have been forced to give up their greatest strengths.
Ask them to pick up those Plessic samurai swords with short blades in their hands.
Fortunately, the unicorns have been ordered to cooperate with the ninja against the enemy.
On the one hand, the front is hard to shake, on the other hand, Yuto is flanked on both sides, but Presidion has fallen off the wind
However, the guards of the Presidic Palace are the last elite of the Presidic Dynasty. Even in the face of such disadvantages, they have stubbornly resisted and are still slowly advancing.
"Pope, you and I are both Ionian grandchildren, and you will help outsiders?" Louis XIV didn’t continue to make moves, but … persuaded him?
"I can’t come to the Temple of Louis" silence or sigh "It’s too late. It’s already too late. If I were ten years younger, maybe I could promise you, but I’m too old to walk fast, and you really make me afraid. We both want to kill each other. I’m afraid I won’t be able to kill you in a few years …"
"Didn’t talk?" Louis XIV raised his eyebrows and didn’t seem to give up.
Silence didn’t answer.
"Are you really sure to kill me? My dear Pope, "Louis XIV shook his head like a little naively." If you have just shown those strengths, I’m afraid … "
"Let me try. Let me try this old bones again." Ji interrupted him. "Always do your best before you die of old age."
"You deserve this sentence." Louis XIV stopped trying to save him from squeezing his sword.
Final confrontation
"offended" Ji didn’t immediately rush this time, but he took something out of his arms.
A patient knife
A bleak Gu Zhuo should have dissipated with the dust of history a long time ago. No one can remember the knife.