Because of medical technology, there is no way to get treatment. No one can blame himself for his bad life.

Just like many cancer patients have succeeded in surgery and insisted on chemotherapy, but how long they can live depends on their lives.
But if it’s true, I’m sorry that you don’t have enough money, so we can’t continue to treat you. Please ask your family to find a way to raise money quickly.
How about it? Isn’t it ironic?
It is precisely because of this that Li Chu has been summoned by the health department several times that he will rarely oppose the excessive marketization of the medical industry
Marketization is not impossible, just like those countries in Europe and America, private medical institutions can be established and rich people can choose.
Ordinary people can choose public hospitals, but public hospitals are determined not to calculate profits and losses.
All its funds should be government input, including personnel salaries, just like now.
At the very least, let every ordinary person see a doctor.
A long way to go
He can do his best like this.
Now that I have come to this world, I still have to do something if I lose my words.
"Little smelly treasure, what do you think that is? There are a lot of fish! "
"Ah …"
"How about feeding a lot of fish together?"
"Ah …"
In mid-April, the sun shines warmly on people.
Li Chu held the child in her arms, and the wooden bridge in the back garden took a steamed bread and threw it into the lake to attract a large group of red carp to scramble for food. Everything jumped out of the water and giggled at the little smelly treasure. The little hand also patted it from time to time
A few dogs lazy sheep lay at his feet with their big tails swept away.
Laughing happily, the little smelly treasure suddenly raised her hand and pointed to the northwest corner of a back garden.
"oh oh"
"Why?" Li Chu glanced down his finger.
"No, you can’t go to that place."
I don’t know why, but since he went to the northwest corner with little stinky treasure in his arms that day, the child always wants to go there every time he comes to the back garden
That’s where the first generation of Blackie and her children are buried.
"Oh oh …"
Small smelly treasure see grandpa still motionless, some don’t want to earn in my arms.
"Darling obedient let’s not go there, ok? Grandpa will sing a song for you.
Two tigers and two tigers run fast. It’s strange that there is no tail and no ears … "
That’s a clever move. If he wants to hum, this little guy will immediately shrink into his arms and listen carefully.
While singing, he walked slowly to the backyard. He can’t stay here any longer. This little guy has a good memory. If he stays here, he will still go there after singing.
Chapter seven hundred and fourteen Persistence
As a result, when he returned to the backyard, the little guy was already asleep in his arms.
"Hey, your aunt didn’t say that you just woke up for a while." Li Chu looked at the sleeping child and muttered.
"Little Chu child fell asleep again?" Li Qin came out of the corridor leading from the front yard to the back yard.
"Well, I just fell asleep after playing with the garden for a while."
"Hey, this little guy hasn’t woken up for an hour yet. By the way, he’s busy talking about this. What about Master Cao’s gate? He came to see you. I let him in, but he didn’t come in."
"What’s the old man up to again?"