The flaming chicken immediately hit the gas bomb with both hands, and then the gas bomb collided with the Tyrannosaurus rex water cannon! Aaron also noticed that this Tyrannosaurus rex water cannon was also screwed! It’s amazing that Poké mon has always thought of this way! The gas bomb and the water cannon collided together, and finally the gas bomb successfully scattered the water cannon. To be honest, if the red Tyrannosaurus rex was full of physical strength, it might not be able to break up. Then the gas bomb hit the red Tyrannosaurus rex, and the red Tyrannosaurus rex was knocked down, but the horse got up again!

Then the red Tyrannosaurus rex shouted a dozen times and destroyed the death ray! The flaming chicken didn’t avoid the frontal attack and made a jet flame! Moreover, it is obvious that the power of the flaming chicken to go to the flame is much higher than that when attacking Tyrannosaurus rex from the front and back! The pillar of fire collided with the yellow energy light, and then exploded, rolling dust and heating waves also impacted Aaron’s body. Aaron raised his arm to block his eyes.
"You are angry, unwilling, sad and painful, but now all your emotions can be calmed down by me." Aaron doesn’t recognize that he is so particular about vocabulary, but in the face of this situation, these words naturally jump out. "The flaming chicken destroys the dead light!"
The flaming chicken played a destructive death ray, and the red Tyrannosaurus Rex was also preparing to use a destructive death ray. After all, it was just used. Although it depends on how many pairs of Tyrannosaurus Rex recovered very quickly, there are still flaming chickens that destroyed the death ray and made it out. Heavy bombardment is still gathering energy. Red Tyrannosaurus Rex! Then the red Tyrannosaurus rex was knocked down again.
Aaron didn’t shout and threw it directly out of Poké Ball. Aaron knew that if he didn’t throw the horse, Tyrannosaurus rex would definitely get up again. Poké Ball hit Tyrannosaurus rex, and then Tyrannosaurus rex was received in the ball. After the ball shook for 3 times, the lights finally dimmed. Before Aaron picked up Poké Ball, he didn’t feel a trace of happiness, but he was angry with the Rockets.
161 explosion? Kaji Daoguan?
"This guy doesn’t want to evolve at all. It’s just because the Rockets forced him to evolve, and it seems that the situation is not just forced evolution. I always feel that if this Tyrannosaurus rex recovers to full strength, it can be directly ranked in the middle reaches of your Poké mon. You know that your Poké mon is at the league level at that level. Maybe the rockets made things to force Poké mon to evolve, and the ability to evolve is directly strong. Maybe this plan is really an important step to complete their goal of ruling the world." Poké Ball, a red Tyrannosaurus rex, said after dreaming.
"But its implementation process is to make Poké mon physically weak before the evolution, but after the evolution, Poké mon is very painful. I will never let you go regardless of how Poké mon feels about the rockets." Aaron is also watching the red Tyrannosaurus rex. Poké Ball said that Aaron is really very angry, but he is not crazy about shouting anger everywhere, but he is rational and angry. Now Aaron’s first thing to do is to stuff the rocket teams crossing there into the police station first.
Take back the flaming chicken Aaron ran back and met his own Benkira and nonsense tree, but the rockets players are no longer here. It seems very clear that it is very difficult for them to cross these two poké mon. Aaron took back Benkira and nonsense tree and moved on. When he went back, Miss Watanabe and Junsha had already started to tie up those rockets. Aerodactyl and Kota Duck came running happily when they saw Aaron coming back.
"Aaron, you’re back." Du said hello when he saw Aaron.
"Yes, I’m back." Aaron went back and looked at the roadside rockets. "I have a few questions to ask you now. Do you want to cooperate with me?" Aaron asked Chen Ji with a very serious expression. Did he stay aside and didn’t speak? He seemed curious about what Aaron wanted to ask.
"oh? You go and check the files of your Poké mon League with the Rockets to see what some elite players ask and answer. "Chen Ji said that he was very disdainful and looked at Aaron as if to say that Aaron was naive.
