The old man walked over and said, "Take them to the fourth floor."

"yes, sir."
The bartender laughed
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and suddenly asked, "How much is your room a night?"
The old man laughed and said, "It’s all about people who are on their way, and it’s the guests who go to bed at night and be careful not to come out no matter what sound they hear."
"This is?"
Xiao Yu asked
"There are many things in the night, and the streets are quite restless. If you encounter some strange things, it will be difficult."
The old man laughed
"What kind of strange things?"
Blood people eyebrows slightly wrinkled suddenly asked
"This … Hehe, I don’t know. I don’t know. Just be careful at night." The old man walked over.
The bartender smiled with a Bai Sensen lantern in his hand. "Please come with the guests."
He led the way in front of Xiao Yu, and a group of people followed him with a light frown.
"Xiao Yu, this inn has a strange atmosphere. I’m afraid something bad will happen."
Suddenly, the evil Buddha Gusa said that the golden wheel of positive and negative merits kept spinning behind his head, and his face was dignified and he felt a burst of different breath.
Xiao Yuyin said, "You be careful. I also notice that the inn is strange and unusual. Please inform each other! “
Everyone nodded in succession.
Walking along the corridor, Xiao Yu’s eyes are flashing and running, and the eyes are sweeping towards one room to see the figure in the room. It seems that many monks live in the room, and the door of the room is left unlocked, so they can see the figure inside.
"They are all monks who entered the village before, and they also stayed in the inn."
Xiao Yu thought in his heart
The bartender took them all the way to the fourth floor, turned his head and revealed a trace of gloom on his pale cheeks. "Guests, there are only five left on the fourth floor, so please make do with one."
"Isn’t there a room on the fifth floor?"
A taboo suddenly asked
The bartender walked over and said, "The fifth floor is closed to the public. The distinguished guests hope that you will rest early and never enter the fifth floor."
He gave an inscrutable smile and the oil lamp slowly left.
Many taboos stared thoughtfully at the bartender with a flash in his heart.
The mountain monster whispered, "Master, this man is weird about me. He feels a lot of yin …"
Xiao Yu scanned the crowd and said, "It seems that we need to make do for one night."
They all nodded and immediately they allocated the room, and soon they had already allocated it.
Xiao Yu shared a room with Mountain Monster and Old Turtle, Dacheng Diba, Yang Lan, Sword God and Evil Buddha Gusa, and others lived in two rooms in two batches.
In order to prevent accidents, Xiao Yu identified the incarnation and entered his three rooms. All the people sat in the room and closed their eyes to rest.
Slowly through the room, the lights go out one by one.
In the middle of the night, a low step suddenly came outside Xiao Yu’s house, which made his eyebrows move suddenly and his eyes passed.
The footsteps were extremely rapid and deep, accompanied by a deep breath, as if someone were carrying heavy objects.
Xiao Yu spirit force instantaneous swept toward the door in the past, swinging a piece of what all can’t see his eyebrows a wrinkly spirit force swept outside the room for a moment and along the corridor to the third floor, the second floor.
The whole inn is quiet as never before, and there is almost no abnormality when the needle falls.
Xiao Yu frowning spirit force slowly back.
Another half hour passed, and suddenly a slight knocking at the door rang. Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly swept away toward the door.
A dark figure flashed away from his door.
"pretend to be a ghost!"
Xiao Yu sneer in the heart to recover the spirit force and ignore it.
A moment later, knocking at the door rang again and Xiao Yu couldn’t help but face a heavy.
"Which strong man is outside?"
Xiao Yuchen way
The door was silent without any response, and knocking at the door disappeared with it.
Xiao Yu frowned and sensed the situation of his several busy rooms. None of these rooms were abnormal and weird. Knocking at the door seemed to ring outside his room.
His eyes flashed and he got up and walked towards the door.
Both the old turtle and the mountain monster opened their eyes and looked at Xiao Yu’s figure.
Xiao Yu said calmly, "You stay in the room and I’ll go out and have a look!"
He gently pushed the door, but suddenly his face became a clot and he noticed a dark figure walking slowly with a big plate in the corridor.
I seem to have noticed that Xiao Yu’s dark figure looked up and was a middle-aged Taoist with a strange face and looked at Xiao Yu with a smile. "At this time, I didn’t expect that there were other Taoist friends who didn’t sleep. Do I have any good wine and food to share?"
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed calmly and said, "Good!"
The Taoist laughed, "Let’s go upstairs to eat!"
He walked past Xiao Yu with the big plate and walked slowly down the stairs.
Xiao Yu stared at the big plate in front of him, his eyes flashing, and he saw that the plate was full of delicious food, and a fragrant smell made people have a big appetite.
Xiao Yu heart flashing towards the road flyover with the past.
Soon the man came to the first floor and found a seat. He set the tables and tables with a smile on his face and sat there motionless.
Xiao Yu slowly came to him and said calmly, "Why do you come out for a snack so late?"
The Taoist said nothing, with a rich smile and a dull look in his eyes.
Xiao Yu scanned these dining tables, and the eyes of Heaven blossomed and saw that these dining tables suddenly changed greatly. The original delicious food directly turned into blood.
The table is full of arms, thighs and hearts.
These hearts are still beating, and the blood vessels suddenly explode. It looks weird and abnormal. Xiao Yu’s eyes shrink and sweep to the road flyover. Suddenly, black blood is left in the eyes of the road flyover, and the whole face melts like a paraffin wax.
Chapter five thousand two hundred and sixty Weird
The scene in front of me is more terrible than abrupt!
Previously, the Taoist priest who was still talking to Xiao Yu suddenly had his eyes bleeding and his whole face melted. His cheeks became worse than his ferocious body, and his blood slowly melted like wax.
Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed to reveal a look of shock!
Some legs, arms and heart of the table still seem to be strong and energetic, and the blood vessels on the surface seem to be unwilling to die.
Those arms wriggled hard and fingers scratched around as if trying to catch something.
Such a scene is simply rare!
When Xiao Yu was surprised in his heart, a huge shadow suddenly solidified behind him, and a strange smile appeared on his mouth. This shadow was covered with black scorpions, and his whole person was composed of several scorpions.