Aaron ignored Chen Ji’s words, "This red Tyrannosaurus rex still has quite strong fighting capacity after losing its fighting ability several times. Even with those physical strength, even if my flaming chicken gas bomb has been weakened by water cannons, it should be no problem to knock it down, but it can’t be done. Although it may be that its special ability of flash Poké mon is strange, its attack power is still very strong in that physical condition. This Tyrannosaurus rex has already reached the level of wild Poké mon, and even ordinary trainers are absolutely able to defeat it." I don’t want to bet on this slight possibility. One of the most reasonable explanations is that your rocket team not only forced Poké mon to evolve, but also forced Poké mon to improve its ability. The power from the wrong path is often extremely high. I’m afraid it’s only because its body has not survived the law and is used to its own strength that it is so painful to run around and let it out at will. Did I say anything wrong? " Aaron said that he was also very surprised when he asked Miss Chen Ji to cross the river next to Jun Sha. Officer Jenny was naturally surprised by Aaron’s remarks, but Du was surprised with joy.
"Who the hell are you, kid!" Chen Ji said that he wanted to go before being controlled by two policemen.
"It seems that I was right and I? There’s no reason why you don’t know me. Aren’t your rockets returning my goal? " Aaron replied that Chen Ji was speechless and seemed to have guessed who Aaron was.
"So that’s it. You’re the dragon. Although it’s this crossing here to beat me down, I may not lose without the help of Aerodactyl and Kota Duck, and it’s just that you, the man who received the red Tyrannosaurus rex, didn’t expect the big ye to be planted in your hands like Hun Thompson." Chen Ji seems to want to say something but admitted it.
"Is there anything else to say?" Aaron saw it.
"No, it’s nothing. Take it as you like." Chen Ji said that he didn’t seem to be bothered by his position at all, and he didn’t care about being arrested at all
Ajie was not in this group. Aaron described a Ajie to Miss Junsha. Officer Jenny said that the man should be with Chen Ji, but he didn’t meet him. It seems that Ajie left halfway and went to where Chen Ji didn’t say.
Miss Ma Junsha left with all the policemen and the Rockets. When she left, Officer Jenny asked Yidu and Aaron if they should handle the red Tyrannosaurus Rex. Should they hand it over to their police station and be rejected by the ferry?
"Red Tyrannosaurus Rex is the product of the rocket team’s scientific and technological success, but it is also a Poké mon. If it is wild and specially protected according to the Poké mon collection method and the trainer doesn’t do it properly in the collection process, it can be truly collected. We tried to take the red Tyrannosaurus Rex from that child." Du replied that Officer Jenny also laughed at this, and Aaron was relieved to return it …
"But this red Tyrannosaurus rex is of great research value. What do you want for me?" Aaron asked, "Even if you ask me for it, I won’t sayno. You should also know that." Aaron and Du are walking on the road like a pair of friends, and they are also preparing to go to Kaji Town to restore a Poké mon. They will go forward together.
"Well, the reason is what I said to Officer Jenny," Du replied
"I said that’s not it. Don’t prevaricate me with such high-sounding reasons." Aaron replied that he had really returned to his friends and didn’t look like a friend with a big age difference at all.
"Well, it’s actually very simple. Even our Poké mon League has no power to take Poké mon for research. Some bases will never hurt Poké mon for inspection, that is, blood samples at most. But this is the way to get detailed information and take a step back. Even if you agree to let me take Tyrannosaurus rex, what about Tyrannosaurus rex himself? It may be reluctantly agreed in the end, but it’s better to let it stay with you, and I believe you can take care of it. "When crossing the answer, Aaron can nod a little embarrassed. It should be said that Aaron is not good at replying to such words.
At this moment, suddenly there was a huge explosion in Kaji town! When I woke up, I walked slowly along the road, along with the ferry! Both of them immediately released Poké mon, crossed the fast dragon, and Aaron also sat in Aerodactyl. Both of them have gone to Kaji Town! Then there were two explosions and three explosions in three directions.
"Aaron, you go to the east and I’ll go to the west!" Cross immediately said seems to have again.
"Yes!" Aaron replied, and then immediately drove Aerodactyl forward. Aaron, the easternmost one, saw that it was the Poké mon Dojo …
The roof of Poké mon Dojo has been broken. Aaron and Aerodactyl are smoking and landing in front of the Dojo. Then they push the door and rush in. A yellow man is at one end of the fighting field, and on the other side is Kaji Dojo trainer Liu Bochang. Bai Haishi has lost his fighting ability and fighting Bai Haishi is Moltres …
"Bai Haishi lost the ability to fight, and the winner of Moltres’s victory was the challenger Thompson!" An aunt announced the results of the competition.
"Thompson, why are you here!" Aaron shouted at Thompson and noticed Aaron turned around.
"oh? We meet again, kid. What am I talking about? As you can see, the trainer just won at the Challenge Dojo. "Thompson replied that he took out Poké Ball and took back Moltres.
"You don’t want me to believe that you have quit the Rockets and started to challenge the League Brigade, do you?" Aaron said, and Liu Bo and the aunt were also surprised.
"What rockets?" Liu Bo exclaimed.
"That’s right. I didn’t want you to think so at all." With that, Thompson took off his vest and put it on his chest in turn, revealing the word "R" immediately!
"It turned out that the Rockets hated what you were doing in Kaji Town!" Liu Bo immediately yelled at Thompson when he learned that he was a Rockets.
"Nothing is mainly implemented, but I heard that Kaji Daoguan and YanMo Dao Daoguan are the two strongest Daoguan in Chengdu Alliance. I didn’t expect that the strength of the Three God Birds was so fragile that I should retire when I was old." Thompson said that Liu Bo was not given a face at all.
"It seems that you made the explosion just now." Aaron looked at Thompson and said that his hand had reached his waist and picked up Poké Ball.
"Yes, that’s right. Because the old man Farfuret jumped up and wanted to fight me in close combat with Moltres, I gave it a blow. I didn’t expect to break the roof, which was also a mistake of mine." Thompson said Liu Bo clenched his fist at the back, but there was no way to say anything.
"Liu Bo asks you to go to Poké mon Center, Kaji Dojo, Dojo Trainer. You must participate in the war when the rockets appear in Kaji town." Aaron said that Liu Bo nodded when he heard Aaron’s words.
"Poké mon Center?" Thompson said with a sly smile. Aaron guessed the possible situation in an instant. Thompson took out a walkie-talkie
"Hun, what’s the situation over there? I’ve killed the two strongest Poké mon of Kaji Dojo, Dojo trainer and old man," Thompson said to the intercom.
"My side has also been completed. All the medical equipment in the Poké mon Center should have been damaged to varying degrees. The town pharmacy has also sent people to estimate and then hear the explosion." The volume of the walkie-talkie was turned up by Thompson, and then the walkie-talkie just exploded …
"Well, what are you going to do when you get it?" Thompson said looking at Aaron with a confident face.
One hundred and sixty-two Aaron Xiaojingdu? Battlefield
"I’d like to hear your reasons for doing this so openly. Do you really think your rocket team has the strength to fight against the whole Chengdu League?" Aaron was still angry with the Rockets, but now he is calm after seeing the Rockets.
"Well, now I know very well that even if I can’t win you, there’s no way to shut you up. Naturally, our rocket team’s great plan won’t tell you. Although I really want to fight you, I still want to insure the owner. I can tell you that the strength of this old man is still a great threat to many ordinary players, but unfortunately, he can’t compete with me. I’ll think about it myself first …" Then Thompson reached into his clothes and took out something and hit the ground.
"Get out of here!" On the other side, Thompson then shouted out the previous words. It was obviously a smoke bomb just now. Aaron was also taken aback and the horse was released from Aerodactyl.